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From: Colin Campbell (colinc@ix.netcom.com)
Subject: Re: AP Ammo info?
Newsgroups: sci.military.moderated
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Date: 1995/09/22
From colinc@ix.netcom.com (Colin Campbell)

In <DF6Hw3.GGJ@ranger.daytonoh.attgis.com> jwilkins@wilde.oit.umass.edu
(John D Wilkinson) writes: 

>So, my question is, does anyone have any info regarding the mass, length, 
>diameter, muzzle velocity, and RHA penetration of the U.S. 105mm 
>and 120mm rounds of this type?

            Muzzle Velocity (m/s)        Mass

   M829             1670                    9.41 lb
   M827             1650                    9.98 lb
   DM13 (German)    1650                    9.78 lb
   M833             1493.52                 8.6  lb

Please note that the M829A1 (120mm) and the M900 (105mm) figures are
absent.  As these two rounds are the "latest and greatest" thier
performance data has not been released.

 Assume that the approximate projectile diameter is about 40mm.

>Are there any effective countermeasures being developed against this type 
>of KE attack?  Most of what I have read seems to indicate that the only 
>thing that can stop a KE attack of this type is mass of the armor.  Is it 
>true that the only thing that matters is the cross-sectional density of 
>the armnor presented to the penetrator?  If it is, then it seems that 
>efforts to increase the strength to weight ratios of armor materials 
>through use of advanced alloys or composites will all be in vain.

  There are several types under laboratory development right now.  One
type uses moving plates to snap the projectile, and another uses armor
that "gives" enough to cause the projectile to turn sideways rather
than bore straight in.  Both of these exist only in computer models
(allthough the Russians are rumored to have a laboratory sample of
"snapper" armor) _if_ these can be incorporated into actual tanks is
the question.

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