Web Sites of Interest to Military Vehicle Enthusiasts

Armor, Tanks, and Tracked Vehicles

AFV News (Canada):
Online site of George Bradford's 30-year-old excellent armored vehicles magazine.

Army Recognition Site:
Modern equipment (wheeled, tracked, aircraft, weapons) from all countries with description, ID, photos (Belgium).

Roberts Armory Home Page:
Covers a variety of WWII light armored vehicles: overview, specs, and nice pics of each.

Doug's Heavy Metal Gallery:
Lots of photos of armor from Australia and England.

Achtung Panzer!
History of tanks used by the Panzertruppe in WWII. A wealth of historic photos and text. Good glossary too.

Wheeled Armor:
History of M8 and M20, 448 links under "list sites", photos, regular updates.

Duke Batallion Online:
Current U.S. Army armored vehicles and helicopters; mostly JPEG images that you can download if you wish.

Joint Readiness Training Center Opposing Force:
Sheridans that look like T62 Soviet tanks, M113-based BMPs, and other vismods.

U.S. Army Armor Center:
Explore the armor center at Fort Knox and listen to Sousa marches while you do so.

Los Angeles Tankland Museum:
This site is practically an adventure in virtual reality--sit in a tank, check out the engine, much more.

Interviews with Tankers:
Interviews from Aaron Elson's oral history books including some not yet in print. Coarse language.

Wheeled Vehicles

Steel Soldiers:
Everything you ever wanted to know about MVs: photos, stats, info, preservation, restoration.

WWII Military Jeep Website:
Facts, figures, photos of Jeep assembly, notes about Willys MB and Ford GPW.

Military Jeeps:
Detailed information and photos of the 7 types of jeeps made from 1941 to 1990 including MB, M38, M38A1, M606, etc.

Willys MB Restoration Page:
Photos of Willys MB throughout restoration process (France).

Jeep Drawings:
Detailed drawings of many parts of a WWII Jeep, including markings.

M38A1 Restoration Site:
Frame-off restoration of an M38A1, part suppliers, manuals, tips, pics.

M151 Mutt Page:
Photos, tech info, history, contracts, tips for M151 owners & owners to be (UK).

M151 Mutt Club:
Join the club and chat with other M151 owners. Lots of good info here.

M151A2 Reconstruction:
Daniel Nadorfy's personal site with lots of pics and tech info on rebuilding an M151A2.

WWII Dodge Motor Pool:
Photos and references of VC and WC Dodge military vehicles (Australia).

Dodge Power Wagon Page:
Parts, sources, events list, answers to FAQs, many photos.

Unofficial Dodge M37 Page:
Overview and history of Dodge M37, detailed specs, photos, vehicles & parts sources.

DUKW Restoration Page:
Hank LaBarbara's page of DUKW photos and more. Good links too.

Info, photos, specs, links, and excellent chat area on both civilian & military Humvees.

Geoff's Military HMMWV Page:
Lots of photos, specs, links. (Site is a bit slow, but worth it.)

M274 Mule Page:
Photos of Mules, detailed specs, diagrams, data plates (Australia).

Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) Trucks:
CMP gallery, technical pages, links.

C15TA Site:
Site devoted to this WWII Canadian 4x4 armored, open-top vehicle (Denmark).

Online 4WD Magazine (Australia):
Interesting general 4WD info (with a few military vehicles) from down under.

MV Restoration Forum:
Open discussion forum about MV restoration, especially Weasels; photos too.

Gama Goat & Unimog Pages (Germany):
Lots of information and pics of Gama Goats and a special Unimog radio truck.

Load Warrior M35 6x6 Website:
Collecting, operating, and restoring M35 & M44 trucks. Info and camo patterns from tech manuals.

Green Six Registry:
Registry for owners of M39, M44, M207 6x6 trucks and variants. (UK)

Willys MB Restoration Garage in Estonia:
Sergei Naidenkov's view of the MV hobby; an interesting personal site. (Estonia)

Surplus Military Trucks:
Web resources for the MV enthusiast. Loads o' links (heavy duplication of what's here).

Kubelwagen Page:
Renaud Olgiati's extensive info and photos on the Kubelwagen; good links too. (Paraguay).

Russian Military Vehicles:
On-line magazine (in English) about Russian vehicles. Lots of in-depth info. (Russia).

MV Site Directory:
You've never seen most of the sites and info in this directory. Good stuff. (Poland).

Collector Organizations, Clubs, and Museums

Military Vehicle Preservation Assn.:
Promotes membership in the MVPA. Also many links to related military vehicle sites.

Military Vehicle Trust (UK):
Well-organized site of links to clubs, museums, and members; club shop, resources, calendar.

Beltring War & Peace Show:
Photos and info about the world's largest military vehicle event.

Belgian Military Vehicle Trust:
Photos, information, excellent links to other MV sites.

Quartermaster Museum:
Quartermaster photos, history, services, links to museums. Excellent site.

Ass'n Francaise de Collectionneurs de Vehicules Militaires:
Lots of photos, information, calendar (in French, of course).

Danish Society for Military Vehicle Preservation:
A few member pics, calendar, contacts, few links.

MFHF - Swedish Military Vehicle Society:
History, links, photos, news (in English if you wish).

Firelands Museum of Military History:
Photos of vehicles and aircraft from Firelands Museum, Norwalk, Ohio.

National Veterans Hall of Honor:
Tasteful site of museum honoring veterans.

People's Republic of China Army Museum:
Private site with lots photos of the museum.

Greater Penna Area MV Historical Society:
Site of club in eastern Pennsylvania: Event listings, classified ads, photos, links.

Long Island Military Vehicle Club:
Photos of member's vehicles, parades, event listings, ads, a few links.

6th Cavalry Historical Association:
History of 6th Cavalry plus some military vehicle photos.

Deep South Military Vehicles:
New Mississippi MV Club site with nice pics of MVs, many in water.

Arizona MV Collectors Club:
Coming events, vehicles for sale, articles on past rallies of Arizona club.

Patton Army Vehicle Ass'n:
French ass'n lists vehicles for sale, for rent, and wanted (not much else).

Other Sites of Interest

Exceptionally comprehensive MV site with many pages of valuable and interesting information, photos, sources, links, and much more. Don't miss this one!

Jane's Reference Books On-Line:
Great source for military info. Current and back weekly lead stories & pics on line. Other reference info is expensive.

Military Vehicles "Mailing List":
Discussion forum for all topics related to military vehicles.

Trooper Military Directory & Online Magazine:
Museums, wargaming, magazines, books, articles, more. (Czech)

MVs in the Philippines:
Lots of Jeeps and other vehicles, mostly WWII vintage. (Philippines)

U.S. Army Modeling Site:
Detailed photos, tech manual info, newsgroups, and more for model builders. (Netherlands)

Soldier of Fortune Magazine:
Promotional site and statement of philosophy of Soldier of Fortune and Fighting Firearms magazines.

G.I. Journal Magazine:
Lots of good, solid military history information.

MV Magazine (UK):
Homepage of MV Magazine, a kindred spirit in the UK.

Military Newspapers and Magazines:
Links to web sites of 53 U.S. military magazines and newspapers.

6500+ Magazines:
Links from MagpieMagazines.com to every imaginable special interest magazine.

WWII on the Web:
80+ links to WWII sites (no descriptions).

Off Road.com:
Product reviews (civilian stuff), classifieds, and online store for road maps. Forums too.

Official U.S. Government Sites

U.S. Dept of Defense Home Page:
Current news, DoD highlights, links to other agencies and sections.

U.S. Army:
Links to hundreds of units and official military sites.

U.S. Army Center of Military History:
Books, images, stories, unusual links. Check out the Desert Shield photo gallery.

Army Museums:
Directory of U.S. Army Museums, addresses, hours of operation.

US Army Transportation Center:
Fort Eustis, VA official site; links to transportation museum.

Army Signal Corps Photos:
3500 photos from Library of Virginia Embarkation Series 1942-46. (Very cumbersome to use.)

New Medium Tactical Vehicles:
Specs and photos of new US family of light and medium tactical vehicles.

Defense Reutilization & Marketing Service:
US Government surplus auctions and sales.

PS Magazine (Preventive Maintenance Monthly):
Connie, Bonnie & Sgt Halfmast bring you an article index and sub'n info, and now articles too.

Commercial Sites

Adirondack Dodge Parts (Dodge & Jeep parts)
Antelope Valley Truck & Equipment (MV parts)
Armies of the Past (militaria)
Army Jeep Parts (MB/GPW, M38, M38A1 parts & vehicles)
Army Surplus Warehouse (tons o' stuff)
Beachwood Canvas Works (much more than canvas)
Daryl Bensinger (Jeep, Mighty Mite parts)
Mel Bishop (M1 Garands)
CHQ Software (Current military manuals on CD-ROM, 6 of vehicles)
Coker Tires
Cold War Re-Marketing (Unimogs, Ferrets, Pinzgauers sales & service)
Coleman's Surplus (lots 'o surplus stuff)
Eastern Surplus & Equipment (many MVs for sale)
Fallout Products (Cold War Veteran medals)
Front Line Military Vehicles (hard-to-find vehicle parts)
G.I. Trucks (vehicles)
Richard Greene Equipment (M35 and other large trucks and parts)
Gary Hebding's Half-Tracks (Half-Tracks, Scout Cars, and parts)
Howell Automotive (M880 parts)
HMMWV Parts (Stuff for your Humvee)
IRAC (weapon replicas, firing simulators)
IMA (US & foreign weapons & display guns)
Kooble Kar Works (replica vehicles)
Rick Larsen (stencils & markings)
Lasmer Industries (mod kits, parts, drawings. Supplies DoD & individuals)
Memphis Equipment (6x6 trucks)
Military Antiques (militaria)
Military Media (Manuals on CD-ROM)
Military Vehicle Art Prints by Andrea Milich Smith
Military Vehicle Parts Co. (M-series wiring harnesses)
MV Marketplace (Buy and sell MVs; you can even post your own ad)
MV Spares (MB, GPW repro parts)
Neat Stuff! (high quality MV models)
Old Neat Stuff (MVs bought and sold)
H.A. Parramore Surplus (CUCV parts & other surplus)
Portrayal Press (manuals and books)
Power Wagon Advertiser (monthly magazine about Dodge Power Wagons)
Raybuck Body Parts (Jeep & truck parts)
Russian Motor Books (books about Russian MVs; info for modellers too)
Saturn Surplus (M151, CUCV, M880, generator parts)
Sgt. Gator's Post Exchange (tents, web gear, clothing, surplus)
Sodetrac Holland (Unimog vehicles - can ship worldwide)
Sunflower University Press (military history books)
Surplus Enterprizes (HMMWV parts)
TP Tools (welding, sandblasting, grinders, etc.)
David Uhrig (military vehicle broker)
Vintage Video (videotapes of Jeeps, MVs, much more)
Wallace Wade Tires
Weebee Webbing (canvas tops, straps, tarps)
Willys & Hotchkiss Jeep Parts (vehicles & parts in Germany--German language site)
Joe Young (Buy, Sell, Trade military vehicles)

If you know of a site that you think should be listed here, please e-mail a brief description and the site address to us at MVehicle@aol.com.