Chinese Type-90 MBT

Recognition Features:

* Well sloped glacis, turret center, engine compartment rear, 125 mm gun has fume extractor (bore evacuator) about 1/3 back from muzzle and thermal sleeve, ERA on frontal arc of hull and turret
* Turret has sloping front with vertical sides with smoke grenade launchers mounted halfway along turret side, large stowage basket at rear, 12.7 mm AA MG on right side of turret roof, gunner's stabilized sights on left, front of turret roof, commander's stabilized, independant sight on right front of turret roof
* Suspension has six large unevenly spaced road wheels, support rollers, idler front, drive sprocket rear


Crew: 3
Armament: 125 mm smooth bore main gun, 12.7 mm AA MG
Length, hull: 7 meters (22'-11" *F.T.M.C.) estimated
Width: 3.4 meters (11'-2" *F.T.M.C.) estimated
Height, top of turret: 2 meters (6'-7" *F.T.M.C.) estimated
Weight, combat: 48 tons
Max. road speed: 60 km/hr + (37 mph *F.T.M.C.)
* F.T.M.C. = For The Metrically Challenged


The existence of the Type 90 MBT was first revealed in late 1991 and it has significant improvements in the three key areas of MBT design: armour, mobility, and firepower.

The turret and hull are of all-welded steel armour construction with an additional layer of composite armour over the frontal arc.  Main armament is a 125mm smoothbore gun, fitted with a thermal sleeve and a fume extractor.  The computerized fire control system includes a stabilized rangefinder sight, computer, commander's control panel, laser rangefinder, crosswind sensor, tilt sensor and angular velocity sensor. This allows the Type 90 MBT to engage moving targets under both day and night conditions. Standard equipment includes an anti-neutron liner, automatic fire detection and suppression system and infra-red reflecting paint.


Type-90II - weighs 48 tons and is being developed in association with Pakistan where it is known as the Khalid, MBT 2000 or P-90


In production and in service with Pakistan (China?).

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