Assorted Scientific Papers

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The Interrelation of Failure Modes Observed in the Penetration of Metallic Targets1984
Normal Impact and Perforation of Thin Plates by Hemispherically Tipped Projectiles II: Experimental Results1984
Hypervelocity Then and Now1987
An Overview of the Theory of Hydrocodes1987
Survey of Diagnostic Tools Used in Hypervelocity Impact Studies1987
Hypervelocity Impact in Metals Glass and Composites1987
Development of Hypervelocity Electromagnetic Launchers1987
A Review of Explosive Accelerators for Hypervelocity Impact1987
Penetration into Semi-Infinite Reinforced Concrete Targets with Spherical and Ogival Nose Projectiles1987
Normal Projectile Penetration and Perforation of Layered Targets1988
Plastic Deformation and Perforation of Thin Plates Resulting from Projectile Impact1971
Empirical Tests of a Model for Thin Plate Perforation1989
A Simple One Dimensional Approach to Modelling Ceramic Composite Armour Defeat1990
Hypervelocity Impact Response of Spaced Composite Material Structures1990
An Analytical Model on Penetration of Eroding Long Rods into Metallic Targets1991
An Investigation into the Energy Absorbed During Ballistic Perforation of Composite Armours1990
The Ballistic Performance of Confined Al2O3 Ceramic Tiles1992
Yawed Long Rod Armor Penetration1991
Normal and Oblique Impact of a Kinetic Energy Projectile on Mild Steel Plates1992
Ballistic Impact of Polycarbonate: An Experimental Investigation1992
Deformation and Rupture of Blast Loaded Square Plates: Predictions and Experiments1992
An Impact Technique to Accelerate Flier Plates to Velocities Over 12 km/s1993
Highly Oblique Impacts into Thick and Thin Targets1993
Nonsteady Penetration of Long Rods into Semi-Infinite Targets1993
A Hypervelocity Fragment Launcher Based on an Inhibited Shaped Charge1993
Penetration of Hard Layers by Hypervelocity Rod Projectiles1993
An Empirical Equation for Penetration Depth of Ogive Nose Projectiles into Concrete Targets1993
A Study of Fragmentation in the Ballistic Impact of Ceramics1993
Modeling the Impact Behavior of AD85 Ceramic Under Multiaxial Loading1994
The Influence of Plate Hardness on the Ballistic Penetration of Thick Steel Plates1994
An Analytical Model to Predict Impact Behaviour of Soft Armours1994
Inertia Sensitive Impact Energy Absorbing Structures Part I: Effects of Inertia and Elasticity1994
Inertia Sensitive Impact Energy Absorbing Structures Part II: Effect of Strain Rate1994
Penetration into Ductile Metal Targets with Rigid Spherical-Nose Rods1994
High Strain Rate Deformation Behaviors of Kinetic Energy Penetrator Materials During Ballistic Impact1993
Hypervelocity Crater Penetration Depth and Diameter: A Linear Function of Impact Velocity1995
Cratering and Penetration Experiments in Teflon Targets from 1 to 7 km/s1995
Penetration of Semi-Infinite AD995 Alumina Targets by Tungsten Long Rod Penetrators from 1.5 to 3.5 km/s1995
Improving the Performance of Two Stage Gas Guns by Adding a Diaphragm in the Pump Tube1995
Impact Shock and Penetration Fragmentation in Porous Media1995
Impact on Aluminum Plates by Tumbling Projectiles: Experimental Study1995
Impact Loading on Fibre Metal Laminates1995
High Strength Concrete Response to Hard Projectile Impact1995
Modeling the Shock Response of Silicon Carbide Boron Carbide and Titanium Diboride1995
A Simple Model to Predict Residual Velocities of Thick Composite Laminates Subjected to High Velocity Impact1995
Tearing of Blast Loaded Plates with Clamped Boundary Conditions1996
Large Deformation of Thin Plates Under Localised Impulsive Loading1996
Penetration of Confined Silicon Carbide Targets by Tungsten Long Rods at Impact Velocities from 1.5 to 4.6 km/s1995
The Ballistic Properties of Tool Steel as a Potential Improvised Armour Plate1996
Local Response of Concrete Slabs to Low Velocity Missile Impact1996
Ballistic Performance of Confined 99.5 Percent Al2O3 Ceramic Tiles1997
The Influence of Experimental Design on Depth of Penetration Test Results and Derived Ballistic Efficiencies1996
A Method for Scaling Ballistic Penetration Phenomena1997
Analysis of Long Rods Impacting Ceramic Targets at High Velocity1997
Penetration of Concrete Targets with Ogive Nose Steel Rods1997
On the Role of Nose Profile in Long Rod Penetration1998
High Velocity Perforation Behaviour of Polymer Composite Laminates1998
The Influence of Projectile Hardness on Ballistic Performance1998
Development of Impact Model for Ceramic-Faced Semi-Infinite Armour1999
Ballistic Penetration of Steel Plates1999
Perforation Experiments on HY100 Steel Plates with 4340-R38 and Maraging T250 Steel Rod Projectiles1999
Non Ideal Projectile Impact on Targets1998
Impact Failure and Fragmentation Properties of Tungsten Carbide1999
Normal and Oblique Hypervelocity Impact on Carbon Fiber Peek Composites1999
Penetration of 6061-T6511 Aluminum Targets by Ogive Nose Steel Projectiles with Striking Velocities Between 0.5 and 3.0 km/s1999
Studies of Five Ceramic Materials and Pyrex1999
An Investigation of Ceramic / Aluminium Composites as Shields for Hypervelocity Impacts1999
Hypervelocity Impact on Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic / Aluminum Honeycomb: Comparison with Whipple Bumper Shields1999
Applied Research of Shaped Charge Technology1999
Failure Wave Effects in Hypervelocity Penetration1999
Carbon Content Effect on High Strain Rate Tensile Properties for Carbon Steels1999
Impact Failure Mechanisms in Alumina Tiles on Finite Thickness Support and the Effect of Confinement1999
On the Optimal Nose Geometry for a Rigid Penetrator Including the Effects of Pressure Dependent Friction1998
A Visco-Hyperelastic Approach to Modelling the Constitutive Behaviour of Rubber1999
Penetration Experiments with 6061-T6511 Aluminum Targets and Spherical Nose Steel Projectiles at Striking Velocities Between 0.5 and 3.0 km/s1999
A Semi-Analytical Model for Truncated Ogive Nose Projectiles Penetration into Semi-Infinite Concrete Targets1999
Tungsten Long Rod Penetration into Confined Cylinders of Boron Carbide at and Above Ordnance Velocities1999
Some Observations on the Normal Impact on Ceramic Faced Armours Backed by Composite Plates1992
Yaw Impact of Rod Projectiles2001
Predicting the Fragmentation Onset Velocity for Different Metallic Projectiles Using Numerical Simulations2001
Modeling the High Strain Rate Behavior of Titanium Undergoing Ballistic Impact and Penetration2001
Perforation of 12mm Thick Steel Plates by 20mm Diameter Projectiles with Flat Hemispherical and Conical Noses Part 1: Experimental Study2001
A Three Dimensional Abrasion Algorithm for Projectile Mass Loss During Penetration2002
Effect of Target Thickness in Blunt Projectile Penetration of Weldox 460E Steel Plates2002
Dimensionless Formulae for Penetration Depth of Concrete Target Impacted by a Non-Deformable Projectile2001
High Velocity Impact of Thick Composites2003
Design Automation of a Laminated Armor for Best Impact Performance Using Approximate Optimization Method2003
Fragmentation Initiation Threshold for Spheres Impacting at Hypervelocity2003
Analytically Modeling Hypervelocity Penetration of Thick Ceramic Targets2003
Simulation of the Penetration of a Sequence of Bombs into Granite Rock2003
The Effect of Target Strength on the Perforation of Steel Plates Using Three Different Projectile Nose Shapes2004
Oblique and Normal Perforation of Concrete Targets by a Rigid Projectile2004
Dynamic Damage Growth in Particle Reinforced Graded Materials2004
An Analytical Model for Dwell and Interface Defeat2004
Patterned Armor Performance Evaluation2004
Modeling of Simultaneous Ground Shock and Airblast Pressure on Nearby Structures from Surface Explosions2003
Transition Between Interface Defeat and Penetration for Tungsten Projectiles and Four Silicon Carbide Materials2004
Resistance of High Strength Concrete to Projectile Impact2004
Projectile Penetration and Perforation of High Performance Concrete: Experimental Results and Macroscopic Modelling2004
The Effect of Concrete Target Diameter on Projectile Deceleration and Penetration Depth2005
A Numerical Simulation on the Perforation of Reinforced Concrete Targets2005
Concrete Subjected to Projectile and Fragment Impacts: Modelling of Crack Softening and Strain Rate Dependency in Tension2005
Experimental and Numerical Studies on the Behavior of Thin Aluminum Plates Subjected to Impact by Blunt and Hemispherical Nosed Projectiles2005
Local Impact Effects of Hard Missiles on Concrete Targets2005
The Effect of the Thickness of the Adhesive Layer on the Ballistic Limit of Ceramic Metal Armours2005
An Experimental Study of Penetration Resistance of Ceramic Armour Subjected to Projectile Impact2005
Titanium / Titanium Diboride Composites as Part of a Gradient Armour Material2004
Hypervelocity Impact Damage Prediction in Composites Part 1: Material Model and Characterisation2006
Hypervelocity Impact Damage Prediction in Composites Part II: Experimental Investigations and Simulations2006
Experimental Investigation of Blast Wall Panels Under Shock Pressure Loading2006
Identification of Impact Force and Location Using Distributed Sensors1996
Response of High Performance Concrete Plates to Impact of Non-Deforming Projectiles2006
Mass Loss from Abrasion on Ogive Nose Steel Projectiles that Penetrate Concrete Targets2006
On the Influence of Constitutive Relation in Projectile Impact of Steel Plates2005
Damage Evaluation of Concrete Plates by High Velocity Impact2008
A Numerical Study of the Cavity Expansion Process and its Application to Long Rod Penetration Mechanics2006
Response of Composite Materials to Hypervelocity Impact2008
Hypervelocity Impact on CFRP Testing Material Modelling and Numerical Simulation2008
Numerical Predictions of Ballistic Limits for Concrete Slabs Using a Modified Version of the HJC Concrete Model2006
Ballistic Impact of a Kevlar Helmet: Experiment and Simulations2006
Effect of Projectile Nose Shape Impact Velocity and Target Thickness on the Deformation Behavior of Layered Plates2006
An Investigation into Ballistic Performance and Energy Absorption Capabilities of Woven Aramid Fabrics2007
Ballistic Resistance of Double Layered Armor Plates2008
Impact Resistance of a Rectangular Polycarbonate Armor Plate Subjected to Single and Multiple Impacts2008
A Simple Ballistic Material Model for Soda Lime Glass2008
Perforation of AA5083-H116 Aluminum Plates with Conical Nose Steel Projectiles2009
Experimental and Numerical Study on the Perforation Process of Mild Steel Sheets Subjected to Perpendicular Impact by Hemispherical Projectiles2008
On the Resistance to Penetration of Stiffened Plates Part 1: Experiments2008
On the Resistance to Penetration of Stiffened Plates Part 2: Numerical Analysis2008
Perforation Resistance of Five Different High Strength Steel Plates Subjected to Small Arms Projectiles2008
Ballistic Impact Experiments of Metallic Sandwich Panels with Aluminium Foam Core2010
Energy Absorbing Effectiveness Factor2009
Analytical Approach to the Strain Rate Effect on the Dynamic Tensile Strength of Brittle Materials2009
Ballistic Performance of Multi-Layered Metallic Plates Impacted by a 7.62mm APM2 Projectile2011
An Experimental Study on Ballistic Performance of Boron Carbide Tiles2010
Normal and Oblique Impact of Small Arms Bullets on AA6082-T4 Aluminum Protective Plates2011
Hybrid Nanocomposites for Mid-Range Ballistic Protection2011
Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Laminated Glass Subjected to Blast Loading2011
Measurements of Freely Expanding Plasma from Hypervelocity Impacts2011
Impact Perforation of Aluminium Alloy Plates2011
Ballistic Impact on Bi-Layer Alumina / Aluminum Armor: A Semi-Analytical Approach2013
A Study into the Relationship Between Crater Parameters and Quantities of Explosives in the Scenes of IED Explosions2014
Ballistic Performance of Composite Metal Foams2015
Response of 1/4-Scale Concrete Masonry Unit Walls to Blast2002
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