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 [1289] #google
<genio> google needs to hurry up and provide an API for hire.google.com
<ttkp> hire doesn't look like the kind of thing they'd want to provide an API for
<ttkp> they want customers to use their UI, for maximum visibility into their internal processes
<genio> it's an entire ATS. I'd like to have an API for when we've hired someone, I can get that info to plug it into our internal stuff so people don't have to do work twice
<genio> I'd like to be able to have an internal hire without them needing to re-submit all their stuff.
<genio> we have the basics for them, we can pre-fill things. yet, no api
<ttkp> <google> if you have internal stuff you are doing it wrong .. use only google stuff
<genio> meh
<genio> that seems to be how they think on this one
<ttkp> exactly
<ningu> in general, google seems to think however they think and they won't tell you why or change it
     #perl, 2017-12-18
 [1275] #google
Google 2004: Don't be evil
Google 2010: Evil is tricky to define
Google 2013: We make Military Robots
Google 2017: Round up the undesirables and put them in gulag.
     CT96, Tank-Net, 2017-08-08
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