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 [1340] #systemd
<AsumFace> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=744621
<feepbot> 744621 a@S systemd apparently doesn't reap zombies
<ttkd> reaping zombies is like 75% of pid 1's job
<ttkd> it shouldn't surprise me that systemd broke that, but surprise me it does.
     #d, 2020-10-30
 [1339] #systemd
<sls> automount predated autofs, right?
<phone> yes, automount before autofs.
<ttk> and now there's systemd's automounting behavior
<qq> fuck systemd
<noah> fuck systemd
<ttk> fuck systemd indeed
<sls> fuck systemd
     #atbot, 2020-10-07
 [1305] #systemd
<chairs> dbus is fucked and dpkg/apt refuse to reinstall it
<chairs> until I let the whole 'dpkg --configure -a' spend 25 seconds timing out *every single service*
<chairs> "a reboot is required to replace the running dbus daemon -- please reboot when convenient"
<chairs> it'd be fuckin convenient right now if THE REBOOT COMMAND WASN'T FAILING
<chairs> reboot is failing because it can't talk through udev/dbus or so
<chairs> it's trying to hit systemd and the whole software bus stuff is fucked
     2018-08-15, #sv2600
 [1299] #systemd
* gloin wants to take systemd, fold it until it's a horribly-designed audio subsystem, and shove it down some "developer's" gullet.
<El_Che> systemd audio subsystem?
<gloin> El_Che: yeah. I think we could rename it to something like "pulseaudio" but I'm just making up names.
     #perl, 2018-05-21
 [1298] #systemd
<chairs> I love it when systemd just fucking ignores After= and Requires=
<chairs> fucking piece of goddamn shit
     #sv26, 2018-05-14
 [1294] #systemd
<dh_work> anyone have any idea why ubuntu would hang indefinitely waiting for network interfaces to come up?
<jak> systemd/NM
<ttk> sounds like a systemd thing, yeah
<dh_work> yeah it's some systemd thing
     #netbsd, 2018-04-18
 [1285] #systemd
<XYZ> WTF.  cow asked me to set up monit for a service.  And that service already has a /usr/local/bin/daemon wrapper.  Except that has
<XYZ> bugs and dies too.  So now we will have monit and /usr/local/bin/daemon fighting to "start" when it crashes.
<XYZ> And nothing restarts monit.  cow thinks this is the right answer.  Someone failed on sysadmin 101.
<EricB> *facepalm*
<qq> what you really need for that is.... SYSTEMD !! ahhahahaaahah1!1one
<qq> it solves all those problems because if it crashes the whole system halts
     #atbot, 2017-11-01
 [1281] #systemd
<qq> ugggghh fucking systemd
<qq> it's like a step backward in time. Oh no, I can't bring up the network yet so you can log in, because some other random
<qq> insignificant thing is taking too long to start up and i have to do eveything in sequence
<qq> ahahahaha it won't come up because it's waiting for an iscsi device
<qq> which will never exist, because it's delaying startup of the iscsi service
<qq> which it won't start because it's waiting for an iscsi device
<qq> *kill*
     #atbot, 2017-09-27
 [1234] #systemd
<qq> android won't ever use systemd because systemd wasn't invented at google :)
<gage> theirs is called systemg
     atbot, 2016-09-06
 [1214] #systemd
<moof> I have a suggestion for the pottering-enabled OS moniker, to distringuish it from more traditional unixlikes: systemdix.
     #atbot, 2016-03-01
 [1177] #systemd
<qq> fwiw ubuntu 15.04 with systemd takes longer to boot than 13.10 without systemd
     #atbot, 2015-05-01
 [1151] #systemd
<EricB> systemd: a modern reinvention of corewars.
     #atbot, 2014-10-06
 [1144] #systemd
<ananke> yet another day in ##slackware, dedicated to bitching about systemd
<eviljames> ananke: yeah, and it's not even our problem! (yet...)
<pi31415> which is worse, griping about systemd, or griping about griping about systemd?
<pink_mist> stop griping about griping about griping about systemd, pi31415
     ##slackware 2014-08-19
 [1102] #systemd
One big point about replacing sysvinit with systemd is to take away the knowledge advantage oldtimers have on youngsters.
     atacama, https://cms.arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1222987
 [1067] #systemd
A mother addressing her family:
"We have guests coming over for dinner this evening. We want to have a pleasant conversation at the dinner table so remember, no discussing politics, religion, or systemd."
     Tracy Tiger, http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/slackware-is-systemd-inevitable-4175460337, 2013-06-03
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