Common Unix Tools and other Utilities

Last updated April 27 2001

    These are some standard Unix tools. Some of them are tools I am always needing on-hand to install on my Unix systems, while others just seem like handy things to have ready on hand in case they are needed some day.  Some of them I found on sites with very poor connectivity from America, so I decided to download entire heirarchies and mirror them here.
    Slackware linux distribution mirror coming soon, I hope!
    Most of these software packages are either free software, open source software, or public domain software, and should be fairly portable across most Unixes (solaris, linux, freebsd, SCO, et al).  Most are in .tar.bz2 format (you will need bzip2 to uncompress them; an uncompressed bzip2 tarball is provided below for those who lack it).
    Please also see my Code Closet for other nifty utilities (different from the tools listed below in that these tools are standard, while the Code Closet is for tools I wrote myself).
apache 2001-08-24 Apache is the standard web server used by most web sites on the internet.
ssh 2001-04-27 Secure Shell enables you to log into remote hosts and transfer files using strong encryption for data protection against eavesdroppers and imposters.
bind 2001-04-27 BIND is the standard DNS name server used by most name servers on the internet.
bzip2 2001-04-27 A very good file compression utility and library, quickly becoming the standard for compression on the internet.
wget 2002-07-26 Command-line tool for fetching files via http or ftp.  Supports recursive descent, so that you can get a document, and all of the documents it links to, and all the documents *they* link to, etc, to a specified link depth.  Then converts all of the links in downloaded html files to relative links, so that they are immediately browsable in their new locations.
cvs 2001-08-24 Popular, powerful, stable code revision control software
gcc 2001-04-27 The GNU C compiler
gunuplot 2001-08-24 The GNU graph plotter
mysql 2001-08-24 MySQL is an SQL Database Management System, sufficiently robust and featureful for industrial use, and compatible with PHP and perl-DBI (which makes interfacing it with CGI scripts a snap).
irc 2001-04-27 BitchX IRC chat client
libsdl 2001-04-27 Cross-platform (Linux, Windows, MacOS/X, etc) game development library from Loki Software -- provides system-independent interface to graphics, mouse, joystick, and audio systems
lynx 2001-04-27 Lynx is a text-based web browser and newsreader.  It is extremely flexible and easily embedded in sh and perl scripts, sort of a swiss army pocketknife for the internet.
maxwell 2001-04-27 Maxwell is an open-source WYSIWYG word processor. It is farily minimalist, but functional and easy to use.
readline 2001-04-27 GNU Readline standard CLI user interface library; supports command line history, emacs and vi style control interface, and other nifty stuff
png 2001-04-27 Portable Network Graphics (successor to GIF) image format utilities
mpack 2001-04-27 Command line utility for packing and unpacking MIME documents.  Great for those of us who use mail clients which don't grok MIME.
net-log 2001-04-27 A collection of network activity logging (and related) utilities and functions
net-sniffers 2001-04-27 A collection of network-sniffing (and related) utilities and functions
net-scanners 2001-04-27 A collection of network-scanning (and related) utilities and functions
password-crackers 2001-04-27 A collection of password-cracking (and related) utilities and functions, for system administrators who want to improve their network security
packet-assembly 2001-04-27 A collection of network packet assembly (and related) utilities and functions
security-tools 2001-04-27 A collection of Unix and network security tools, for system administrators who want to improve their network security
misc-net 2001-04-27 Grab bag of network-related utilities and code snips
trojans 2001-04-27 A collection of Trojan Horses, and related, for system administrators who want to improve their network security

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