Recipe - Egg Object 01

      I often experiment with egg-based foods, with mixed results.  Occasionally, they come out really really well, and on my less-adventuresome days I will make one of those instead of something new.  I just made a wonderful new one, so I figured that since I now had this nifty "personal page", I could start documenting the recipes here.
      Its name for now is "Egg Object 01".  It is somewhat akin to quiche, except that it actually tastes good (REALLY good!) whereas quiche does not.  It consists of a potato/flour/egg paste, with seasonings, layered atop a cheese composite, and cooked in a non-stick frying pan.
      This recipe is about right for me, but I eat too much, so the gentle reader should probably consider this a "serves two" recipe.
      Here's what you need:
    * 3 large eggs
    * 2 oz "Potato Buds" (instant potatos)
    * 1 oz (or so) flour (whichever kind you prefer)
    * 2 oz (or so) hot water
    * 3 oz cheddar cheese (mild, medium, longhorn, or sharp, whichever you prefer)
    * 1 oz shredded mozzarella cheese
    * 1/2 oz sesame seed
    * white pepper
      Here's how you make it:
    * Boil some water in a tea kettle.
    * Break the eggs into a cup or bowl.  Beat them mercilessly until thoroughally mixed.
    * Add the sesame seed and a couple shakes of white pepper
        (and/or whatever other spices you like).  The longer the spices sit in the egg,
        the better, because they will dissolve into it).
    * Put the "Potato Buds" in a deep cup or bowl, large enough to hold all of the
        ingredients, with room left over for stirring.
    * Add 2 oz hot water to Potato Buds, and let them to sit so they absorb the water.
    * Cut the cheddar into thin slices, and arrange as a layer on unheated frying pan.
    * Sprinkle the shredded mozzarella evenly over the cheddar (the mozzarella will form
        a stronger bond, and add flavor, but should not be in contact with the pan; it burns
        too easily, whereas the cheddar will toast (which tastes great)).
    * Turn on the heat under the pan to high.
    * Sprinkle flour into the potato buds, stirring as you go, and keep sprinkling and stirring
        until it thickens into a paste.
    * Slowly pour the eggs into the paste, stirring to keep the consistency even.
    * By now the cheese should be melted and sizzling (or, depending on your precision
        with the knife, the tops of the cheddar might still be solid, which is actually just fine).
        Reduce heat to medium and wait approx 120 seconds for the cheese to cool
        slightly (else it might shift).
    * Pour the egg/potato mix into the pan.  Cover with a pan lid.
    * Object 01 will need to cook for a long time.  While you wait, clean up the mess you've
        made of the kitchen.
    * You'll know when to flip the Object when the top side begins to solidify, and you can
        flip it without any liquid stuff sloshing around.
    * Flip the Object, and reduce heat to low.  Heat for about five minutes, remove from
        pan, fold in half cheesy-side-in, and serve.
      Serve and eat immediately, because it's nasty cold.  (But should reheat in the microwave just fine.)
      I'm already thinking of what to do differently next time .. maybe adding milk to the mix.  We shall see.
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