Articles from the International Journal of Impact Engineering

Last updated 2003-06-01

 ijie_24_703.pdf  Two-Dimensional Response of Crushable Polyurethane Foam to Low Velocity Impact, V P W Shim, Z H Tu, C T Lim
 ijie_24_733.pdf  Impact Perforation Resistance of Laminated and Assembled Composite Plates, Dahsin Liu, Basavaraju B Raju, Xinglai Dang
 ijie_24_809.pdf  Chain Composites Under Ballistic Impact Conditions, B N Cox, N Sridhar, J B Davis, A Mayer, T J McGregor, A G Kurtz
 ijie_24_891.pdf  Analysis of Jacketed Rod Penetration, M Lee
 ijie_25_29.pdf  Dynamic Effect on Strength in SiC[f]/SiC[m] Composite, M Futakawa, Y Tanabe, T Wakui, H Kogawa, R Hino, M Eto
 ijie_25_315.pdf  Scho"n's View of Rifled Infantry Arms in the Mid 9th Century, D J Williams, W Johnson
 ijie_25_361.pdf  Material Similarities in Long-Rod Penetration Mechanics, Z Rosenberg, E Dekel
 ijie_25_423.pdf  Impact of the 7.62mm APM2 Projectile Against the Edge of a Metallic Target, Sidney Chocron, Charles E Anderson Jr, Donald J Grosch, Carl H Popelar
 ijie_25_455.pdf  Characterization of Polymeric Structural Foams Under Compressive Impact Loading by Means of Energy-Absorption Diagram, M Avalle, G Belingardi, R Montanini
 ijie_25_553.pdf  Observations on Shear Plug Formation in Weldox 460 E Steel Plates Impacted by Blunt-Nosed ProjectilesTore B0rvik, John Rasmus Leinum, Jan Ketil Solberg, Odd Sture Hopperstad, Magnus Langseth
 ijie_25_573.pdf  Normal Penetration of an Eroding Projectile into an Elastic-Plastic Target, I V Roisman, A L Yarin, M B Rubin
 ijie_25_631.pdf  Tensile Strength of Five Metals and Alloys in the Nanosecond Load Duration Range at Normal and Elevated Temperatures, Kurt Baumung, Hansjoachim Bluhm, Gennady I Kanel, Georg Mu"ller, Sergey V Razorenov, Josef Singer, Alexander V Utkin
 ijie_25_641.pdf  Normal Impact of Ogive Nosed Projectiles on Thin Plates, N K Gupta, R Ansan, S K Gupta
 ijie_25_703.pdf  Tungsten Long-Rod Penetration into Confined Cylinders of Boron Carbide at and above Ordnance Velocities, L Westerling, P Lundberg, B Lundberg
 ijie_25_819.pdf  Analysis of Ceramic/Metal Armour Systems, M Lee, Y H Yoo
 ijie_25_965.pdf  Multiple Impact Penetration of Semi-Infinite Concrete, Jason T Gomez, Arun Shukla
 ijie_25_981.pdf  Taylor Imact Test for Ductile Porous Materials -- Part 1: Theory, Guoxing Lu, Bin Wang, Tieguang Zhang
 ijie_25_993.pdf  Penetration of 6061-T6511 Aluminum Targets by Ogive-Nosed VAR 4340 Steel Projectiles at Oblique Angles: Experiments and Simulations, Thomas L Warren, Kevin L Poormon
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