GAP-43 - An Engineerable Element of Intelligence

This is a collection of documents relating to research into Growth Associated Protein 43 (GAP-43), which controls nerve generation and can be modulated to increase neural plasticity.
HTML News article: Molecular Mechanism for Learning and Memory Is Identified Fellman 1999
HTML Regulated Binding of the Protein Kinase C Substrate GAP-43 to the V0/C2 Region of Protein Kinase C-Delta Dekker, Dagger, Parker 1997
PDF The Expression of the Growth Associated Protein B50/GAP43 in the Olfactory System of Neonatal and Adult Rats Verhaagen, Oestreicher, Gispen, Margolis 1989
HTML News article: Gene Links Nerve Growth, Memory O'Rourke 2000
HTML News article: Zebrafish Studies May Unlock Secrets to Repairing Nerves Ott 2006
PDF Beta-Elemene Enhances GAP-43 Expression and Neurite Outgrowth by Inhibiting RohA Kinase Activation in Rats with Spinal Cord Injury Wang, Li, Yao, Ren, Lin, Hu, Zheng, Song, Zhao, Chen, Shen, Zhu, Wang 2017
PDF Growth Associated Protein 43 and Progressive Epilepsy in Cortical Dysplasia Ying, Najm, Nemes, Pinheiro-Martins, Alexopoulos, Gonzalez-Martinez, Bingaman 2014
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