Recipe - Replacement for Pert for Oily Hair Shampoo

      Once upon a time, Pert made a version of their shampoo-and-conditioner product which was formulated for people with oily hair.  I don't know how many other people availed themselves of this formula, but I for one relied on it quite heavily.  My hair generates copious oil, and it does horrible things to my skin if I don't wash it away periodically.
      Ordinary shampoos don't make the grade; they leave me clean for the first few hours out of the shower, and then I'm covered in oil again.  Even with a good shampoo, few will last the entire day.  Most of those that did last the entire day, left my hair frizzy and straw-like, and looking like hell.  Pert's formula of oil-stripping shampoo and hair conditioner worked pretty darned well, though.  Nothing else came even close.
      Then they cut the product!  A few years ago, Pert stopped making this Oily Hair formula, and instead started packaging their products in various flavors -- normal, extra body, extra moisturizing, etc, but nothing for oily hair.  The official Pert FAQ recognizes this and recommends washing with the extra body formula twice, rinsing between lathers.  This didn't work very well for me.
      I tried mixing my own, but no mix of the new Pert products seemed to match the effectiveness of the old formula.  Even so, necessity is mother of invention, and I expanded the scope of my experimental ingredients until I found something that worked as well as the original "good stuff".
      The mixture is simple, but it's important (at least for me) to get the proportions right:
   * 60% Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo
   * 40% Pert Simply Cleanse & Condition Shampoo and Conditioner (the new stuff)
      Note that there are two Daily Clarifying Suave products: a shampoo, and a conditioner.  You want to make sure to get the shampoo.  It comes in a clear bottle, and is a translucent amber color.  Fortunately it is inexpensive and very much ubiquitous.
      I have noticed that if I get the mix off by much, I will either end up with straw-like hair, or my hair will be too oily at the end of the day.  50%/50% is too much Pert.  75%/25% is too much Suave.
      As an aside, I also had good luck with a 40% Suave, 40% Pert, 20% Fantastic Sams mix, but stopped using the Sams because it is rather expensive.
      Am I a little obsessive about this?  Well, yes I am.  But it's something I'll obsess over gladly, and I have put this recipe here as the fruits of that obsession, for the benefit of anyone in the same boat (but lacking the nitpickiness necessary for finding a formula that works for them).
      One more aside -- I still have a couple of Family Sized bottles of the original Oily Hair.  I've opened one, and use it occasionally, but the other is unopened.  Wonder if it's worth anything to anyone?  Perhaps I'll try auctioning it off on eBay someday and find out!
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