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Combat weight: 46.5 tons 
Engine: 4-stroke V-84MS diesel engine, 618 kW (840 hp) 
Fuel tanks capacity 1,600 litres 
main gun 125 mm 2A46M - smoothbore 
coaxial machine gun 7.62 mm PKT 
machine gun 12.7 mm NSVT-12.7 AD 
assault rifle 5.45 mm AKS-74 
3UBK14 weapon system with 9M119 missile 
3UBK20 weapon system  with 9M119M missile 
Firing range  100 to 5,000 m 
2A46M gun: 43 rounds including 22 on carousel 
PKT machine gun: 2,000 cartridges 
NSVT-12.7 AD machine gun: 300 cartridges 
AKS-74 assault rifle: 300 cartridges 
Armament stabiliser: 2E42-4 
AD machine gun sight PZU-7 
AD machine gun fire control system: 1ETs29 with vertical stabilisation 
Communications UHF R-163-504 radio set
UHF R-163-UP radio receiver 
Road range  
Paved road: 650 km 
Unpaved: 500 km 
Ground pressure: 0.87 kg/sq cm 
Refleks Missile System  
Range 100 - 4,000 m 
Hit probability at least 0.8 
Armour penetration 700 mm 
ERA penetration ensured 
Guidance system: semi-automatic, laser 
Time of flight to 4,000 m: 11.7 sec 
Weight of missile: 23.4 kg 
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