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 [1342] #funny
<hoche> what kind of emotional state results in waffles?
<colin> indecisiveness, duh. :)
     #bitmines, 2021-01-12
 [1341] #funny
<womble> "You don't have previllages to approve a review."
<womble> I guess it takes a village or at least a proto-village to approve a review.
     #atbot, 2020-12-18
 [1332] #funny
<SlayerXP> your irc client seems broken.  It keeps replacing full stops with "lol"
     #perl, 2020-08-14
 [1322] #funny
I'm usually pretty harsh on Bay Area governments here. So I want to give credit where credit is due: they've reacted to the coronavirus epidemic with a level of swiftness and ferocity they usually reserve for attempts to build new housing.
     2020-03-20, https://slatestarcodex.com/
 [1320] #funny
<thrig> who the hell schedules something to be shutdown in production on April 1st
<perigrin> fools
     #perl, 2020-01-06
 [1319] #funny
<LeoNerd> The B in Benoit B. Mandelbrot's name stands for Benoit B. Mandelbrot
     #perl, 2019-12-18
 [1318] #funny
<womble> I think a chief information security officer is basically someone who knows they'll be fired one day.
     #bitmines, 2019-11-13
 [1316] #funny
<cfedde> 16/64: cross cancel the sixes.
     #perl, 2019-06-14
 [1306] #funny
<midi> if at first you don't succeed, assert a different meaning of success.
     2018-08-28, #bitmines
 [1292] #funny
<Deke> i wish they'd stop hyping the 'incredible' pic of mars. mars is really boring to look at.
<six> it's arizona without the interesting bits
<Deke> huh...
<Deke> that's weird, 6
<Deke> did you mean to imply there were interesting bit of AZ?
     #bitmines, 2018-01-29
 [1288] #funny
<robp> if you feel compelled to watch The Room, I strongly recommend getting both high and drunk, and then watch a better movie
     #sv2600, 2017-12-11
 [1286] #funny
<thrig> too bad haskell has so many side effects
<bay-max> dizzyness, headache, nausea?
     #perl, 2017-11-15
 [1282] #funny
<gage> TIL lazy ukranians just type ) instead of :)
<gage> i have now identified two coworkers who do it
<gage> looked very strange to a programmer
<gage> <slav> *smiles with mouth, not with eyes*
     #atbot, 2017-10-03
 [1280] #funny
"Blade Runner 2049 might be even better than Tron: Legacy"
     David Van Brink, 2017-09-21
 [1279] #funny
<qq> i should have saved my copy of the extortion spam
<gage> extrusion spam
<qq> Send 0.2 BTC immediately or we will begin squeezing out a paste toward you
     #atbot, 2017-09-19
 [1278] #funny
<shonudo> "just smart enough to break shit"
<shonudo> i should translate that into latin and put it on a coat of arms
     ##slackware-help, 2017-09-01
 [1276] #funny
<sara___> is there any perl script to reveal these stars numbers: +***********39
* digdilem blinks
<pink_mist> wat
<pink_mist> sara___: are you for real?
<thrig> all I see is Hunter2
<sara___> it's a facebook number
<pink_mist> sara___: http://www.bash.org/?244321
<sara___> can you help more
<pink_mist> sara___: we cannot help AT ALL
<pink_mist> sara___: it's not something that's doable
<ttkp> go ask in #python ;-)
<thrig> bad ttkp!
<sara___> ok thanks
*<* sara___ has left channel #perl
     #perl, 2017-08-09
 [1273] #funny
<fuz> Anna and John are discovering the Cthulu mythos, particularly via a complex board game called "Arkham Horror" or some such.
<fuz> "The humans win in the end, right?"
<fuz> "Nope."
     #atbot, 2017-07-28
 [1270] #funny
<pink_mist> do one thing, and do it well?
<techriskno> instate heirarchy
<thrig> oh now we see the violence inherent in the state machine
     #perl, 2017-07-17
 [1266] #funny
<qq> i wonder who had really old minicomputer legacy systems in 2010
<ttk> banks, governments
<qq> you repeat yourself!
     #atbot, 2017-06-15
 [1253] #funny
<six> Judaism is what you get when lawyers make a religion,
<six> Islam is what you get when judges make a religion,
<six> Christianity is what you get when politicians make a religion.
     #bitmines, 2017-01-26
 [1243] #funny
Just once, I wish we would encounter an alien menace that wasn't immune to bullets
     The Brigader
 [1236] #funny
<Deke> Senate will vote on Wed on overriding Obama's veto of the bill to allow 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia. it is expected to get the 2/3rds needed.
<pef> it should require 9/11ths
     #bitmines, 2016-09-26
 [1228] #funny
<ttkp> can't imagine this diverse horde of cats all agreeing on any kind of motto
<shonudo> "we disagree"
<shonudo> ^^ our motto :P
<geggam> dont like it
     ##slackware, 2016-07-27
 [1223] #funny
<colin> In 1984 at my first job, the boss decided to 'save a few bucks' and ordered some TO-220 7805s
<colin> [a common 5-volt voltage regulator chip in a plastic package] from Europe.
<colin> These things did not work at all. They did pass a voltage but it was not regulated.
<colin> I remember taking one and cracking it open in a vise to discover there was no chip inside --
<colin> the Vin and Vout leads were a single stamp of metal making a wire.
<colin> It turns out these things were from the former USSR via some distributor in Poland.
<colin> I got the boss to go back to Hamilton-Avnet.
     #bitmines, 2016-06-22
 [1222] #funny
<juboba> so the problem of steam in my computer persists and I'm out of ideas
<shonudo> install a vent
     ##slackware, 2016-06-20
 [1221] #funny
<phone> http://www.qatarscoop.com/news/qatar-man-arrested-for-smuggling-bacon-in-his-anal-cavity/
<nathan> uh.. if i have bacon for breakfast before flying to Qatar, wouldn't I be guilty of that too?
     #atbot, 2016-06-13
 [1211] #funny
<gage> what is the difference between USA and USB?
<gage> One connects to all your devices and reads your data, the other is an interface standard.
     #atbot, 2016-01-25
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