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AP01Effects of Boundary Conditions on V50 and Zone of Mixed Results of Fabric Armor TargetsSingletary, Steinruck, Fitzgerald2007
AP03A Computational Study of Laminate Transparent Armor Impacted by FSPFountzoulas, Cheeseman, Dehmer, Sands2007
AP04A Comparison Between Experiment and Numerical Simulation of Fabric Ballistic ImpactYen, C-F, Scott, B, Dehmer, P, Cheeseman, B2007
AP06Thermoplastic Matrix Combat Helmet With Graphite Epoxy SkinFolgar, Scott, Walsh, Wolbert2007
AP07A Development of Integral Composite Structure for the Ramp of Infantry Fighting VehicleLee, Kim, Yang, Ku2007
AP08Analysis of Armoured Vehicles Blast Protection by Using Finite Element CodesN, Lvez, Enfedaque, Lvez2007
EB01Design of a Kinetic Finned Projectile Using Genetic and Simplex AlgorithmsRcayzac, Ecarette, Crivet, Crunde2007
EB03The Test Technical Research of Shooting Precision on Anti Aircraft Machine GunYong-Ha, Wen-Ling, Bi-Rong, Zheng-Ke2007
EB04Parametric Study of the Quadratic Yaw Drag Coefficient for Projectiles Using Computational Fluid DynamicsCrucq2007
EB05Air Cratering by Eroding Shaped Charge JetsBackofen2007
EB06Aerothermodynamic Aspects of Hypervelocity ProjectilesSchmidt2007
EB07Aeroballistics Range Tests of a 40mm ProjectileDupuis2007
EB08Space Based Tactical Ballistic Missile Type IdentificationSheng, Zhen, Dong-Yun2007
EB09Commissioning the New Pitch Damping Rig at the CSIR Wind Tunnel FacilitiesDionisio, Zyl, M2007
EB10The Design and Experimental Tests of Aerodynamic Shapes for an Extended Range ProjectileWang, Zhou, Che, Y, Sh2007
EB11Comparative Aerodynamic Analysis of a Missile With an Eight Fin TailSigal2007
EB13Improvement of Artillery Projectile AccuracyCgrignon, Rcayzac, Sheddadj2007
EB14Aerodynamics and Flight Stability for a Course Corrected Artillery RoundPettersson, Buretta, Cook2007
EB15Rans Les Simulations of Projectiles With and Without Rotation in the Subsonic and Transonic RegimesSimon, Deck, Guillen, Cayzac, Sagaut, Merlen2007
EB16Performance Analysis of ISL Guided Supersonic ProjectileWey2007
EB17Preliminary Design for ISL Guided Supersonic ProjectileBerner, Sommer, Schirm, Wey2007
EB18NABK Based Next Generation Ballistic Table ToolkitOrtac, Durak, Kutluay, Kucuk, Candan2007
EB20Effect of Rifling Grooves on the Performance of Small Caliber AmmunitionSilton, Weinacht2007
EB21Virtual Wind Tunnel Method for Projectile Aerodynamic CharacterizationWeinacht2007
EB23Trajectory Correction Using Impulse Thrusters for Conventional Artillery ProjectilesCorriveau, Berner, Fleck2007
EB24Aerodynamic Coefficients for Extending and Bending ProjectilesReinecke2007
EB25Guidance and Control of Artillery Projectiles With Magnetic SensorsRouger2007
EB27High-G Telemetry System for Tank MunitionsFlyash, Platovskiy, Cantatore2007
EB28An Investigation Into the Interrelation Between the Internal and External Ballistics of Firing a TP-T Tank AmmunitionSammour2007
EB29Guidance of a Supersonic Projectile by a Plasma ActuatorGnemm, Rey2007
EB30An Evaluation of the Spalart Allmaras Turbulence Model for the Simulation of the Base Bleed EffectBournot, Giordano, Burtschell, Cayzac2007
EB31A Simplified Base Bleed Unit for Artillery ProjectilesSailaranta, Siltavuor2007
GS01The Future of Warheads Armour and BallisticsJanzon, Backofen, Brown, Cayzac2007
IB02Boundary Layer Modelling of the Heat Transfer Processes From Igniters to Energetic Materials Clive Woodley Mike Taylor Henrietta WhealIntroduction2007
IB03Comparisons of Internal Ballistics Simulations of 40mm Gun FiringsWoodley, Carriere, Franco, Nussbaum, Xavier, Chabaux, Longuet2007
IB04Singularities of Burning Rate Determination of Fine Grained PropellantsLeciejewsk2007
IB065.56mm Ceramic Gun Barrel Thermal Analyses With Cycled AmmunitionHuang, Conroy, Carter2007
IB07Firing Results of Laser Multi Point Ignition and Flamespreading in a SmallL, Zhang, Qie, Yuan, Yang, Zou2007
IB08The Effects of Muzzle Flowfield on Firing Precision in a Multi BarrelL, Zhang, Zhu, Xiao, Yuan2007
IB09Novel Examination of Gun Bore Resistance Analysis and Experimental ValidationCarlucc, Vega, Pocock, Einstein, Guyott, Chaplin2007
IB11The Numerical Simulation of the Multi Point Ignition Process in a GunXue-Song2007
IB12The Analysis of Pressure Waves Under Combining Tcm With Lcm in bi Modular ChargeYu-We, Ying-Hua, Sheng-Chen2007
IB13The Experimental Research of the Plasma Propellant Charge InteractionAn, Jun, Jiannian, Bing2007
IB14The Academic Study of the Performance Influence of the Gap Change Between the Barrel and Projectile on the Gun Interior BallisticMing-An, Bing, Min-Tao, Xiang-Ming2007
IB15Ignition of Propellant Charge by IgniterMickovic, Jaramaz2007
IB16Interior Ballistic Studies of Possibilities for Launching Aircrafts Rockets From GroundJaramaz2007
IB17Challenges of Internal Ballistics Modelling of Novel Propellants and Propellant GeometryPocock, Guyott, Ng, Carlucc, Klingaman, Moran2007
IB18Thermo Mechanical Computation in a 120mm Chromium Coated Gun Barrel With APFSDS With Wear Reducing AdditivesCayzac2007
IB20Development of Integrated Ballistic Simulator Phase 1Matsuzawa, Nasuno2007
IB21Influence of Initial Pressure on the Ignition and Combustion of a Propelling ChargeFranco2007
IB22Propellants and Propellant ErosivityHordijk, Driel, Bakker2007
IB25Finite Element Simulation of Interior Ballistic Processes in 120mm Mortar SystemAcharya, Kuo2007
IB27Sensitivity of Projectile Muzzle Responses to Gun Barrel Centerline VariationsChen2007
IB29Negative Differential Pressure by Ignition of Granular Solid PropellantNakamura, Ishida, Miura, Matsuo2007
IB30Projectile Borne Instrumentation for Characterization of in Bore EnvironmentsPeregino, Bukowsk2007
IB31Studies of Ignition Delay at 40mm CalibreTaylor, Fuller, Woodley, Gransden, Chapman2007
IB32Numerical Investigation on Effects of Primer Configuration in Propellant Chamber of Gun SystemMiura, Matsuo, Nakamura, Ishida2007
IB33Computational Study of the Flow Around a Projectile Moving Through a Gun BarrelMehmedagic, Carlucc, Thangam2007
IB35Design Optimization of Solid Propellant Rocket MotorAn2007
IB36Numerical Modeling and Experimental Verification of a Novel Base Bleed DesignSvanberg, Mberg, Totten, Vega, Hollis, Ours, D, Carlucc, Flyash2007
IB37Gun Propellant Development Activities in the NetherlandsDriel, Hordijk, Schoolderman, Bakker, Zevenbergen2007
IB38Experimental and Numerical Study of the Spin of the Hardcore in a Projectile During Acceleration in a Gun BarrelFriis, Yland, Moxnes2007
IB40Soft Recovery Recording System for Interior and Exterior Ballistics CharacterizationGuevara, Flyash2007
LD01Balloting in a Frenet FrameShoj2007
LD02Bird Impact on Airframes a Pyrotechnical Projectile LauncherVandeveld, Papy, Doucet, Pirlot2007
LD03Soft Recovery System for 155mm ProjectilesBirk, Carlucc, Mcclain, Gray2007
LD04Small Caliber Modeling From Design to Manufacture to LaunchSouth, Kamdar, Minnicino2007
LD05Preliminary Results on in Bore Projectile Attitude Measurements by Integrated Ballistic Simulator Phase1Nasuno, Matsuzawa2007
LD06Jump Error and Gun Dynamics a Comparison Between Two Types of 120mm Smooth Bore Tank GunsGur, Azulay, Touat, Arad2007
LD07Comparison of Electromagnetic and Conventional Guns From a Mechanics and Material AspectTzeng, Schmidt2007
LD08Statistical Comparison Between Component Level and System Level Testing for the Excalibur ProjectileMyers, Geissler, Ellis, Cordes, Jvega2007
LD09Study on Muzzle Vibration Model of Gas Operated Gartling Gun of Carrier BasedJian2007
TB03The Evolution and Application of Asymmetrical Image Filters for Quantitative XCT AnalysisRupert, Wells, Bruchey, Wheeler2007
TB04Failure Pattern Formation in Brittle Ceramics and GlassesGrinfeld, Mccauley, Schoenfeld, Wright2007
TB05Study of Obstacle Destruction Character at Multiple Impact of Solid ProjectilesLin, Mikhaylov, Burtsev, Bushmelev, Gladtsinov, Ilyushkina, Kolomiitsev, Makarov, Tsas, Morozova, Portnyagina, Stadnik, Tanakov, N, Khvorostin, Yukina, Yanilkin2007
TB08XCT Diagnostic Evaluation of Ballistic Impact Damage in Confined Ceramic TargetsWells, Rupert, Bruchey, Shockey2007
TB10Computational Study of a Functionally Graded Ceramic Metallic ArmorTempleton, Gorsich, Holmquist2007
TB100Study on the Ballistic Performance of Monolithic Ceramic PlatesBroos, Gunters2007
TB11Ballistic Performance of Thin Titanium PlatesBurkins2007
TB12Ballistic Testing of Commercial Aluminum Alloys and Alternate Processing Techniques to Increase the Availability of Aluminum ArmorGooch, Burkins, Squillaciot2007
TB13Ballistic Performance of Magnesium Alloy AZ31BJones, Delorme, Burkins, Gooch2007
TB14Laser Induced Spall in Silicon CarbideHolmquist, Wereszczak2007
TB15A Quantitative Assessment of Computational Results for Behind Armor DebrisJohnson, Stryk, Gerlach, Holmquist, Rowe2007
TB16On the Normal Perforation of Thick Metallic Plates by a Sharp Nose Rigid ProjectileL, Liu, Huang, Wu, Chen, Chen2007
TB17Ballistic Testing of Australian Bisalloy Steel for Armor ApplicationsGooch, Showalter, Burkins, Thorn, Cimpoeru, Barnett2007
TB18Experimental and Numerical Modelling of a Mannequin for the Assessment of Blast Incapacitation and Lethality Under Blast LoadingBouamoul, A, Williams, K, Vesque, H2007
TB19Study on Shelled Explosive Initiated by Explosive Formed ProjectileZhang, Huang2007
TB20Study on Tandem Shaped Charges TechniqueZhengxiang, Xianfeng2007
TB23Ballistics Tools for the 21st CenturyBaum, Garrett2007
TB24Evaluation of Kinetic Energy Non Lethal WeaponsPapy, Pirlot2007
TB26Reverse Spaced Target Effect at Shaped Charge Firings Against RHA TargetsHolzwarth2007
TB27Modeling on a Blunt Projectile With a Nose Cabin Column Perforating Into Metallic PlatesYhhang, Yang, Lu2007
TB28Studies on Buckling and Failure of Projectiles Under PerforationChen, He, Chen, Qu2007
TB29Modeling of Normal Perforation of Reinforced Concrete Slab by Rigid ProjectileChen, L, Huang, Wu, Chen2007
TB30Automated Data Collection in Fragmentation Warhead TestsMaritz, Terblanche, Smit2007
TB33Low Cost Explosive Ordnance Destruct ToolDusetzina, Dusetzina, Rigby, Serrano, Watkins, Karosich, Sinibald, Brown2007
TB34Simulation of Ballistic Impact of a Tungsten Carbide Sphere on a Confined Silicon Carbide TargetFountzoulas, Cheeseman, Lasalvia2007
TB35Failure and Penetration Response of Borosilicate Glass During Short Rod ImpactBehner, Anderson, Orphal, Wickert, Hohler, Templeton2007
TB36Interface Defeat of Long Rods Impacting Borosilicate GlassAnderson, Behner, Holmquist, Wickert, Hohler, Templeton2007
TB37Analysis of the South African Surrogate for a TMRP 6 Anti Tank MineSnyman, Mostert2007
TB38Numerical Simulation of Formation of EFP With Charge of Aluminized High ExplosiveJianfeng, Tao, Longhe, Bing2007
TB39Influence of Confinement on the Transition Velocity of Silicon CarbideAndersson, Lundberg, M2007
TB40Shaped Charge Attack of Spaced and Composite ArmourIhorsfall, Epetrou, Smchampion2007
TB42Residual Strength of Composites After Ballistic ImpactIhorsfall, Chwatson, Cboswell2007
TB43Impact of 7.62mm AP Ammunition Into Aluminium 5083 PlatesNsiampa, Dyckmans, Chabotier2007
TB44Numerical Analytical Model of Penetration of Long Elastically Deformable Non Homogeneous Projectiles Into Semi Infinite TargetsGalanov, Kartuzov, Ivanov2007
TB45Numerical Simulation of the Penetration of 7.62 AP Projectiles Into Ceramic ArmoursBuchar, Rolc, Cozzan2007
TB46Experimental and Modelling Studies on Explosive Reactive Armour Initiation MechanismsHaskins, Cook, Curtis, Stubberfield, Cheese, Lee2007
TB47Blast Structure Interaction and the Role of Secondary CombustionCullis, Huntington-Thresher2007
TB48Gaseous Explosions and Their Ground EfectsHuntington-Thresher, Cullis2007
TB49Shear Localization in a Sphere Impacted Armor Grade Boron CarbideLasalvia, Mccuiston, Fanchin, Mccauley, Chhowalla, Miller, Mackenzie2007
TB50Analytical Solutions for the Linear and Nonlinear Yawing Motion in Dense MediaWeinacht, Cooper2007
TB52Real Time Resolved Flash X-Ray Cinematographic Investigation of Interface Defeat and Numerical Simulation ValidationThoma, Helberg, Strassburger2007
TB53Influence of Side Impacting Dynamic Armour Components on Long Rod ProjectilesN, Andersson, Tjernberg2007
TB54Target Spallation Induced by Curved Low i l d i PenetratorsMayseless, Muzychuk, Zaretsky2007
TB55The Effect of Cracks on the Ballistic Performance of Contoured Protective Body Armour PlatesWatson, Ringrose, Champion, Horsfall, Mallon2007
TB56The Influence of the Front Layer of a Reactive Armor on Long Rod Penetrator DisruptionRabinovich, Tivon, Gyossifon, Touat, Speles, Arad2007
TB58Ballistic Penetration and Perforation of Layered Steel Plates an Experimental and Numerical InvestigationDey, Rvik2007
TB60Multiple Cross Wise Orientated Nera Panels Against Shaped Charge WarheadsN, Helte, Tjernberg2007
TB61High Speed Thee Dimensional Tomographic Imaging of Fragments and Precise Statistics From an Automated AnalysisHelberg, Nau, Thoma2007
TB62Wave Propagation and Impact Damage in Transparent LaminatesStrassburger, Patel, Mccauley, Templeton2007
TB63Modelling Delamination of Composites Using Cohesive Zone TechniquesUtomo, Meer, Ernst, Rixen2007
TB64Shaped Charge Penetration Into Stressed RockGrove, Heiland, Walton2007
TB66Behind Armour Debris Analysis MethodKarpenko, Pfister2007
TB67Experimental Simulation of Fragmentation Effects of an Improvised Explosive DeviceKarpenko, Ceh2007
TB68Numerical Analysis of Metal Projectile Penetration Into Soil in Hydrodynamic ModeSvfedorov, Vaveldanov, Vskozlov2007
TB70Penetration Modeltaking in Mind Viscosity Properties of the Impacted Body MaterialsVaveldanov, Vskozlov2007
TB71Penetration Data for a Medium Caliber Tungsten Sinter Alloy Penetrator Into Aluminum Alloy 7020 in the Velocity Regime From 250ms to 1900msWickert2007
TB72Long Rod Depth of Penetration Results for Two Grades of Cold Pressed Silicon Carbide Ceramics With and Without High Pressure DensificationMoll, Wickert2007
TB73Behind Armor Debris Distribution After KE Rod Perforation of RHA Plates for Distinct Overmatch ConditionsWeber2007
TB76Constitutive Model for Borosilicate Glass and Application to Long Rod PenetrationChocron, Anderson, Nicholls, Raymond, Rickmann2007
TB77Analytical and Numerical Modeling of Gap Filler Impacts on Space Shuttle Thermal TilesWalker, Chocron2007
TB79Modelling Low Velocity Impact in c Epoxy LaminatesValo, Lez, Llorca2007
TB80Calculated Concrete Target Damage by Multiple Rod Impact and PenetrationPincosy, Murphy2007
TB81Tetrahedral Elements for Explicit Ballistics SimulationsBurton, Clegg2007
TB82Impact and Penetration Performance of a Tungsten Wire Titanium Composite MaterialAndrews, Godfrey, Howard, Lynch, Ubh2007
TB83The Influence of Preferential Fracture Points on the Penetration Behaviour of KE Penetrators Against Angled PlatesLynch, Townsley, Bruce, Andrews2007
TB84Fracture and Dispersion of Selected Ceramics Under Explosive LoadsWu, Jaansalu, Andrews, Erhardt, Roy, Brousseau2007
TB85Modelling the Depth of Penetration of Ceramic Targets Using Artificial Neural NetworksRenahan, Andrews, Jaansalu2007
TB87Defeating the RPG7 Threat by Using Electric Power in Reactive Armour ApplicationsVoorde, Burgt, Jagt-Deutekom2007
TB88Is a Hard Top Layer Always the Right ChoiceVoorde, Herlaar, Broos2007
TB89Impact on Glass LaminatesBless, Chen, Russell2007
TB90Characterization of Behind Armor Debris Particles From Tungsten PenetratorsPedersen, Bless2007
TB91Effect of Hydroreaction on the Hypervelocity PenetrationGlumac, Krier, Felts, Salk, Moore, Glosby, Craig, Sinibald, Brown2007
TB92Penetration of Fragments Into Aircraft Composite StructuresJenaro, Frey, Grosado, A2007
TB94Modelling Air Perforators for ServiceabilityHan, Du2007
TB95Acceleration of Fragments From Cylindrical Shells by Detonation Products of he ChargesGryaznov, Voronkov, Okhitin, Sporykhin2007
TB96Numerical Modeling Methodology for an Advanced Lightweight Debris Containment SystemToussaint1a, Gakwaya, Nandlall1b, Caulfeild, Shahkaram2007
TB97Simulation of Geopenetrator Impact in the High Velocity RegimeHeider, Thoma, Klomfass2007
TB98Magnetic Armor as a Method of Antiterror Protection of Objects Against Shaped Charge ActionFedorov, Babkin, Ladov, Shvetsov, Matrosov2007
WB01A Simple Source Temperature Dependent Human Burn Injury ModelLocking, Banks2007
WB02Study on Universal Vulnerability Lethality Assessment SoftwareYunbin, Yonggang2007
WB03Experimental and Numerical Simulation of Secondary Behind Armor Effects Inside a Compartment Perforated by a Kinetic Energy ProjectileHeine, Wickert2007
WM01The Maximum Mach Number of Coherent Copper JetHirsch, Mayseless2007
WM02Scaling of the Shaped Charge Jet Break up Time a Liner Thickness Effect Observed and ExplainedHirsch, Backofen2007
WM03A Method to Increase the Tip Velocity of a Shaped Charge JetWalters, Scheffler2007
WM04Investigation of a Bulk Metallic Glass as a Shaped Charge Liner MaterialKecskes, Walters2007
WM05The Evolution of Air Target WarheadsWaggener2007
WM06Numerical Prediction of the Initiation of Confined Heterogeneous Explosives by Fragment PenetrationTouat, Tivon, Alfo, Bank, Shvarts, Peretz2007
WM08Explosive Acceleration of Fragments as a Function of Their Position Relative to the Explosive SurfaceMayseless, Falcovitz2007
WM09Size Distribution of Fragments Generated by Detonation of Fragmenting WarheadsElek, Jaramaz2007
WM10Investigation of Pre Cursor Charge Configurations and Designs to Allow for Off Axis Motion of a Follow Through Penetrator in a TargetMostert, Terblanche2007
WM11Tracking the "Poorness" of a Linear Shaped ChargeRondot2007
WM12Edge Effects on Fragments DispersionZlatkis, Korin, E, Gofman2007
WM13A Standardized Evaluation Technique for Reactive Warhead FragmentsAmes2007
WM14Computer Simulation of Explosively Formed Projectiles EFPRolc, Buchar, Akstein2007
WM15Modeling Fragmentation Performance of Natural and Controlled Fragmentation MunitionsGold, Baker, Poulos2007
WM16Numerical Simulation of Afterburning of Thermobaric Explosive Products in AirKim, Hwang, Im, Trains, Team2007
WM17Casing Toughness Effect on Anti Air Fragmentation Warhead PerformanceShahrain2007
WM18Material Strength Effects on Shaped Charge Tip VelocitiesOuye, Boeka, Hancock2007
WM19Application of Overdriven Detonation in High Density Explosive to Shaped ChargeKato, Murata, Itoh, Kato2007
WM20Performance of Fox 7 1 1 Diamino 2 2 Dinitroethylene in Shaped Charge ApplicationsHelte, Carlsson, Ter, Lundgren, Rnhed2007
WM21Binder Studies for Improved Bullet ImpactBalas, Nicolich2007
WM22Warhead Fragmentation Modeling With PeridynamicsDemmie, Preece, Silling2007
WM23Application of Linear Shaped Charges for Warhead VentingKim, Madsen, Pincay, Al-Shehab, L, Baker2007
WM24Shaped Charge Jet Velocity and Density ProfilesGrove, Walton2007
WM25Bam Bam Large Scale Unitary Demolition WarheadsDaniels, Baker, Defisher, Ng, Pham2007
WM26The Design and Development of a Robotically Emplaced Hand Packed Shaped ChargeDefisher, Baker, Wu, Wu, Richwald, Miller2007
WM27Fuze Sensor Requirements of the Different Aimable Anti Air Warhead LayoutsHeld2007
WM29Application of Airbag Technology for Vehicle Protection and Non Lethal ApplicationsFong, Ng, Rottinger, Tang2007
WM30Efp Simulations With Johnson Cook ModelsCouque, Boulanger2007
WM31Modelling the Effect of Casing on Afterburning of Aluminized ExplosivesDonahue, Ripley, Gregson, Zhang2007
WM32Penetrator Shaped Charge System Part I: Simulation of Asymmetrical EffectsArnold, Rottenkolber2007
WM33Penetrator Shaped Charge System Part II: Influence of Design ParametersArnold, Rottenkolber2007
WM34On the Role of Intermediate Layer Location in Prevention of Sympathetic Dotonation Between Reactive Armor SandwichwesChanukaev, Yossifon, Elashvil, Lev2007
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