Articles from the International Journal of Impact Engineering

Last updated 2003-05-21

 ijie_26_289.pdf  An Extension of the UMIN Model for Cutoff of High Precision Jets, Steven L Hancock
 ijie_26_333.pdf  Comparative Analysis of Oblique Impact on Ceramic Composite Systems, V Hohler, K Weber, R Tham, B James, A Barker, I Pickup
 ijie_26_399.pdf  A Numerical Comparison of the Ballistic Performance of Unitary Rod and Segmented-Rods Against Stationary and Moving Oblique Plates, M Lee
 ijie_26_409.pdf  On the Optimal Performance of Long-Rod Penetrators Subjected to Transverse Accelerations, H F Lehr and E Wollmann
 ijie_26_421.pdf  Effect of Alignment on the Penetration of Segmented Rods, David L Littlefield
 ijie_26_443.pdf  Numerical Study on Hypervelocity Acceleration of Flyer Plates by Overdriven Detonation of High Explosive, Zhi-Yue Liu, Shiro Kubota, Shigeru Itoh
 ijie_26_475.pdf  Novel KE Penetrator Performance Against a Steel/Ceramic/Steel Target at 0 Degrees Over the Velocity Range 1800 to 2900 M/S, N J Lynch, S J Bless, C Brissenden, D Berry, B Pedersen
 ijie_26_497.pdf  Affect of Shock-Induced Phase Transformations on Dynamic Strength of Titanium Alloys, Yuri L Mescheryakov, Alexandre K Divakov
 ijie_26_603.pdf  Hypervelocity Jacketed Penetrators, Bradley A Pedersen, Staphan J Bless, James U Cazamias
 ijie_26_613.pdf  Debris Clouds Produced by the Hypervelocity Impact of Nonspherical Projectiles, Andrew J Piekutowski
 ijie_26_639.pdf  More on the Secondary Penetration of Long Rods, Z Rosenberg and E Dekel
 ijie_26_675.pdf  High-Speed Penetration into Sand A F Savvateev, A V Budin, V A Kolikov, PH G Rutberg
 ijie_26_699.pdf  Shape Effects in Hypervelocity Impact on Semi-Infinite Metallic Targets, Frank K Schafer, Michael Herrwerth, Stefan J Hiermaier, Eberhard E Schneider
 ijie_26_735.pdf  The Shaped Charge Jet Interaction with Finite Thickness Targets, Oleg V Svirsky, Nicolai P Kovalev, Boris A Klopov, Vadim V Bashurov, Victor A Krutyakov
 ijie_26_797.pdf  Analysis and Testing of Rod-Like Penetrators in the 4-5 KM/S Velocity Regime, John Vetrovec, Rees Padfield, Daniel Schwab, Peter Nebolsine, Richard Hayami, Mark Zwiener, John Huntington, Steven L Hancock
 ijie_26_809.pdf  Hypervelocity Penetration Modeling: Momentum vs Energy and Energy Transfer Mechanisms, James D Walker
 ijie_26_823.pdf  The Penetration Resistance of a Titanium Alloy Against Jets from Tantalum Shaped Charge Liners, William Walters, William Gooch, Matthew Burkins
 ijie_26_831.pdf  The Response of Layered Aluminum Nitride Targets Subjected to Hypervelocity Impact, Karl Weber, Timothy J Holmquist, Douglas W Templeton
 ijie_28_349.pdf  A Numerical Study on the Detonation Behaviour of Double Reactive Cassettes by Impacts of Projectiles with Different Nose Shapes, Hyunho Shin, Woong Lee
 ijie_28_363.pdf  Extensions to the Exact Solution of the Long-Rod Penetration/Erosion Equations, Steven B Segletes, William P Walters
 ijie_28_377.pdf  Plate Perforation by Eroding Rod Projectiles, D J Gee
 ijie_28_391.pdf  A Unified Model for Long-Rod Penetration in Multiple Metallic Plates, S Chocron, C E Anderson Jr, J D Walker, M Ravid
 ijie_28_413.pdf  Effect of Target Thickness in Blunt Projectile Penetration of Weldox 460 E Steel Plates, Tore B0rvik, Odd Sture Hopperstad, Magnus Langseth, Kjell Arne Malo
 ijie_28_557.pdf  Penetration Resistance of Laminated Ceramic/Polymer Structures, S Yadav, G Ravichandran
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