Vague Handwavy To-Do List for an "Enterprisey" Slackware Distribution

These need to jfw on Slackware servers for Enterprise datacenter environments.
Some of these already work on Slackware, while others need some fixing or at least investigation.
Roughly in order of necessity:
Mass-install solutionSomething like kickstart / spacewalk .. is FAI sufficient? FAI Project
PackagingOn-site mirror of SlackBuild packages + sbopkg or sbotools - idlemoor's SlackRepo has this covered, also CMS integration for mass updates
Central authenticationPAM and kerberos, for ActiveDirectory integration.
Update 2020-01-22: Volkerding added krb5 2020-01-21 and is recompiling various packages to link against it.
Update 2020-05-18: PAM has been merged into -current and will be integral to Slackware 15.0.
Sysadmin-oriented documentationNobody will use this unless there is documentation explaining how to accomplish specific common tasks
Central configuration managementChef or Ansible (SBo available) (Slackware documentation available) or Rex
Central loggingmsyslog or syslog-ng, would like a Dapper-like someday
Central monitoringOne of the Nagios forks: Icinga or Shinken
Expanded package updatesA lot of relevant packages would need to be pulled from sbo into the set of officially supported packages, so that they receive regular updates and security patches, qv: LQ thread
Load-balancing and failoverKeepalived (currently broken on Slackware 14.1, though there's a fix, working again on 14.2) or Pacemaker/Corosync or Heartbeat/Corosync or Pulse
Ticket-tracking systemRedmine or Trac or Gitea (which jfw on my Slackware 14.2 systems)
VM friendlinessNeeds an option for fitting more nicely into small-filesystem VMs
Live patch kernelThere is kexec but it requires CONFIG_KEXEC set (not set on default Slackware kernels), and requires extra work to determine if boot loader will work for new kernel
Distributed configurationZookeeper (requires java -- see notes at bottom of page) or Consul or Redlock
HA databaseTungsten Replicator (requires java) over MariaDB or PostgreSQL .. any alternatives? MariaDB offers multimaster replication but it uses "native streaming replication", which purportedly "is not and cannot be made safe vs race conditions".  There is also Galera which is alleged to work well and supports Slackware, but I'm not finding a SlackBuild.  Will try installing it and putting it through its paces.
For the Map/Reduce weeniesHadoop (requires java) + Hive/Pig (require java) or Hypertable
Index/search engineRediSearch or Dezi or ElasticSearch (requires java) or Solr (requires java)
Distributed filesystemGluster (SlackBuild exists)
Distributed key/value storeCassandra (requires java) or ScyllaDB (requires gcc-8.1.1) or Redlock
Note: I'm having trouble getting ScyllaDB to compile on -current.  It seems to have RedHat-specific dependencies.  Will try to make it work anyway.
Distributed blob storeEucalyptus (requires java) or Swift (OpenStack)
Continuous integration solutionJenkins (requires java) or Buildbot (perhaps fork Vector's rig)
Backup kernelidlemoor/55020 describes a good solution here
Hub-to-container package installationZypper-LXC or perhaps just configure/wrap installpkg or slapt-get to target appropriately-mounted LXCs
See also:
Tangentially related notes:
DE support unnecessary
Regarding Java  
Shipping installation media with the JDK is legally problematic.  If necessary functionality could be provided without Java dependencies, it would greatly improve the administrative experience.  To comply with Oracle's license, end-users would have to download the JRE from Oracle themselves, and there is no guarantee that Oracle will provide the specific version of the JRE known to work with the packages provided by the Linux distribution.  Anyone who has spent all day testing packages against slightly different JRE versions trying to find the magic combination knows exactly what I mean.
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