Assorted Scientific Papers

Last updated 2007-12-21

 Spaced ArmorUnknown1950
 An Overview Of Novel Penetrator TechnologyRosset2001
 Improving The Rod Penetration Algorithm For Tomorrows ArmorsSegletes Grote Polesne2000
 Effect Of Body Cross Section On Projectile Aerodynamic Performance With Application To Electromagnetic EM GunsWeinacht2001
 Numerical Simulation Of Normal And Oblique Ballistic Impact On Ceramic Composite ArmoursFawaz Zheng Behdinan2004
 Aluminum Foam Integral Armor A New Dimension In Armor DesignGama Bogetti Fink Yu Claar Eifert Gillespie2001
 Numerical Modeling Of The Impact Behavior Of New Particulate Loaded Composite MaterialsArias Zaera Lopez-puente Navarro2003
 Affordable Processing Of Thick Section And Integral Multi Functional CompositesVaidya Abraham Bhide2001
 Effect Of The Manufacturing Process On The Interfacial Properties And Structural Performance Of Multi Functional Composite StructuresMahdi Gama Yarlagadda Gillespie-jr2003
 Minimum Impact Energy For KE Penetrators In RHA TargetsLanz Odermatt2000
 High Velocity Penetration Of Steel TargetsSorensen Kimsey Silsby Scheffler Sherrick Rosset1991
 Time Resolved Penetration Of Long Rods Into Steel TargetsAnderson Hohler Walker Stilp1995
 Dynamic Responses Of A Kinetic Energy Projectile Under Transverse LoadingsAllen1995
 A Time Dependent Model For A Long Rod PenetrationWalker Anderson1995
 The Influence Of Plate Hardness On The Ballistic Penetration Of Thick Steel PlatesDikshit Kutumbarao Sundararajan1995
 Long Rod Penetration Into Targets Of Finite Thickness At Normal ImpactGrace1995
 Yawing Impact On Thin Plates By Blunt ProjectilesGoldsmith Tam Tomer1995
 Hypervelocity Impact Damage Into Space Shuttle SurfacesBernhard Christiansen Hyde Crews1995
 Building Characteristics Into A Shaped Charge To Achieve Unique Performance RequirementsBrown Majerus Lewis1995
 Performance Of Model Scale Long Rod Projectiles Against Complex Targets Over The Velocity Range 1700 To 2200 Meters Per SecondCullis Lynch1995
 Verification Of The Equation For Radial Crater Growth By Shaped Charge Jet PenetrationHeld1995
 Hypervelocity Penetration Of Tungsten Sinter Alloy Rods Into AluminumHohler Stilp Weber1995
 Multile Mesh Bumpers A Feasibility StudyHorz Cintala Bernhard See1995
 Rail Launchers To Reach HypervelocityLehmann Schirm Peter Wey1995
 Experiments With Jacketed Rods Of High Fineness RatioLehr Wollman Koerber1995
 Validation And Calibration Of A Lateral Confinement Model For Long Rod Penetration At Ordnance And High VelocitiesPartom Littlefield1995
 Hypervelocity Impact On Laminate Composite PanelsSilvestrov Plastinin Gorshkov1995
 Scale Model Experiments With Ceramic Laminate TargetsAnderson Scott Mullin Piekutowski Blaylock Poormon1996
 On The L/D Effect For Long Rod PenetratorsAnderson Walker Bless Partom1996
 An Elementary Theory Of One Dimensional Rod Penetration Using A New Estimate For PressureWang Jones1996
 The Effect Of Through Thickness Cracks On The Ballistic Performance Of Ceramic Armour SystemsHorsfall Buckley1996
 Penetration Of Confined Aluminum Nitride Targets By Tungsten Long Rods At One Point Five To Four Point Five Kilometers Per SecondOrphal Franzen Piekutowski Forrestal1996
 Modelling Geometrical And Dimensional Aspects Of Ballistic Penetration Of Thick Metal TargetsWoodward1996
 Influence Of Scale On The Penetration Of Tungsten Rods Into Stell Backed Alumina TargetsLundberg Westerling Lundberg1996
 Oblique Impact Modeling Of FuzesGazonas Segletes Boyle Stegall1996
 Penetration Of Grout And Concerete Targets With Ogive Nose Steel ProjectilesForrestal Fews Hanchak Brar1996
 Ricochet Of Deforming Projectiles From Deforming PlatesZukas Gaskill1996
 A Computational Study Of The Influence Of Projectile Strength On The Performance Of Long Rod PenetratorsRosenberg Dekel1996
 Shaped Charge Penetration In Alumina TargetsHornemann Holzwarth1997
 Numerical Analysis And Modeling Of Jacketed Rod PenetrationSorensen Kimsey Zukas Frank1999
 Jet Penetration Into Low Density TargetsMayseless Genussov1999
 Statistical Analysis Of Nrl 1964 1969 Hypervelocity Rod Plate Impact Data And Comparison To Recent DataNebolsine Humer Harmon Baker1999
 Impact Studies Of Five Ceramic Materials And PyrexReaugh Holt Wilkins Cunningham Hord Kusubov1999
 During High Velocity Plate PerforationYatteau Recht Edquist1999
 Impact Of Metallic Projectiles On Ceramic Targets Transition Between Interface Defeat And PenetrationLundberg Renstrom Lundberg2000
 Observations On Shear Plug Formation In Weldox 460E Steel Plates Impacted By Blunt Nosed ProjectilesBorvik Leinum Solberg Hopperstad Langseth2001
 Normal Penetration Of An Eroding Projectile Into An Elastic Plastic TargetRoisman Yarin Rubin2001
 Penetration Of 6061 T6511 Aluminum Targets By Ogive Nosed Var 4340 Steel Projectiles At Oblique Angles Experiments And SimulationsWarren Poormon2001
 Hypervelocity Jacketed PenetratorsPedersen Bless Cazamias2001
 Perforation Of 12mm Thick Steel Plates By 20mm Diameter Projectiles With Flat Hemispherical And Conical Noses Part 1 Experimental StudyBorvik Langseth Hopperstad Malo2002
 Perforation Of 12mm Thick Steel Plates By 20mm Diameter Projectiles With Flat Hemispherical And Conical Noses Part 2 Numerical SimulationsBorvik Langseth Hopperstad Berstad2002
 Behind Armor Debris Investigation Part 2Arnold Rottenkolber2003
 Protection Capability Of Dual Flying Plates Against Obliquely Impacting Long Rod PenetratorsYoo Shin2004
 A Modified Model For The Penetration Into Moderately Thick Plates By A Rigid Sharp Nosed ProjectileLi Weng Chen2004
 Protection Capability Of Dual Flying Plates Against Obliquely Impacting Long Rod PenetratorsYoo Shin2004
 Some Considerations For 3D EFP ComputationsJohnson Stryk2006
 Impact Of Conical Tungsten Projectiles On Flat Silicon Carbide Targets Transition From Interface Defeat To PenetrationLundberg Renstrom Lundberg2006
 Statistical Variations In Impact Resistance Of Polypropylene Fibre Reinforced ConcreteBadr Ashour Platten2006
 A Model For Rod RicochetSegletes2004
 Experimental And Numerical Study On The Flight And Penetration Properties Of Explosively Formed ProjectileWu Liu Du2006
 Further Development Of A Model For Rod RicochetSegletes2006
 Modeling Prestressed Ceramic And Its Effect On Ballistic PerformanceHolmquist Johnson2004
 Perforation Of Flexible Laminates By Projectiles Of Different GeometryTan Khoo2004
 Protection Performance Of Dual Flying Oblique Plates Against A Yawed Long Rod PenetratorPaik Kim Yoo Lee2006
 Ricochet Of Zero Point Three Inch Ap Projectile From Inclined Polymeric PlatesRosenberg Surujon Yeshurun Ashuach Dekel2004
 Time Distance Diagram Of The Jet Initiation Of Covered High Explosive ChargesHeld2006
 Analysis And Investigation Of Ballistic Impact On Ceramic Metal Composite ArmorGocalves Melo Klein Alqureshi2004
 A Numerical Investigation Of Penetration In Multilayered Material Structure SystemsEspinosa Dwivedi Zavattieri Yuan1998
 Experiments On The Penetration Of Thin Long Rod Projectiles Into Thick Long Cylindrical Borosilicate Targets Under Pressure Free Polycarbonate Aluminum And Steel ConfinementsDoyoyo2003
 Penetration Limits Of Conventional Large Caliber Anti Tank Guns Kinetic Energy ProjectilesLanz Odermatt1992
 Post Perforation Length And Velocity Of KE Projectiles With Single Oblique TargetsJeanquartier Odermatt1995
 Influences Of Material Orientation On The Penetration Performance Of Jacketed PenetratorsSorensen Kimsey Frank1999
 Transonic Aerodynamic And Scaling Issues For Lattice Fin Projectiles Tested In A Ballistics RangeAbate Winchenbach Hathaway2001
 Flight Dynamics Of A Projectile With High Drag Retarder Devices At Subsonic VelocitiesDupuis Hathaway2001
 On The Influence Of Yaw And Yaw Rate Magnitude And Orientation On DispersionRossouw2001
 Diagnostic Of The Behaviour Of A Course Correction Ammunition During Its Correction PhaseZiliani Grignon Trouillot Jeannin2001
 Wind Tunnel Investigation Of A High L/D Projectile With Grid Fin And Conventional Planar Control SurfacesFournier?
 Roll Producing Moment Prediction For Finned ProjectilesDenis Champigny Cayzac2001
 Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel Test Of A Ramjet ProjectileDionisio Stockenstrom2001
 Numerical Model For Analysis And Specification Of A Ramjet Propelled Artillery ProjectileSstockenstrom2001
 Numerical Ricochet Calculations Of Field Artillery RoundsJensen Dullum2001
 Insensitive High Energy Propellants For Advanced Gun ConceptsHorst Baker Rice Kaste Colburn Hare2001
 High Performance Propulsion Design For Future Kinetic Energy AmmunitionJeck-prosch Ryf2001
 Ballistic Shelf Life Of Propellants For Medium And Small Calibre Ammunition Influence Of Deterrent Diffusion And Nitrocellulose DegradationVogelsanger Ossola Schadeli Antenen Ryf2001
 Interior Ballistic Principle Of High Low Pressure Chambers In Automatic Grenade LaunchersJaramaz Mickovic Zivkovic Curcic2001
 Influence Of Different Ignition Systems On The Interior Ballistics Of An Ei PropellantSteinmann Vogelsanger Schaedeli Rochat Giusti2001
 Functional Lifetime Of Gun PropellantsDriel Klerk2001
 Spheroidal Propellant Stabilizer StudiesGonzales Shimm2001
 Plasma Ignition Of Consolidated Propellants In A 60 Millimetre ETC Gun 2001
 The History Of Explosives In SwitzerlandBerger2001
 Sabot Discard Model For Conventional And Electromagnetic Launch PackagesErengil2001
 Intermediate Ballistics Unsteady Sabot Separation First Computations And ValidationsCayzac Carette Roquefort2001
 Temperature And Heat Transfer At The Commencement Of Rifling Of A 150mm GunLawton2001
 Gun Barrel Erosion Study Of Thermally Insulating LayersFranco Peter2001
 The Evelopment Of Composite Sabots For Kinetic Energy ProjectilesBurns Drysdale Hoppel Bogetti2001
 Joining Jacket And Core For Jacketed Steel Tungsten PenetratorsFang Holzle Knobel Lanz2001
 Methodology For Hardening Electronic Components For Gun Launch SurvivalBerman Wilkerson Hopkins Gazonas Frydman Carlucci2001
 Solid Fuel Ramjet Sfrj Propulsion For Artillery Projectile Applications Concept Development OverviewOosthuizen Buisson Botha2001
 Protective Power Of Thick Composite Layers Against Medium Caliber Long Rod PenetratorsErnst Wolf Uckenbold2001
 Lightweight Passive Armour For Infantry Carrier Vehicle (possible MEXAS reference)Kwok Diesenroth2001
 The Design And Performance Of Non Initiating Shaped Charges With Granular Jets Against EraKonig Mostert2002
 Ballistic Performance Of Monoblock And Jacketed PenetratorsKaufmann Lampert Heizmann Lehmannunk
 Numerical Performance With Jacketed ProjectilesGeeunk
 Comparison Of Unitary And Jacketed Rod PenetratorsStubberfield Lynch Wallisunk
 A Simple Estimate Of The Minimum Target Obliquity Required For The Ricochet Of A High Speed Long Rod ProjectileTate1979
 Richochet Of a Tungsten Heavy Alloy Long Rod Projectile From Deformable Steel PlatesLee Lee Shin2002
 Prestressed Ceramics And Improvement Of Impact ResistanceBao Su Yang Fan2002
 Army Focused Research Team On Functionally Graded Armor CompositesChin1999
 Perforation Of An Ultra High Strength Steel Penetrated By Shaped Charge JetYin Ma Li Cheng2004
 The Numerical Simulation Of Warheads Impact And Blast Phenomena Using Autodyn 2D And Autodyn 3DGrady Hayhurst Fairlie?
 Astroquartz ?
 Army Ammunition Data Sheets Small Caliber AmmunitionUnknown1994
 A Comparison Of Shaped Charge Liner Cone And Recovered Jet Fragment Microstructures To Elucidate Dynamic Recrystallization PhenomenaMurr Niou Sanchez Zernow1995
 The Instant Lessons Of The Iraq War Main ReportCordesman Burke2003
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