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   Show Daily                                  
  20 March 2001
Stalker surfaces from Belarus
By Christopher F Foss

Taking part in the daily mobility demonstration at IDEX 2001 is the 2T Stalker combat reconnaissance vehicle, which is claimed to have a number of advanced features.

Built by the Minotor Service Unitary Enterprise of Belarus, the vehicle has been under development for several years, with the prototype running for the first time late last year. Although developed as a private venture, the local army is understood to have an initial requirement for a first batch of 30 vehicles. It is also being offered on the export market, its long range making it especially suitable for operations in the Middle East.

The 2T Stalker is being promoted as a dedicated long-range reconnaissance system with a maximum top speed of 95km/h and a maximum range of 1,000km. Some of the chassis and automotive components are those used in the 2S6 self-propelled gun/missile air defence system which, as well as being used by Russia, has also been sold to India.

It has a crew of three, consisting of driver, commander and gunner. The vehicle is armed with a stabilised 30mm cannon and 7.62mm co-axial machine gun, which is aimed by the
commander or gunner using
an advanced day/night sighting system that also incorporates a laser rangefinder.

The day/night sighting system is used to lay and fire the weapons, and also for surveillance and target tracking, with the
information being automatically relayed to a higher command post.

The 2T is also fitted with two retractable launchers, one for two fire-and-forget surface-to-air missiles, the other for two
anti-tank guided missiles. A 30mm grenade launcher is fitted, plus a quantity of anti-tank mines that are laid manually.

Combat survivability is enhanced by the incorporation of stealth characteristics, including careful shaping of the hull with no sharp edges and the use of special paint.

The new 2T Stalker reconnaissance vehicle is making its debut at IDEX 2001

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