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Combat weight 54 tons 
Crew 4, commander, gunner, loader, driver 
Hull length 7590 mm 
Length including main gun 9670 mm 
Overall width 3610 mm 
Width of tracks 3420 mm 
Height to turret roof 2500 mm 
Height to top of hull 1820 mm 
Ground clearance 480 mm 
Elevation of main gun -9 degrees to +20 degrees 
Turret rotation in azimuth n x 360 degrees 
Main gun OTOBREDA 120 mm smoothbore gun 
Ammunition 42 rounds 120mm 
Coaxial machine gun 7.62 mm NATO general purpose machine gun 
Anti-aircraft gun 7.62 mm machine gun 
Ammunition 2,500 rounds 7.62 mm ammunition 
Smoke grenades launchers 8 x 80mm 
Fire control system  
Commander panoramic stabilised sight 
Commander's night vision image intensifier plus gunner's thermal image monitor 
Gunner stabilised sight plus laser range finder 
Gunner's emergency sight coaxial telescope 
Gunner's night vision thermal imager 
Automatic measurement range, relative speed, external factors 
Hull and turret steel and composite armour 
NBC System Sekur NBC protection 
Fire fighting system fire protection in engine and crew compartments 
Laser warning fitted as standard 
Engine turbo charged, 12 cylinder, diesel Fiat V-12 MTCA 
Power 12V 937 kW 
Automatic ZF licensed transmission 4 forward and 2 reverse gears, incorporating the steering system and hydraulic retarder 
Final drives Epicyclic 
Running gear Each side , seven dual (rubber lined) road wheels, plus four return rollers 
Tracks Connector type tracks 
Suspension Torsion bar and hydraulic bumper on each suspension arm
Hydraulic shock absorbers on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 7th arm 
Brakes Disc type brakes on each of the final drives, integrated by the transmission retarder 
Steering With 3 ranges of radii per each gear plus pivot steering 
Top speed more than 65 kilometres per hour 
Maximum gradient 60% 
Fording depth 4 metres with preparation 
Fording depth 1.25 metres without preparation 
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