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Type Armoured Car, wheeled, 8x8
Weight 27 tonnes
Dimensions Length 7m / Width 2,9m / Height 2,5m / Ground Clearance 400mm
Engine 420 kW / 10 cylinder water-cooled Diesel
Speed 120 km/h
Range 1000 km
Crew 4
Armament 76mm & 7,62mm MG
Trench 2m
Comments Developed as a replacement for the Eland 90. The Rooikat was developed for reconnaissance and raiding missions. The 8x8 layout gives the Rooikat exceptional mobility. The armour protects the crew against 23mm armour piercing fire. The gun and turret are stabilized, and the fire control system includes a digital ballistic computer, windspeed and trunnion cant sensors, a laser range-finder, and a day night sight. The commander is provided with a panoramic sight.

The Rooikat did not see action in Angola, but has proved itself in the harsh conditions of the African bush and climate.


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