Links to Friends' Web Sites

      Somehow, people have managed to find their way into my life.  In recognition of this remarkable achievement, I am providing links to some of their web pages, below:
My wife!  She of the blue hair and witty disposition.
The family dog!  For some reason, the puppy rates her own web page, and the cats as of yet do not.  It is a mystery.
A friend who has been using my server to host his "scribble", after decided to take their scribble service commercial.
A friend of Aragorn's who is now a friend of mine!  Kind of nifty the way that happens.
A friend who is using my server to host his graphical arty stuff.
Sara is a good friend.  It was by her religious authority that Cobalt and I became married.  She and her husband, Mat, are currently expecting their first shild.  Congratulations to her and hers!
Mat is a friend and a photographer.  He sold me a really cool cloudscape which I keep on the wall in my room.  He is using my server to host sample images of his work.
I used to hang out with a bunch of geeks on ICB in a group called "bitmines" -- I connect with them rather more rarely now.
A bitminer friend.  Don't let his calm appearance fool you; he is a terrifyingly anal system administrator of the highest caliber, a strong hockey player, and a powerful martial artist.  If you can afford him, I recommend hiring him.  But I doubt you can.
A friend.  Fear his web site.
Another friend, and a kick-ass system administrator.
Another geek-type friend
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