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Last updated 2003-06-26

Pakistani Al-Zarrar Type-59 Upgrade

    This is a list of MBT-related documents and images that I have accumulated and archived on my system.  The initial intention was simply to make accessing them faster for me, but then I thought they might make a decent web page too.
    I make no promises about the correctness of this information, or that it will display well on your browser.  If a page is broken, I may or may not ever get around to fixing it.  I may or may not respond to emails on the subject.  Having said that, :-) have fun and good luck!
    Some documents have been temporarily suspended -- namely the ISB and IJIE documents and most of the images. They will be re-enabled by February 23rd at the very latest, possibly earlier. I apologize for this interruption.
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  About This PageLook here for news, updates, warnings, etc
  Local ArchivesPublications from the International Journal of Impact Engineering, 19th International Symposium on Ballistics, and some web sites of relevant interest
  Tanks - MiscDocuments not specific to any single tank type
  Tanks - SpecificDocuments specific to tank types
  AFV'sDocuments related to non-tank Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV's)
  ImagesImages of various vehicles
  Al-KhalidClose-up on Pakistan's Al-Khalid, Al-Zarrar, and military issues in general.
  Armor - HistoricalShort list of documents related to historical (ie, WWII era) tank armors
  Armor - ModernDocuments related to modern composite vehicle armor, including much informed speculation on the Chobham/Burlington armor system (used in American, British, and German tanks)
  Other DefensesEverything besides armor that tanks use to avoid getting hurt -- low profiles, explosive reactive armor (ERA), active defense systems, etc
  Tank GunsBig things that go boom
  Small ArmsHand-held things that go boom
  Munitions - GeneralDocuments not specific to any particular munition type
  Munitions - HEATHigh Explosive Anti Tank munitions -- shaped charges
  Munitions - HESHHigh Explosive Squash Head (aka High Explosive Plastic) -- warheads that go SPLAT!
  Munitions - APFSDSSo-called "Long Rod Penetrators" -- long, thin darts of dense metal that fly fast and hit hard
  MissilesRocket-propelled guided weapons
  ArtilleryIndirect-fire weapons, including mortars and howitzers
  Strategy, TacticsStrategy is what determines when and where battles are fought; tactics are what you use once the shooting starts
  MiscellaneousStuff that doesn't fit anywhere else (including engine specifications)
  LinksSome sites update their contents too often to make an archive practical, so these are just links to those sites.  Includes discussion forums, for-sale sites, vehicle enthusiasts' societies, etc
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