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Author IRAN MBT.
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Posted: 2002-03-28 10:24   

I have found something about this Iranian APC, that looks like the BRDM-2, its not an MBT but I think here is the right place for :

I don’t know but it could be for the IRGC, on the site it seems to be not very impressive (no Night vision .....), but the info's on the site are from 1996-1998. They also say it is not in production.

One thing I must always think about it when I see the Zolfaqar-2, it have 5 support-wheels (Stützrollen), the first versions of the M47/48 have also 5 but the newer M60 have only 3. I have heard that the M60 use 3 because, at the time were newer technologies available and they were no need of 5 support-wheels. The newer M60 ones use aluminum support-wheels, I think that’s why FAS say that it is based on the M48. In 1/2 moths I get new photos and infos of the Zolfaqar-1/2, then we can see if it is good or not .

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