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4antenna951995 Jul-AugTwo Stakes in Tandem Help Eliminate Danger Of Falling Antennas
4assault951995 Jul-AugCrisis in Battle: The Conduct of the Assault
4blakely951995 Jul-AugIntroducing ARMOR's New Editor-in-Chief
4books951995 Jul-AugBOOKS
4budget951995 Jul-AugTraining in a Low Budget Environment
4dejavu951995 Jul-AugReverse Deja Vu
4hammervi951995 Jul-AugPART II: Doctrine
4hatch951995 Jul-AugCOMMANDER'S HATCH
4ital951995 Jul-AugLight Armor Units: An Italian Perspective
4koreacmd951995 Jul-AugCompany Command in Korea
4letters951995 Jul-AugLETTERS
4m1a2951995 Jul-AugThe Armor Lieutenant and the M1A2
4museum951995 Jul-AugA Patton Museum Guide Book
4radar951995 Jul-AugProtect the Force
4seat951995 Jul-AugDRIVER'S SEAT
4tkrange951995 Jul-AugTraining on a Tabletop
4uranium951995 Jul-AugDepleted Uranium Without the Rocket Science
6APU941994 Nov-DecAs an Added Benefit, Auxiliary Power Units Reduce Tank Thermal Signature, Tests Show
6FCCS941994 Nov-DecFuture Command and Control Systems
6ResTng941994 Nov-DecResident Training Detachment:
6auftrag941994 Nov-DecAuftragstaktik:
6b-rack941994 Nov-DecNow, Where Do We Put It?
6berlin941994 Nov-DecEast German Plans for the Conquest and Occupation of West Berlin
6books941994 Nov-DecBOOKS
6defile941994 Nov-DecClearing the Defile: A Doctrinal Discussion
6first941994 Nov-DecFirst With The Most
6hatch941994 Nov-DecCOMMANDER'S HATCH
6irony941994 Nov-DecThe Medieval Irony of Modern Battle
6letters941994 Nov-DecThe Real Issue is Wargaming
6miles941994 Nov-DecMILES Warfare with the Yugoslavian M84 Tank and the Russian BMP-2
6omfts941994 Nov-DecThe Army's New Mission -- Backing Up a Marine Amphibious Landing
6ride941994 Nov-DecThe Task Force Staff Ride: Enhancing Professional Development at the Battalion Level
6seat941994 Nov-DecDRIVER'S SEAT
6somalia941994 Nov-DecRunning Checkpoints Was a New Mission for The 10th Mountain Division's 3-17 Cavalry, But Such Missions May Become Common
6target941994 Nov-DecIt's Time to Include Friendly Target Panels in Tank Tables VII and VIII
6welborn941994 Nov-DecColonel Ira C. Welborn, Medal of Honor Recipient and Tank Corps Pioneer, Honored in Memorial Day Ceremony
1AGS951995 Jan-FebTRADOC System Manager For Abrams and the AGS Comments on "Assault Gun Battalion 96"
1armstrong951995 Jan-FebA Routine Mission
1awwg951995 Jan-FebThe Advanced Warfighting Working Group, Exploring the Future
1breachlab951995 Jan-FebArmor Center Breach Laboratory
1chalouba951995 Jan-FebThe Battle of Oom Chalouba 17 June 2008
1digital951995 Jan-FebAchieving Digital Destruction: Challenges for the M1A2 Task Force
1first951995 Jan-FebFirst With The Most
1forrest951995 Jan-FebForrest's Last Raid
1franks951995 Jan-FebArmor Center Announces:
1gunmount951995 Jan-FebTechnicians install a new gun mount within the tight confines of the Abrams turret. Below, crane lowers new mount into place.
1hatch951995 Jan-FebCOMMANDER'S HATCH
1javelin951995 Jan-FebFIRING SEQUENCE BEGINS: Initial propelling charge burns for only a tenth of a second, so there is no backblast. Weapon can be fired from cover, from rooms, and from vehicles. Once the missile is fired, gunners can move to cover, safe from counter-fire.
1letters951995 Jan-FebLETTERS
1nobles951995 Jan-FebLight Armored Cavalry -- The Right Force at the Right Time
1oac951995 Jan-FebTactics Training in Virtual Reality
1resupply951995 Jan-FebAn old idea from "back on the farm...":
1reviews951995 Jan-FebBOOKS
1scouts951995 Jan-FebImaginative lane training hones a scout section's skills in Texas Army National Guard cavalry squadron exercise
1seat951995 Jan-FebDRIVER'S SEAT
1sparks951995 Jan-FebWhy Convert "Enhanced Readiness" Guard Units to the Bradley?
2ACR951995 Mar-AprThe 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment A Force for Peace Enforcement Operations
2NGcav951995 Mar-AprNational Guard Cavalry Squadron Executes on SIMNET
2OPFOR951995 Mar-AprWhy the OPFOR Wins
2PGT951995 Mar-AprThe New Platoon Gunnery Trainer
2R&S951995 Mar-AprEngineers in the R&S Effort
2ammosys951995 Mar-AprAmmunition Loading Systems for Future Tanks
2books951995 Mar-AprBOOKS
2british951995 Mar-Apr"With the British Army Cheering Behind"
2chaffee951995 Mar-Apr"Chaffee's work in the 1930s, including successively expanded maneuvers, in many ways built upon foundations laid earlier in Germany from 1918 until 1926, and, to a lesser extent, in mechanized maneuvers held in England after that time..."
2chechnya951995 Mar-AprCaucasus Nightmare
2first951995 Mar-AprFirst With The Most
2hatch951995 Mar-AprCOMMANDER'S HATCH
2letters951995 Mar-AprLETTERS
2patton951995 Mar-AprPatton Revisited
2seat951995 Mar-AprDRIVER'S SEAT
2smartmunitions951995 Mar-AprGDLS Photo
2thermal951995 Mar-AprThermal Target Reference Points: An Inexpensive Approach
2warford951995 Mar-AprThe Russian T-90/T-90S Tank:
3afvid951995 May-JunThe Armored Fighting Vehicle Identification Trainer
3ags951995 May-JunHow Manpower and Personnel Integration Was Applied to the Armored Gun System
3antal951995 May-JunCommander's Guidance for Battle Command
3books951995 May-JunBOOKS
3dhiv951995 May-JunLessons of Operation DESERT HAMMER VI: Materiel Could Be Improved
3edwards951995 May-JunNTC ROTATION 94-07
3first951995 May-JunFirst With The Most
3fletch951995 May-JunThe Crewing and Configuration of the Future Main Battle Tank
3force21-951995 May-JunTraining in the 21st Century -- The Force XXI Training Program
3forks951995 May-JunThe Battle of Five Forks
3hatch951995 May-JunCOMMANDER'S HATCH
3letters951995 May-JunLETTERS
3river951995 May-JunRiver Crossings
3seat951995 May-JunDRIVER'S SEAT
3zero951995 May-JunZeroing In
6axiajet951995 Nov-DecKnow Your Combat Jets
6bmp3-951995 Nov-DecA Hands-On Evaluation of the BMP-3
6bncoc951995 Nov-DecMaintenance Training at BNCOC
6books951995 Nov-DecBOOKS
6chassis951995 Nov-DecThe Common Chassis Revisited:
6dufbag951995 Nov-DecA Better Way to Store Your "Stuff"
6gunnery951995 Nov-DecThe Need for Long-Range Gunnery
6haiti951995 Nov-DecA REPORT FROM HAITI:
6hatch951995 Nov-DecCOMMANDER'S HATCH
6letters951995 Nov-DecLETTERS
6mghist951995 Nov-DecMaster Gunners -- 20 Years Later
6miles951995 Nov-DecIgnorance about the MILES system Denies many good crews The reward of a kill...
6patton951995 Nov-DecPatton had planned to hunt on the day of his accident. He is seen here hunting birds with then-Brigadier General Robert Grow.
6rifles951995 Nov-DecImproving Light Force Firepower With HMMWV-Mounted Recoilless Rifles
6scoring951995 Nov-DecIs It Time to Change Our Scoring System?
6seat951995 Nov-DecDRIVER'S SEAT
6somme951995 Nov-DecThe Premature Debut:
6standto951995 Nov-DecStand To
6warford951995 Nov-DecCold War Armor After Chechnya:
1agsauto961996 Jan-FebThe Armored Gun System (AGS) Autoloader
1auftrag961996 Jan-FebForce XXI and the Death of Auftragstaktik
1books961996 Jan-FebBOOKS
1cavhat961996 Jan-FebThe Cav Hat
1cheval961996 Jan-FebA Cheval
1eshel961996 Jan-FebTrends in Israeli Tank Development
1essay961996 Jan-FebBOOK ESSAY
1fishtks961996 Jan-FebFishtanks or Kangaroos?
1hatch961996 Jan-FebCOMMANDER'S HATCH
1hhcxo961996 Jan-FebThe HHC XO
1letters961996 Jan-FebLETTERS
1nomex961996 Jan-FebIt's Dangerous to Wear Synthetic Fiber Underwear Under a NOMEX Suit
1ntc961996 Jan-FebRegenerating Combat Power at the National Training Center
1ootw961996 Jan-FebA U.S. soldier on patrol in Grenada encounters one of those unique situations typical of low-intensity conflict.
1pryor961996 Jan-FebM1A2s, Smart Ammunition, And Time and Space Theory
1s4sect961996 Jan-FebBattle-Focused Training in the S4 Section
1seat961996 Jan-FebDRIVER'S SEAT
1standto961996 Jan-FebStand To
1tfint961996 Jan-FebTask Force Initiatives
1xturret961996 Jan-FebTHE EXTERNAL GUN TURRET: "Often a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride"
2arctic961996 Mar-AprScouting
2arvn961996 Mar-AprFighting to the Finish
2books961996 Mar-AprBOOKS
2fieldcp961996 Mar-AprThe Field Trains Command Post -- Organizing For Success
2guard961996 Mar-AprThe Guard Unit Armory Device Full Crew Interactive Simulation Trainer (GUARDFIST-1)
2hatch961996 Mar-AprCOMMANDER'S HATCH
2letters961996 Mar-AprLETTERS
2m3fist961996 Mar-AprA Temporary Solution to an Ongoing Problem:
2museum961996 Mar-AprPatton Museum Courts a New Generation
2navy961996 Mar-AprThe Fort Knox "LST Building," at left, was built to test methods of ventilating the ships that would carry tanks and trucks ashore in the Sicily invasion. The model below, from the Patton Museum collection, is an LST, the ship on which the building was based.
2saudi961996 Mar-AprThe Saudi Arabian National Guard Motorized Brigades
2seat961996 Mar-AprDRIVER'S SEAT
2solar961996 Mar-AprIntroducing the Solargizer: Solar Technology for Lead-Acid Batteries
2standto961996 Mar-AprStand To
2terrain961996 Mar-AprThe Three to Six Second Advantage: Tank Combat in Restricted Terrain
2tmchnge961996 Mar-AprDeaths of Three Drivers in Six Months Spurs Change In TM, and a Search For Answers From Field
3ammoxxi961996 May-JunTraining Ammunition for Force XXI
3bkfeat961996 May-JunBOOK ESSAY
3books961996 May-JunBOOKS
3bosnia961996 May-JunBOSNIA REPORT
3c194th961996 May-JunCompany C, 194th Tank Bn in the Philippines, 1941-42
3cvc961996 May-JunA Thicker Ballistic Shell For Combat Vehicle Crewman's Helmet
3enemy961996 May-JunManeuvering The Enemy
3hatch961996 May-JunCOMMANDER'S HATCH
3letters961996 May-JunLETTERS
3m1a2fut961996 May-JunThe M1A2: Current and Future Program Plans
3malaya961996 May-JunA Study In Armored Exploitation
3mortar961996 May-JunTactical Employment Of the Heavy Mortar Platoon
3saudinet961996 May-JunM1A2 Update:
3seat961996 May-JunDRIVER'S SEAT
3skirm961996 May-JunBACK TO THE FUTURE:
3standto961996 May-JunStand To
3thermal961996 May-JunSoftware Review
4-3acr961996 Jul-AugThe 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment's Tactical Command Post:
4agds961996 Jul-AugForward Area Air-Ground Defense
4analyst961996 Jul-AugIn the Eyes of This Analyst
4bookessay961996 Jul-AugBOOK ESSAY
4cmdpost961996 Jul-AugCompany/Team Command Post: The Missing Link
4cotrain961996 Jul-AugTeam 2-70 Armor executes a LOGPAC during training at Hohenfels.
4cst961996 Jul-AugThe Crew Station Trainer (CST)
4hatch961996 Jul-AugCOMMANDER'S HATCH
4leader961996 Jul-AugLEADERSHIP
4letters961996 Jul-AugLETTERS
4recon961996 Jul-AugReconnaissance in the Offense
4reviews961996 Jul-AugBOOKS
4seat961996 Jul-AugDRIVER'S SEAT
4shermans961996 Jul-AugBOOK EXCERPT: Commanding the Red Army's Sherman Tanks
4standto961996 Jul-AugStand To
4tfscout961996 Jul-AugTraining the Task Force Scout Platoon
4wheeled961996 Jul-AugBALKAN REPORT II
6books961996 Nov-DecBOOKS
6cambrai961996 Nov-DecThe British Tank Detachment at
6ctrecon961996 Nov-DecCounterreconnaissance
6fletch961996 Nov-DecFrom the External Gun To the Hybrid Tank
6guard961996 Nov-DecResearch Pays Off For the Guard:
6hatch961996 Nov-DecCOMMANDER'S HATCH
6jlf961996 Nov-DecProof Positive
6lastm1961996 Nov-DecLast Original M1s Retired from Active Duty
6letters961996 Nov-DecLETTERS
6lima961996 Nov-DecBuilding Tanks at Lima
6minerec961996 Nov-DecNew Training Aids Help Soldiers Recognize Dangerous Ordnance
6mineroller961996 Nov-DecEnhanced Mine Detection For Limited Visibility Operations
6ntc961996 Nov-DecHeavy-Light Operations At the National Training Center
6seat961996 Nov-DecDRIVER'S SEAT
6smartm1961996 Nov-DecPART II - THE OFFENSE
6standto961996 Nov-DecStand To
6twgss961996 Nov-DecTWGSS/PGS:
4admproc1997 Jul-AugTechniques to Shorten The Decision-Making Process At the Task Force Level
4books971997 Jul-AugBOOKS
1atb971997 Jan-FebFielding the Armor Force of Tomorrow:
1books971997 Jan-FebBOOKS
1boudinot971997 Jan-FebA Sheridan Memoir: The Early Days
1hatch971997 Jan-FebCOMMANDER'S HATCH
1heater971997 Jan-FebMounted Water Ration Heater on the Way For Tanks, Bradleys, M113s, and Howitzers
1hofmann971997 Jan-FebCombatant Arms vs. Combined Arms
1japan971997 Jan-FebJapanese Armored Vehicle Development
1killers971997 Jan-FebMAKING KILLERS
1letters971997 Jan-FebLETTERS
1mantng971997 Jan-FebTraining For Maneuver
1peaceop971997 Jan-FebBALKAN REPORT
1rif971997 Jan-FebTank Warfare During the Rif Rebellion
1seat971997 Jan-FebDRIVER'S SEAT
1standto971997 Jan-FebStand To
1tacops971997 Jan-FebSOFTWARE REVIEW: TACOPS
1talik971997 Jan-FebTALIK: Steel Division-Six
1xm8971997 Jan-FebToo Late the XM8:
2blitz971997 Mar-AprToward a New Institutional Culture
2books971997 Mar-AprBOOKS
2british971997 Mar-AprBritish Tradition vs. German Innovation:
2bushbar971997 Mar-AprBUSH BAR:
2cavbrnh971997 Mar-AprCavalry Branch Update
2eaprim971997 Mar-AprAn Engagement Area Primer
2gagetwn971997 Mar-AprCanada's combined arms share this impressive building at the Gagetown Combat Training Center.
2hatch971997 Mar-AprCOMMANDER'S HATCH
2leclerc971997 Mar-AprLeclerc
2letters971997 Mar-AprLETTERS
2maniac971997 Mar-AprPatton, seen at left as a pioneer in the U.S. Army's fledgling tank force during World War I, did not see horses versus tanks as an either-or proposition until the German Blitzkrieg in 1939. At right, Patton as a LTC at Fort Myer, Va., in 1934.
2mindstate971997 Mar-AprIt's a State of Mind
2minetrk971997 Mar-AprMine Resistant Tracks
2race971997 Mar-AprThe Race
2rivers971997 Mar-Apr-- SSG Charles King
2seat971997 Mar-AprDRIVER'S SEAT
2term971997 Mar-AprTERM
2web1atb971997 Mar-Apr19K One Station Unit Training Information On-line for All Armor Personnel
3arconf971997 May-JunTHE 1997 ARMOR CONFERENCE
3books971997 May-JunBOOKS
3draper971997 May-JunHave You Seen Me?
3faria971997 May-JunTask Force Reserve Operations In Restricted Terrain
3forest971997 May-JunForest or Trees, Principles or Process?
3hatch971997 May-JunCOMMANDER'S HATCH
3hvybde971997 May-JunThe Heavy Brigade in Restricted Terrain
3kuwait971997 May-JunLeave Kuwait Training to the Units There
3letters971997 May-JunLETTERS
3modern971997 May-JunCourtesy U.S. Armor Association
3seat971997 May-JunCSM Ronnie W. Davis, Command Sergeant Major, U.S. Army Armor Center
3sheridanmems971997 May-JunMore Sheridan Memoirs
3standto971997 May-JunStand To
3tablexii971997 May-JunLight Cavalry Table XII
3tankxo971997 May-JunThe Tank XO... 2IC OR TOC-IC?
3tdg971997 May-JunThe Tactical Decision Game (TDG):
3tdgsol971997 May-JunTDGs: Suggested Solutions
3thunder971997 May-JunBALKAN REPORT
3tkplant971997 May-JunYou Want to Shut Down The Tank Plant !?
3tkprod971997 May-JunToo Late for the War:
3vietnam971997 May-JunVietnam: Tanker's War?
4fcs971997 Jul-AugThe Future Combat System (FCS)
4franks1997 Jul-Aug1997 Franks Award Winner Recognized at Armor Conference
4hatch971997 Jul-AugCOMMANDER'S HATCH
4idf971997 Jul-AugArmored Anti-Guerrilla Combat In South Lebanon
4ital971997 Jul-AugThe Italian Army Moves Toward the XXI Century
4lastmbt1997 Jul-AugThe M1A2 Abrams: The Last Main Battle Tank?
4lets971997 Jul-AugLETTERS
4links971997 Jul-AugDoctrine Division Recommended Internet Links
4mccb1997 Jul-AugThe Mounted Close Combat Battalion
4pacific1997 Jul-AugIn Close Country:
4reason1997 Jul-AugThe Reason "Why" We Will Win
4seat971997 Jul-AugDRIVER'S SEAT
4soldier1997 Jul-AugA Great Soldier Remembered
4stand971997 Jul-AugStand To
4tfops971997 Jul-Aug"...Team play wins."
1acr2d971997 Jan-FebWhither the 2d Cavalry?
6-108th971997 Nov-Dec48th Separate Infantry Brigade - Ga. ARNG
6-116cav971997 Nov-DecMine plow-equipped M1A1 rolls down the lane at Gowen Field.
6-11ACR971997 Nov-Dec11th Armored Cavalry Regiment (BLACKHORSE) 1997
6-16cav971997 Nov-Dec16TH CAVALRY REGIMENT
6-31AR971997 Nov-Dec31st Separate Armored Bde.
6-3ACR971997 Nov-DecReports from
6-49AD971997 Nov-Dec49th ARMORED DIVISION
6JRTC971997 Nov-DecTanks and Bradleys from the 3d ACR's C Troop teamed up with 101st Airborne "lightfighters" in a recent JRTC rotation.
6LAV971997 Nov-DecNew LAV Variant for Light Forces
6LionsDen971997 Nov-Dec1st ARMORED DIV. - 2-68 Armor
6NVARNG971997 Nov-DecReports from the Field:
6armsch971997 Nov-DecReports from
6books971997 Nov-DecBooks
6hatch971997 Nov-DecMG George H. Harmeyer Commanding General U.S. Army Armor Center
6hertling971997 Nov-DecReport from Armor Branch
6letters971997 Nov-DecAudacious Exploitation: We've Done It Before
6museum3ACR971997 Nov-DecMuseum Commemorates 150-Year History Of the 3rd ACR
6ripley971997 Nov-DecAn M1A1 Abrams fires at the Miller Complex range.
6seat971997 Nov-DecCSM David L. Lady, Command Sergeant Major, U.S. Army Armor Center
6standto971997 Nov-DecStand To
6things971997 Nov-DecThree Things I Learned in the Army
1baee971998 Jan-FebNew Armored Vehicles Debut At British Equipment Exhibition
1books981998 Jan-FebBOOKS Were The Odds Really Even?
1breach1998 Jan-FebPoints of Attack: Lessons From the Breach
1croley1998 Jan-FebTACTICAL VIGNETTE 98-1
1culture1998 Jan-FebWithout the Proper Culture:
1fuelcap1998 Jan-FebBladders Carry Extra Fuel for the M1
1hatch981998 Jan-FebCOMMANDER'S HATCH
1helfire1998 Jan-FebHELLFIRE
1idsys1998 Jan-FebThe Battlefield Combat Identification System:
1lets981998 Jan-FebLETTERS
1m1a2one1998 Jan-FebM1A2: One Year Later
1prevou1998 Jan-FebEd. Note: The following reaction was written after the riots surrounding late '97's elections in Bosnia suggested another viewpoint.
1seaman1998 Jan-FebTraining Smart With Resources Available
1seat981998 Jan-FebDRIVER'S SEAT
1shock981998 Jan-FebSHOCK
1stand981998 Jan-FebStand To
1tvsol97-11998 Jan-FebTHE PROBLEM:
1uphmmwv1998 Jan-FebUp-Armored HMMWVs:
2austria981998 Mar-AprThe Modernization of Austria's Mechanized Forces
2azimuth981998 Mar-AprAn Azimuth Indicator for Tank Gunners?
2baggott1998 Mar-AprFROM THE NTC:
2benson981998 Mar-AprArmor's Role in the Future Combined Arms Team
2brown981998 Mar-AprKILL OPFOR: The 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment at the NTC
2globcav1998 Mar-AprGlobal Cavalry
2hatch981998 Mar-AprCOMMANDER'S HATCH
2kozda981998 Mar-AprTACTICAL VIGNETTE 98-2
2letters981998 Mar-AprLETTERS
2m577981998 Mar-AprA Unit Tries to Improve The Venerable 577 for Better Commo, Battle Tracking, And Mission Support
2mcmurry1998 Mar-AprNational Training Center on Wheels
2randazzo1998 Mar-AprFROM THE NTC:
2remagen1998 Mar-AprTASK FORCE REMAGEN:
2reviews981998 Mar-AprREVIEWS
2seat981998 Mar-AprDRIVER'S SEAT
2simtng981998 Mar-AprSimulations And Training:
2slater981998 Mar-AprPress the Attack:
2spain20001998 Mar-AprSpain's Armor Force Modernizes
2sparks981998 Mar-AprA Crisis of Confidence in Armor?
2standto981998 Mar-AprStand To
2tvsol97-21998 Mar-AprTHE PROBLEM:
2wheels981998 Mar-AprThe Wheel Versus Track Dilemma
3TV98-31998 May-JunTACTICAL VIGNETTE 98-3
3anderson1998 May-JunCommander's Intent -- Theory and Practice
3antal981998 May-JunIt's Not the Speed Of the Computer That Counts!
3aps981998 May-JunElements of the Arena Active Protection System include ring of explosive panels at lower margin of turret ring and radar on turret roof.
3arjun981998 May-Jun"Arjun," India's Mythical Warrior, Is Nearing Reality
3boscav1998 May-JunA Cavalry Experience In Bosnia
3cowboys981998 May-JunSAVING THE LIPPIZANERS
3cowpen981998 May-JunFrom Cowpens to the California Desert:
3dragoes1998 May-JunDragoes link up with a helicopter for supply and liaison on a long mission.
3hatch981998 May-JunCOMMANDER'S HATCH
3kuamoo1998 May-JunWhat Makes Our 120mm Tank Ammo The Best on the Battlefield?
3leo21998 May-JunGermany's Big Guns
3letters981998 May-JunLETTERS
3m240kit1998 May-JunIntroducing the M240 Dismount Kit
3reaper1998 May-JunThe Grim Reaper
3reviews981998 May-JunREVIEWS
3rhino1998 May-JunUpdating India's T-72 MBT Fleet
3seat981998 May-JunDRIVER'S SEAT
3standto981998 May-JunStand To
3sunell981998 May-JunThe Principles of the Employment of Armor
3trends11998 May-JunPART I: The Birth of Mounted Warfare in the United States Army
3tvsol98-11998 May-JunSolutions to Tactical Vignette 98-1: "Screen at Croley Lake"
4trends21998 May-JunTrends in Mounted Warfare: Part II
4TV98-41998 Jul-AugTACTICAL VIGNETTE 98-4
4aansim981998 Jul-AugSomeday Soon, Your COFT May Be Built Into Your Tank
4bike981998 Jul-AugAn All-Wheeled Scout Option?
4books981998 Jul-AugREVIEWS
4cameron981998 Jul-AugAmerican Tank Development During the Cold War
4connor981998 Jul-AugThrough a Glass Darkly:
4dacapo1998 Jul-AugDA CAPO BOOKS:
4geibel981998 Jul-AugThe T-80UK Command Tank
4hatch981998 Jul-AugCOMMANDER'S HATCH The New Heavy Division
4jrtc981998 Jul-AugLight/Heavy Integration At the Joint Readiness Training Center
4letters981998 Jul-AugLETTERS
4medic981998 Jul-AugCombat Medic Allocation:
4mobile981998 Jul-AugMobile Pre-Positioning
4sayonara981998 Jul-AugTHE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE
4seat981998 Jul-AugDRIVER'S SEAT
4sewell981998 Jul-AugT-72...T-64...T-80??
4sol98-21998 Jul-AugSOLUTIONS - Tactical Vignette 98-2
4spur981998 Jul-AugIs Our Spur Program Identifying Excellence?
4standto981998 Jul-AugStand To
4trends21998 Jul-AugTrends in Mounted Warfare: Part II
6-11acr981998 Nov-DecThe 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment: NTC's "Home Team" Battles with the Best
6-4ID981998 Nov-DecForce XXII Experimentation Dominates CY 98 Review
6aesch981998 Nov-DecPARK 'EM
6bataan981998 Nov-DecRemember the Road to Bataan:
6berk981998 Nov-DecA high operational tempo, and frequent personnel turnover... While in the background, a real threat looms
6blake981998 Nov-DecLeaders Conducting After-Action Reviews Often Deliver Substandard Feedback
6cameron981998 Nov-DecPushing the Envelope of Battlefield Superiority:
6carmony981998 Nov-Dec37th Armored Brigade
6gold981998 Nov-DecNYARNG's 42nd Infantry "Rainbow" Division
6hatch981998 Nov-DecCOMMANDER'S HATCH
6iarng981998 Nov-DecRegular Army Officer Commanding Iowa Army National Guard Cavalry Squadron
6jcas981998 Nov-DecJoint Services Team To Test and Evaluate Close Air Support at the NTC
6jones981998 Nov-DecLong Range Scout Surveillance System (LRAS3)
6ltrs981998 Nov-DecLETTERS
6seat981998 Nov-DecDRIVER'S SEAT
6sol981998 Nov-DecSOLUTIONS -- Tactical Vignette 98-4
6standto981998 Nov-DecStand To
6stanton981998 Nov-DecAn NTC For the Next Century
6stephen981998 Nov-DecAirborne Ground Cavalry
6tvig981998 Nov-DecTACTICAL VIGNETTE 98-6
6usareur981998 Nov-Dec1st INFANTRY DIVISION -- 1-63 ARMOR
6year981998 Nov-Dec1st Battalion, 37th Armored Regiment - "BANDITS"
1agts991999 Jan-FebAGTS Deploys With "First Team" To Bosnia!
1dulin991999 Jan-FebBEAMHIT: This Marksmanship Training System Uses Lasers and Can Go Anywhere
1erd991999 Jan-FebThrough the Breach:
1fscs991999 Jan-FebThe Future Scout And Cavalry System - (FSCS)
1gunz991999 Jan-FebThe Digital Reference
1hatch991999 Jan-FebCOMMANDER'S HATCH
1horn991999 Jan-FebProblems Persist, But Continuous Band Track Shows Promise in Light Armor Applications
1huie991999 Jan-FebTeam Blade and Survivability Management
1kenn991999 Jan-FebAchieving Effective AC/RC Relations: An NTC Model for Success
1ltrs991999 Jan-FebLETTERS
1new991999 Jan-FebNew Electronic Information Systems Open a Virtual Library On-Line
1ocoa991999 Jan-FebCadet Troop Leader Training
1review991999 Jan-FebREVIEWS
1reviewadd991999 Jan-FebREVIEWS
1safwan991999 Jan-FebIncident at Safwan
1seat991999 Jan-FebDRIVER'S SEAT
1sher991999 Jan-FebAn early Bradley maneuvers at the National Training Center.
1standto991999 Jan-FebStand To
1tan991999 Jan-FebIs the Bradley Heavy Enough to Replace The M113 in Combat Engineer Units?
1tv991999 Jan-FebTACTICAL VIGNETTE 99-1
1werth991999 Jan-FebM1A2 NET Team Combines Military and Civilians In a First for the Army
2bate991999 Mar-AprLife After Operational Maneuver
2book991999 Mar-AprREVIEW
2candil991999 Mar-AprSoviet Armor in Spain:
2card991999 Mar-AprTips for Tankers
2daley991999 Mar-AprAn Experiment Reconsidered:
2dean991999 Mar-AprThe ACAV Bosnia
2hag991999 Mar-AprHow the Guard Could Cut Costs on Table VIII Without Really Trying
2half991999 Mar-AprHalf Full....Or Half Empty?
2hatch991999 Mar-AprCOMMANDER'S HATCH
2kirk991999 Mar-AprControlling Armor's Destiny
2ltrs991999 Mar-AprSafety Interlock Developed For the M1A1 Driver's Hatch
2saddleup991999 Mar-Apr"Saddle up . . . Tonight we ride!"
2seat991999 Mar-AprDRIVER'S SEAT
2tv991999 Mar-AprTACTICAL VIGNETTE 99-2
2tvsol991999 Mar-AprSOLUTIONS -- Tactical Vignette 98-6
2verhey991999 Mar-AprWeapon Storage Site Inspections
2ward991999 Mar-AprTEAM RECON:
2west991999 Mar-AprWill the New Brigade Reconnaissance Troop Be Adequately Protected?
3bolte991999 May-JunA New Cavalry Research Facility
3clegg991999 May-JunTraining in a Multi-Intensity Environment
3daley991999 May-JunSoviet and German Advisors Put Doctrine to the Test:
3geibel991999 May-JunThe Final Score: Russian Armor Losses in Chechnya Reflect Lethality of an Urban Fight
3groz991999 May-JunThe Battle of Grozny
3halon991999 May-JunAbrams TSM: Halon Extinguishers Are Not a Health Hazard
3hard991999 May-JunSome Lessons Learned To Avoid Fatal Accidents
3hatch991999 May-JunCOMMANDER'S HATCH
3hmmwv991999 May-JunThe HMMWV Storage Rack
3jensen991999 May-JunAn Independent Tank Battalion in World War II: How It Was Used......And Sometimes Misused
3ltrs991999 May-JunLETTERS
3morin991999 May-JunExciting New "Tools" Available for Tankers, Infantrymen and Combat Engineers
3pat991999 May-JunPatton Museum Turns Fifty
3reese991999 May-JunTask Force Battle Drills
3rev2991999 May-JunREVIEWS
3review991999 May-JunREVIEWS
3robel991999 May-JunThree- or Four-Company Battalions?
3roper991999 May-JunTurning Civilians into Tankers
3rosen991999 May-JunReaching Our Army's Full Combat Potential In the 21st Century
3saddleup991999 May-JunSaddle Up... Tonight We Ride
3seat991999 May-JunDRIVER'S SEAT
3tale991999 May-JunArmor Evens the Odds in Two Urban Battles
3tv991999 May-JunTACTICAL VIGNETTE 99-3
3tvsol991999 May-JunSOLUTION -- Tactical Vignette 99-1
3yugo991999 May-JunYugoslavian Armor Fleet Is a Mix of New and (Some Very) Old
4brennan991999 Jul-AugGROWING PAINS:
4call991999 Jul-AugAn Integrated OPORD Technique
4clem991999 Jul-AugThe Leopard 2A6 has a longer gun tube and new ammo.
4college991999 Jul-AugBOSNIA REPORT Swedish Mechanics Help U.S. Troops Maintain SUSV All-terrain Vehicles
4crist991999 Jul-AugThe Case for an Airmobile, Amphibious Scout Vehicle
4draper991999 Jul-AugDraper Essay Contest Offers $4,000 Top Prize
4dutch991999 Jul-AugDutch and Germans Agree to Build "Fennek" Light Reconnaissance Vehicle
4hatch991999 Jul-AugCOMMANDER'S HATCH
4hender991999 Jul-AugTraining Basecamp Security Operations
4kirk991999 Jul-Aug"Destiny": Readers Respond
4ltrs991999 Jul-AugLETTERS
4miller991999 Jul-AugResearch, Plan, Vision
4patton991999 Jul-AugREVIEWS
4rear991999 Jul-AugDeveloping Cavalry Reconnaissance Doctrine for the Next Century
4review991999 Jul-AugManeuver and Firepower: The Evolution of Divisions and Separate Brigades by John B. Wilson, Center of Military History, United States Army, Washington, D.C., 1998. 469 pages. $36.00, hardcover.
4saddle991999 Jul-AugSaddle Up... Tonight We Ride
4seat991999 Jul-AugDRIVER'S SEAT
4thacker991999 Jul-AugScout Vehicle Designs Must Allow for Easy Dismount
4tolson991999 Jul-AugDesigning the Future Scout/Cavalry System
4tvsol991999 Jul-AugSOLUTIONS -- Tactical Vignette 99-2
4warford991999 Jul-AugSoviet-Russian Tank Turret Armor: The Cold War Shell-Game
4williams991999 Jul-AugThe Battalion Scout Troop:
4wilson991999 Jul-AugOrganizing the First Armored Divisions
4wong991999 Jul-AugFor the Range NCOIC, A Skidgel Hall Curriculum Is Not a Requirement
6casey991999 Nov-DecUrban Combat in World War II
6clark991999 Nov-DecA Lieutenant's Plea to Company Commanders
6crist991999 Nov-DecDesigning the Future Infantry Vehicle
6dir991999 Nov-DecDirector of the School of Advanced Military Studies Responds to "Move It On Over"
6gulf991999 Nov-DecDoD Seeks Gulf War Field Sanitation Teams' Observations
6hatch991999 Nov-DecCOMMANDER'S HATCH
6kirk991999 Nov-DecUncle Sam Wants YOU to...
6ltrs991999 Nov-DecLETTERS
6mission991999 Nov-DecEditor's Note:
6movie991999 Nov-DecArmor Movie Classics:
6norton991999 Nov-DecCECIL'S RIDE
6pierre991999 Nov-DecThe Urban Field Trains
6reese991999 Nov-DecHQ 33 from A/1-77 Armor guards a Serb church in Klokot, Kosovo province.
6review991999 Nov-DecREVIEWS
6saddle991999 Nov-DecSaddle Up... Tonight We Ride
6seat991999 Nov-DecDRIVER'S SEAT
6sep991999 Nov-DecNew Sight Incorporated in M1A2 (SEP) Tanks Improves Lethality...and Survivability
6zumbro991999 Nov-DecLighten Up, Guys
1bmp002000 Jan-FebA color version of this poster appears on the Threat Branch website at:
1brown002000 Jan-FebLight Armored Vehicles Predominate at British Show
1hatch002000 Jan-FebCOMMANDER'S HATCH
1ltrs002000 Jan-FebLETTERS
1miles002000 Jan-FebArmor Takes Flight
1nelson002000 Jan-FebThe "CANAM Shoot," 1999
1poin002000 Jan-FebThe Anonymous Battle
1randt002000 Jan-FebTwo WWII Tank Destroyers Saved from the Balkan Wars Are Returning to U.S. Museums
1review002000 Jan-FebBradley: Another Quality Addition To Hunnicutt Series on American Armor
1saddle002000 Jan-FebSaddle Up... Tonight We Ride
1seat002000 Jan-FebDRIVER'S SEAT
1sheridan002000 Jan-FebFifty Years in Patton's Shadow
1starnes002000 Jan-FebThe Multicapable Maintainer: A Vital Combat Enabler
1tiger002000 Jan-FebTIGERCOMP IV
1tv002000 Jan-FebTACTICAL VIGNETTE 00-01
1tvsol002000 Jan-FebSolution -- Tactical Vignette 99-04
1web002000 Jan-FebAutomated Training Development and Management Resources
1wright002000 Jan-FebAddressing the Need For More Effective Battle Drill Execution
2-745tkbn002000 Mar-AprFinal Reunion:
2abramsfires002000 Mar-AprAbrams Fire Prevention Booklet Will Again Be Available
2cargolift002000 Mar-AprKeeping Our Options Open: Another Possibility for Heavy Force Deployments
2divtkproof002000 Mar-AprTDG3 SUBJECT: Division Proofing Team Training Outline
2hatch002000 Mar-AprMajor General B. B. Bell Commanding General U.S. Army Armor Center
2kasales002000 Mar-AprReconnaissance and Security Forces in the New Heavy Division Structure
2letters002000 Mar-AprIn Search for "Lightness," Don't Forget Past Lessons Learned
2morales002000 Mar-AprTranslating Peacekeeping into Combat Readiness
2movieletters002000 Mar-AprArmor Movie Classics:
2mrbchecklist002000 Mar-Apr4TH MRB DEFENSIVE CHECKLIST TASK
2napa002000 Mar-AprDOD Signs Corporate Contract With NAPA Auto Parts
2nbforrest002000 Mar-AprNathan Bedford Forrest:
2peaceops002000 Mar-AprIntegrating "Doctrinal" Support Into Peacekeeping Operations:
2ppdknox002000 Mar-AprThe GDLS Pandur fires at Baum Range. This vehicle has been fielded by Spain, Belgium, Kuwait, Slovenia and Austria.
2regsystem002000 Mar-AprIt's Time for a True Regimental System
2reviews002000 Mar-AprOpening of Russian Archives Enriches New Book on Kursk Battle
2saddleup002000 Mar-AprSaddle Up... Tonight We Ride
2seat002000 Mar-AprSome Final Words on Soldiers, Opportunities, and Teamwork
2securityzone002000 Mar-AprOPFOR Key Tasks in Security Zone Operations At the National Training Center (NTC)
2tkproof002000 Mar-AprTank Proofing Teams: Key to a Successful Gunnery
2tkproofcerttest002000 Mar-AprPROOFING TEAM CERTIFICATION TEST
2usmcarmor002000 Mar-AprBuilding a New Armor Force for the Marine Corps:
2young002000 Mar-AprA Company/Team Guard Mission Technique
3-6adreunion002000 May-JunTaps for an Armored Division
3airsystem002000 May-JunThis Canvas Cover Can Keep Your Air Induction System Dry
3braverifle002000 May-JunThe Day I Became a Brave Rifle
3chinese98mbt002000 May-JunThe Chinese Type 98 Main Battle Tank:
3diggingin002000 May-Jun"Digging In"
3hatch002000 May-JunThe Armor Center's Proponency Includes Three Vehicles For the New Interim Brigades
3kolenda002000 May-JunEditor's Note: This essay won the top prize in the Draper Essay Contest, sponsored by the Draper Armor Leadership Award Fund to mark the 75th anniversary of the program. Contestants were asked to write on the subject: "Leadership in the XXI Century -- Digital Age." The second- and thirdplace entries will be published in future editions of ARMOR.
3letters002000 May-JunAn Outsider's Look At Armor's Situation
3merkava002000 May-JunThe Merkava Mk.3 Defies Its Critics
3mout002000 May-JunFacing Up to the Urban Fight
3perez002000 May-JunDismounted Training for the Company Team
3reviews002000 May-JunDigital War: A View From the Front Lines edited by Robert Bateman III, Presidio Press, Novato, Calif., 1999; $29.95.
3saddleup002000 May-JunSaddle Up... Tonight We Ride
3seat002000 May-JunA New Armor Center CSM Checks Into the Net
3starry002000 May-JunVigilant Warrior:
3suoitre002000 May-JunThe Battle of Suoi Tre:
3tvsol002000 May-JunSolution -- Tactical Vignette 00-01 Ragin' Cajun Time
3virtualtng002000 May-JunVirtual Simulations Training
4ags002000 Jul-AugUnited Defense Photos
4cmdinvmemos002000 Jul-AugAETV-BG-SC-D-D
4coffman002000 Jul-AugThe Hidden Risks of High-Intensity, Multiechelon Battle-Focused Lane Training
4dureprint002000 Jul-AugDEPLETED URANIUM
4efflandt002000 Jul-AugEditor's Note: This essay won the second prize in the Draper Essay Contest, sponsored by the Draper Armor Leadership Award Fund to mark the 75th anniversary of the program. Contestants were asked to write on the subject: "Leadership in the XXI Century -- Digital Age."
4hatch002000 Jul-AugMajor General B. B. Bell Commanding General U.S. Army Armor Center
4inventory002000 Jul-AugChange of Command Inventory 101
4lebanon002000 Jul-AugMOUT and the 1982 Lebanon Campaign: The Israeli Approach
4letters002000 Jul-AugThe May-June 2000 issue marked a new milestone for ARMOR with the first electronic submission of the magazine to our contract printer. Of course, as some of you may have noticed, it was not a totally smooth transition. Because of a font compatibility issue between our equipment and the printer's, we had a problem with some of our quotation marks and long dashes. We apologize for any inconvenience to our authors and readers. -- Ed.
4mastergunner002000 Jul-Aug1975-2000: 25 Years of Master Gunner Training
4mentoring002000 Jul-AugTips on Mentoring a CTLT Cadet
4preston002000 Jul-AugUniform Discipline: A Good Indicator Of a Unit's Deeper Problems?
4reviews002000 Jul-AugA Critique of the Emperor's Wardrobe
4rites002000 Jul-AugA Rite of Passage
4saddleup002000 Jul-AugSaddle Up... Tonight We Ride
4scholes002000 Jul-AugThe United States Army, National Guard, and Reserves: Can the One-Team Concept Mean One "Equal" Team?
4septanks002000 Jul-AugNew M1A2 SEP Tanks Are Fielded At 3-67 Armor, Fort Hood
4shipout49th002000 Jul-AugENROUTE TO THE BALKANS
4sosnicky002000 Jul-AugWhat to Make of National Guard Tankers?
4womack002000 Jul-AugContingency Contracting -- A Commander's Logistics Force Multiplier
4woundedknee002000 Jul-AugANOTHER LOOK AT HISTORY
4zussman002000 Jul-AugARMOR CONFERENCE 2000
6aachen002000 Nov-DecTHE BATTLE OF AACHEN
6abramsupdate002000 Nov-DecAbrams Update: Vital and Improving
6brtsplatoon002000 Nov-DecBuilding on Force XXI Task Force And Brigade Recon Troop Scout Platoons
6canister002000 Nov-DecWorld's Largest Shotgun?
6centauro002000 Nov-DecTRACKS, WHEELS AND WINGS
6convoy002000 Nov-DecCONVOY LIVE FIRE:
6email002000 Nov-DecE-Mail Rules of Engagement: A Modest Proposal
6eurosatory002000 Nov-DecWith the Russians waiting out this arms show for their own, in Russia later in the year, the emphasis was not on tanks, although the U.S., the Germans, and the French showed their best. The U.S. M1A2 SEP, above, was there, as was the German Leo IIA6, upper right, and the new French MBT, the Leclerc, at right.
6geibel002000 Nov-DecRussian Army Route Reconnaissance: Key to Defeating the Chechen Ambush
6grant002000 Nov-DecNew Harmon Print Meets British Request
6harrel002000 Nov-DecTHE MOUNTED TRAINING STRATEGY: Baseline Training for the Armor Force
6hatch002000 Nov-DecMajor General B. B. Bell Commanding General U.S. Army Armor Center
6letters002000 Nov-DecReserves Not All As Rosy As Author Found in His Unit
6loaners002000 Nov-DecInitial Brigade to Receive German, Italian "Loaners"
6reviews002000 Nov-DecBlood Brothers: Hiram and Hudson Maxim -- Pioneers of Modern Warfare by Iain McCallum, Chatham Publishing, London, 1999, 200 pages; $36.95 retail, $29.56 online.
6saddleup002000 Nov-DecSaddle Up... Tonight We Ride
6seat002000 Nov-DecCSM Carl E. Christian Command Sergeant Major U.S. Army Armor Center
6t90sidebar002000 Nov-DecT-90 or T-72BM?
6ttviii002000 Nov-DecFighting the IDT Tank Table VIII: A National Guard Unit's Solution
6wolverine002000 Nov-DecEndangered Wolverine Gets Limited Funding
1CMTC012001 Jan-FebOPFOR Brigade Reconnaissance Company Techniques ...and How to Defeat Them
1bundeswehr012001 Jan-FebM48 tanks of the Bundeswehr's 35th Panzer Brigade move into position during NATO maneuvers near Grafenwoehr in 1970.
1french012001 Jan-FebDeath on the Highway: The Destruction of Groupement Mobile 100
1hatch012001 Jan-FebWhat the Future Holds, and Who Will Stand and Fight?
1infantryman012001 Jan-FebAn Infantryman's Thoughts on Armor
1initiative012001 Jan-FebSurrendering the Initiative: A Command Decision
1letters012001 Jan-FebThe Race Across France: Who Led the Way?
1maintenance012001 Jan-FebMaintenance Under Fire
1offensiveops012001 Jan-FebLight-Heavy Integration at the JRTC
1reviews012001 Jan-FebArmageddon in the East: Russia's Crucial Thrust Surprises the Nazis
1rollon012001 Jan-FebROLL ON!
1saddleup012001 Jan-FebSaddle Up... Tonight We Ride
1seat012001 Jan-FebEIA Offers Opportunity for Self-Development
1tankaccuracy012001 Jan-FebThe Tank Accuracy Error Budget and Screening Policy
1warsteed012001 Jan-FebWARSTEED 2000
2EAB012001 Mar-AprThe Expert Armor Badge: How It Might Work
2bateman012001 Mar-AprHacking Our Way to Victory?
2csmrole012001 Mar-AprRedefining the Role Of the Command Sergeant Major In a Tactical Environment
2deployvssurvive012001 Mar-AprDeployable Versus Survivable
2fprb012001 Mar-AprThe Field Problem Review Board: Finding Solutions to the Problems That Soldiers Experience
2gauntlet012001 Mar-AprENTER THE GAUNTLET
2golan012001 Mar-Apr"Hold At All Cost"
2hatch012001 Mar-AprIs Information Superiority All It's Cracked Up to Be?
2letters012001 Mar-AprCanister Round Is Long Overdue; HEP and HESH Would Also Help
2magmove012001 Mar-AprARMOR Magazine to Move Across Post...
2mout012001 Mar-AprCavalry Operations in MOUT
2reviews012001 Mar-AprAir-Mech Strike Force Proposal: Big Questions Persist
2saddleup012001 Mar-AprSaddle Up... Tonight We Ride
2threetank012001 Mar-AprThe Three Tank Platoon, A Consideration For Army XXI
2transformation012001 Mar-AprArmor, Cavalry, and Transformation: "New" Cavalry for the Interim Force
3chineseMBT012001 May-JunThe New Chinese Type 98 MBT: A Second Look Reveals More Details
3css012001 May-JunTips on Speeding Resupply, Improving Maintenance Responsiveness, and Evacuating Casualties
3daddis012001 May-JunThe Decline of Mars:
3guillory012001 May-Jun"My next fight involved what may be the most notable issue surrounding the TACSOP today: doctrinal bloat -- regurgitation of doctrinal information from field manuals so that the TACSOP will look all-inclusive when the OC asks to check it on the next NTC rotation."
3hatch012001 May-JunMounted Force Initial Entry Training Update
3koenig012001 May-JunAlthough this train is Swedish, it is typical of those employed by many European armies and factions in the years before and after WWI. This view clearly shows the train's make-up, with the vulnerable engine in the middle, protected by a leading flatcar that will set off any mines. The cannon is visible in elevation on the armored car at left.
3kosovo012001 May-JunThe Check Was in the Mail...
3letters012001 May-JunBook Was a "Rough Draft" of a Much-Needed Capability
3mdmp012001 May-JunThe Military Decision-Making Process: Applying the OPFOR's Approach
3pt76-012001 May-JunThe PT-76 Concept...Firepower That Floats
3reviews012001 May-JunDunkirk Defeat Was a Factor in Final Victory
3saddleup012001 May-JunSaddle Up... Tonight We Ride
3sapper012001 May-JunA Taste of Life at Outpost SAPPER
3seat012001 May-JunTRADOC Assignments Can Broaden a Career
3tableX012001 May-JunLight Cavalry Table X
3tacops012001 May-JunFighting a Hundred Battles:
TACSOPFig1-22001 May-JunTF 1-149 AR TEAL Report
TACSOPFig3-42001 May-JunTask Force Tactical SITREP
4BUAs012001 Jul-AugMountain Cavalry Recon in Built-Up Areas
4DCX012001 Jul-Aug- All Photos by Robert L. Stevenson
4JointSTARS012001 Jul-AugThe Joint STARS Common Ground Station: A New Tool for the Maneuver Commander
4abcavgunnery012001 Jul-AugAirborne Light Cavalry Gunnery
4career012001 Jul-AugSome Thoughts for Junior Officers On Making a Career Decision
4cavparadigm012001 Jul-AugThe Cavalry Paradigm
4chechen012001 Jul-AugSome Russian Tankers' Experiences In the Second Chechen War
4guardfist012001 Jul-AugThe Poor Man's GUARDFIST
4gunnery2-012001 Jul-AugTrain As You Fight
4hatch012001 Jul-AugArmor Branch's "Way Ahead" Advances on Four Thrust Lines
4letters012001 Jul-AugLAV III Fails to Meet The Army's Own Requirements
4mouttank012001 Jul-AugModifying the Abrams Tank For Fighting in Urban Areas
4reviews012001 Jul-AugThe Demise of the Tank: Another Analysis
4saddleup012001 Jul-AugSaddle Up... Tonight We Ride
4seat012001 Jul-AugCSM Carl E. Christian Command Sergeant Major U.S. Army Armor Center
4structure012001 Jul-AugEvolving Army Armor Structure In the Late 1920s
4tsmsoldier012001 Jul-AugNew TSM--Soldier Office Established at Fort Knox Bolsters Transformation Effort
6artillery012001 Nov-DecThe Effectiveness of Artillery and the Maneuver Commander
6basics012001 Nov-DecBack to the Basics
6blitz012001 Nov-DecThe American Roots of Blitzkrieg
6cavmortars012001 Nov-DecPhotos courtesy of United Defense
6cdrsweek012001 Nov-DecChasing the Mythical Commander's Week
6fuelair012001 Nov-DecFuel-Air Explosives Mature
6hatch012001 Nov-DecMajor General R. Steven Whitcomb Commanding General U.S. Army Armor Center
6jpreprint012001 Nov-DecThe Army Banks On Its Tanks
6laviii012001 Nov-DecImproving LAV III Survivability
6letters012001 Nov-DecTank Designer Christie Alienated the Russians, Too
6pdw012001 Nov-DecDo Armor Crewmen Need A More Effective Personal Defense Weapon?
6raretank012001 Nov-DecRare Stuart Light Tank Discovered in Haiti Jungle Will Go to Army Museum in Europe
6reconcode012001 Nov-DecBreaking the Reconnaissance Code
6reviews012001 Nov-DecLeadership: The Warrior's Art edited by Christopher Kolenda, Army War College Foundation Press, Carlisle, Pa., 2001, 437 pages, $19.95 (softcover), ISBN 0-9709682-1-3.
6saddleup012001 Nov-DecSaddle Up... Tonight We Ride
6seat012001 Nov-DecLaptops Are Replacing Paper In Armor Center Training Courses
6stalker012001 Nov-DecStealth Recon Vehicle With "Melted Look" Is Introduced at Mideast Arms Show
6weserubung012001 Nov-DecOPERATION WESERUBUNG
1AC3-DL022002 Jan-FebArmor Captain's Career Course -- Distance Learning (AC3-DL): Update on the Spearhead to the Future
1LIC022002 Jan-FebEmploying Armor in Low-intensity Conflicts: Some Lessons for the U.S. Armor Force
1MDMP022002 Jan-FebThe Military Decision-making Process: Integrating Analog and Digital TTPs
1MurphysLaws022002 Jan-FebMurphy's Laws of Armor
1TLP022002 Jan-FebPhoto: Bob Stevenson
1UAAPU022002 Jan-FebInstallation of Under Armor Auxiliary Power Unit Finally Begins on M1A2 SEP Tanks
1benson022002 Jan-FebCavalry for the Interim Force
1cavatWTC022002 Jan-FebANSWERING THE 9-11 CALL
1hadjis022002 Jan-FebMaking Art Out of Digits
1hatch022002 Jan-FebMajor General R. Steven Whitcomb Commanding General U.S. Army Armor Center
1laserdesignator022002 Jan-FebDesignating Targets with "God Guns"
1letters022002 Jan-FebReal Readiness Depends On Stabilizing Soldiers in Units
1media022002 Jan-FebEncountering Media On the Battlefield:
1reviews022002 Jan-FebSpirit, Blood, and Treasure, edited by Donald Vandergriff, Presidio Press, Novato, Calif., 2001, 424 pages, $34.95.
1saddleup022002 Jan-FebSaddle Up... Tonight We Ride
1sgttime022002 Jan-FebSERGEANTS' TIME XXI
1skeletontank022002 Jan-FebEdwin M. Wheelock and the "Skeleton Tank":
2ACCE022002 Mar-AprUpdate:
2AbramsFires022002 Mar-Apr2001 REVIEW
2BRT022002 Mar-AprArt by SFC Michael Munoz
2EvolRecon022002 Mar-AprThe Evolution of Reconnaissance In the 21st Century
2HomeSecurity022002 Mar-AprConducting Homeland Security: Moving Swiftly into a New Era of Defense
2IntrinsicAction022002 Mar-AprReady for the Storm: The Training Value of Intrinsic Action
2LethalCrews022002 Mar-Apr- Photo by Robert L. Stevenson
2attrition022002 Mar-Apr- Photo by Robert L. Stevenson
2braverifles022002 Mar-AprTargeting and Fire Support With the Brave Rifles Regiment
2hatch022002 Mar-AprMajor General R. Steven Whitcomb Commanding General U.S. Army Armor Center
2letters022002 Mar-AprThoughts on the Tracked M113 Versus the Wheeled LAV
2reviews022002 Mar-AprSiegfried: The Nazis' Last Stand by Charles Whiting, Cooper Square Press, New York, 2001, 312 pages, $12.95
2saddleup022002 Mar-AprSaddle Up... Tonight We Ride
2specialdelivery022002 Mar-AprSpecial Delivery
2torsion022002 Mar-AprThe Origins of Torsion Bar Tank Suspensions
2walker022002 Mar-AprSituational Awareness
3BDDarmor022002 May-Jun"Ilich's Eyebrows":
3FirstTanks022002 May-JunThe First Tanks and Fate
3FourTank022002 May-JunThe Four-Tank Platoon:
3MRC022002 May-JunHow to Defeat the Motorized Rifle Company At the National Training Center:
3PDWs022002 May-JunA New Personal Defense Weapon?
3blindmen022002 May-JunThe Blind Men and the Elephant
3breach022002 May-JunThe Seven Breaching Habits Of Highly Effective Units
3hatch022002 May-JunMajor General R. Steven Whitcomb Commanding General U.S. Army Armor Center
3huertgen022002 May-JunArmor Against the Huertgen Forest:
3knowenemy022002 May-JunKNOW THE ENEMY:
3letters022002 May-JunTraining Lethal Sections and Crews: The Army Dilemma
3merkava022002 May-JunRecent Merkava Attacks Highlight Growing Command Detonated Mine Threat
3morningstar022002 May-JunPhoto by Robert L. Stevenson
3reviews022002 May-JunToward a Revolution in Military Affairs? Defense and Security at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century, Theirry Gongora and Harald von Riekhoff, eds., Greenwood Press, Westport, Conn., 2000, 206 pp. with index, $62.50.
3saddleup022002 May-JunSaddle Up... Tonight We Ride
3seat022002 May-JunCSM William J. Gainey Command Sergeant Major U.S. Army Armor Center
3stryker022002 May-JunArmy Names New IAV "Stryker"
4AbramsUpdate022002 Jul-AugAbrams Update: Final Review
4AirGround022002 Jul-AugAir-Ground Integration: Proven TTPs
4CASEVAC022002 Jul-AugTask Force Casualty Evacuation
4OnceMore022002 Jul-AugOnce More Unto the Breach
4ROC-V022002 Jul-AugRecognition of Combat Vehicles (ROC-V) Thermal Signature Identification Training
4RedStar022002 Jul-AugRed Star -- White Elephant?
4TOCsecurity022002 Jul-AugPhotos by Robert L. Stevenson
4accidents022002 Jul-AugLeading By Example Prevents Accidents
4combatID022002 Jul-AugCombat Identification
4ethics022002 Jul-AugTransforming Ethics Instruction at Fort Knox:
4gauntlet022002 Jul-AugRefocusing the Leader Development Lens
4hatch022002 Jul-AugMG R. Steven Whitcomb Commanding General U.S. Army Armor Center
4letters022002 Jul-AugNo Standing Ovation for "Three Cheers..."
4paris022002 Jul-AugParis Revisited:
4reviews022002 Jul-AugAnother River, Another Town: A Teenage Tank Gunner Comes of Age in Combat -- 1945 by John P. Irwin, Random House, New York, 2002, 172 pages, $21.95.
4seat022002 Jul-AugHints for Success
4tankexpo022002 Jul-AugRussian Tank Expositions Focus on Tank Upgrade Kits
6Clemens022002 Nov-DecThe Armor Soldier Assignment Process During Army Transformation
6Hovatter022002 Nov-DecDeveloping AAR Skills for Observer Controllers and AAR Facilitators
6Lombardo022002 Nov-DecCounterreconnaissance in the 21st Century:
6Maxwell022002 Nov-DecTraining and Winning Against the Threat
6OGrady022002 Nov-DecSo You Say You Want to Kill With Indirect Fires...
6OnceMore022002 Nov-DecOnce More Unto the Breach
6SGF022002 Nov-DecFort Hood Unit Receives 1000th SGF
6Stebbins022002 Nov-DecThe Armor Captain's Career Course
6Vandenbergh022002 Nov-DecExecuting the Double Retrograde Delay:
6hatch022002 Nov-DecMajor General R. Steven Whitcomb Commanding General U.S. Army Armor Center
6letters022002 Nov-DecA Student's View of the Armor Captain's Career Course
6reviews022002 Nov-DecArmored Car: A History of American Wheeled Combat Vehicles by R.P. Hunnicutt, Presidio Press, Novato, CA, 2002, 340 pages, $95.00 (hardcover).
6seat022002 Nov-DecFocus Training on the Basics
1BdeXO032003 Jan-FebWill the Real Logistics Integrator Please Stand Up?
1OnceMore032003 Jan-FebOnce More Unto the Breach
1SBCT032003 Jan-FebLeveraging Technology: The Stryker Brigade Combat Team
1UAV032003 Jan-FebCountering the Tactical UAV Threat
1elhefnawy032003 Jan-FebDefensive Armor Deployments in Urban Areas
1hatch032003 Jan-FebMajor General R. Steven Whitcomb Commanding General U.S. Army Armor Center
1letters032003 Jan-FebTransformation From a Mobile Gun System Soldier's Point of View
1merkava032003 Jan-FebThe Merkava Mk 4 -- Israel's Newest MBT Enters Service
1nagle032003 Jan-FebThe Officer Education System: Future Challenges for Armor Officers
1ratliff032003 Jan-Feb"Defending the Storehouse" by Jason Askew. Art courtesy Anglo Zulu War Historical Society,
1reviews032003 Jan-FebThe Iraqi Threat and Saddam Hussein's Weapons of Mass Destruction by Stephen Hughes, Trafford Publishing, Victoria, Canada, 2002, 436 pp., $29.95 (soft cover).
1rogers032003 Jan-FebAchieving Mass at the Decisive Point The Role of the Planning Staff
1seat032003 Jan-FebCSM William J. Gainey Command Sergeant Major U.S. Army Armor Center
1sullivan032003 Jan-FebTHROUGH THE DEFILE:
1sutton032003 Jan-FebSharpsburg:
1wilson032003 Jan-FebTraining Transformation to Future Combat Systems (FCS)
2OnceMore032003 Mar-AprOnce More Unto the Breach
2buhl032003 Mar-AprThe Future of Scout and Cavalry Systems
2daughtery032003 Mar-AprThe Mesopotamian Front!
2derosa032003 Mar-AprTask Force Steel Tigers
2hatch032003 Mar-AprMajor General Terry L. Tucker Commanding General U.S. Army Armor Center
2kursk032003 Mar-AprAnalysis of the Battle of Kursk
2letters032003 Mar-AprGaining Connectivity: The Decisive Point for FBCB2
2norman032003 Mar-AprPlanning Scout Casualty Evacuation
2reviews032003 Mar-AprThe Sword and the Olive: A Critical History of the Israeli Defense Force by Martin van Creveld, Public Affairs, A member of the Perseus Books Group, NY, 2002, 448 pp., $17.00 (soft cover).
2seagreaves032003 Mar-AprTransforming the Task Force Scout Platoon
2seat032003 Mar-AprCSM William J. Gainey Command Sergeant Major U.S. Army Armor Center
2thomson032003 Mar-AprFocused Reconnaissance and Developing Battlespace in the Armored Cavalry Troop
2witsken032003 Mar-AprIntegrating Tactical UAVs Into Armor and Cavalry Operations
3AirIntegration03c2003 May-JunAir Integration in the Heavy Division: First Attack's Lessons Learned from the NTC
3OctoberWar03c2003 May-JunThe October War
3OnceMore032003 May-JunOnce More Unto the Breach
3VisibleHand03c2003 May-JunThe Visible Hand:
3adams03c2003 May-JunThe 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment's Outlook
3drebus03c2003 May-JunAnalog Leaders on the Digital Battlefield
3hatch032003 May-JunMajor General Terry L. Tucker Commanding General U.S. Army Armor Center
3letters032003 May-JunThe "Recce Stryker" -- Making a Good Vehicle Great
3mace03c2003 May-JunThe Army's First ADAM Cell
3nbc03c2003 May-JunThe Mounted Warrior and Tomorrow's NBC Protection
3parrish03c2003 May-JunTwo-Minute Drill:
3poling03c2003 May-JunCourse-of-Action Development for the Maneuverist Approach
3porcelli03c2003 May-JunMortar Training and Integration
3reviews032003 May-JunAn Army at Dawn by Rick Atkinson, Henry Holt and Company, New York, 681 pp., $30.00.
3seat032003 May-JunThunderbolt 7 Signing Out
4BridgesEvans03web2003 Jul-AugPhoto: Robert L. Stevenson
4OnceMore032003 Jul-AugOnce More Unto the Breach
4barteky03web2003 Jul-AugThe Stryker-Equipped Cavalry Squadron in an Urban Environment
4guenther03c2003 Jul-AugConverting the IO Concept into Reality
4hatch032003 Jul-AugMajor General Terry L. Tucker Commanding General U.S. Army Armor Center
4howard03c2003 Jul-AugMaking the Eight-Step Training Model Work
4letters032003 Jul-AugHeavy Armor's Success in Iraq
4meyer03c2003 Jul-AugOn a Wing and a Prayer
4monnard03c2003 Jul-AugThe Maneuver Task Force Commander Expects His S2 to Collect and Deliver
4morrow03c2003 Jul-AugMechanized Snipers On the Force XXI Battlefield
4pritzl03c2003 Jul-AugGerman Combat and Gunnery Training -- Preparing for Future Challenges
4reviews032003 Jul-AugWar With Iraq: Critical Lessons by Buster Glosson, Glosson Family Foundation, Charlotte, NC, 2003, 320 pp., $28.95 (hardcover).
4seat032003 Jul-AugThe NCO Corps -- Producing Premier Leaders
4stryker03c2003 Jul-AugThe Stryker "Reconnaissance Vehicle"
4weaver03c2003 Jul-AugRounding Out the "Tip of the Spear!"
6FrenchTanks032003 Nov-DecPatton Museum Receives WWI French Tanks
6atb032003 Nov-DecTraining Warriors and Leaders for the Force
6charlton032003 Nov-DecDigital Battle Command: Baptism by Fire
6cleland032003 Nov-DecTask Force Diehard:
6foster032003 Nov-DecPreparing for Iraq:
6frazer032003 Nov-DecHill 755 -- 15 Days to the End
6hatch032003 Nov-DecMajor General Terry L. Tucker Commanding General U.S. Army Armor Center
6hayes032003 Nov-DecSimplifying the Heavy Brigade/ Task Force Operations Order
6kaldahl032003 Nov-DecThe Support Platoon in Baghdad
6letters032003 Nov-DecReinstating the Combat Tanker Badge Stirs Mixed Emotions
6oncemore032003 Nov-DecOnce More Unto the Breach
6reviews032003 Nov-DecThe March Up: Taking Baghdad With the 1st Marine Division by Bing West and Retired Major General Ray L. Smith, USMC, Bantam Books, New York, NY, 2003, 320 pp., $24.95 (hardcover).
6scott032003 Nov-DecA Potential Achilles' Heel: Integrity in Asymmetrical Warfare
6seat032003 Nov-DecA Soldier's Path to Success
6welch032003 Nov-DecOperation Anaconda: The Battle for Shah-i-Kot Valley
1-1ATB042004 Jan-FebFeedback from the Force Improves Training and Supports Change in 1st Armor Training Brigade
1OnceMore042004 Jan-FebOnce More Unto the Breach
1byrom04c2004 Jan-FebThe First Afghan National Army T-62 Tank Gunnery
1chapman04c2004 Jan-FebTreachery and Its Consequences:
1hatch042004 Jan-FebMajor General Terry L. Tucker Commanding General U.S. Army Armor Center
1letters042004 Jan-FebHayes and Charlton Commended
1maynulet04c2004 Jan-FebCompany Operations During the Establish
1nalls04c2004 Jan-FebA Company Commander's Thoughts on Iraq
1reviews042004 Jan-FebCivilian in Peace, Soldier in War: The Army National Guard, 1636-2000 by Michael D. Doubler, University Press of Kansas, 2003, 460 pp., $17.95 (paperback).
1salas04c2004 Jan-FebPhoto by Dudley Harris
1santos04c2004 Jan-FebBack to the Basics: The Noncommissioned Officers' Corps
1schwartz04c2004 Jan-Feb1-64 Armor's Rogue Gunnery Training Program
1seat042004 Jan-FebCSM George DeSario Jr. Command Sergeant Major U.S. Army Armor Center
1stewart04c2004 Jan-FebTask Force Death Dealers: Dismounted Combat Tankers
1strader04c2004 Jan-FebSuccessful Scout Mounted Infiltration
2-1ATB042004 Mar-AprResequencing Training for More Battle Focus: The Transformation of 19D OSUT
2OnceMore042004 Mar-AprOnce More Unto the Breach
2gray042004 Mar-AprTime for a Change in Tank Gunnery
2hatch042004 Mar-AprMajor General Terry L. Tucker Commanding General U.S. Army Armor Center
2letters042004 Mar-AprCombat Armor Badge Debate Lives On
2mayo042004 Mar-AprAdjustments to the Task Force Scout Platoon
2ogorkiewicz042004 Mar-AprArmor and Future Urban Warfare
2orr042004 Mar-AprM1A1 Tanks and Fragmentary Ammunition
2reviews042004 Mar-AprTransformation Under Fire: Revolutionizing How America Fights by Colonel Douglas A. Macgregor, Praeger Publishers, 2003, 320 pp., $34.95 (hardcover)
2robinson042004 Mar-AprDefeating the Threat in Iraq Through the Combined Arms Convoy Concept (CAC2)
2seat042004 Mar-AprCSM George DeSario Jr. Command Sergeant Major U.S. Army Armor Center
2stawowczyk042004 Mar-AprA Combat Multiplier in Iraq: The Long Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System
2stevens042004 Mar-AprAerial Insertions -- Planning Considerations for the Brigade Reconnaissance Troop
2thornton042004 Mar-AprFighting the Stryker Rifle Company
2tremel042004 Mar-AprCall for Fire Trainer
2vandenbergh042004 Mar-AprEmploying an Armor QRF in the Area Defense:
2wickline042004 Mar-AprIntegrating Dismounts into Reconnaissance and Security Operations in the Heavy Cavalry Troop
3-1ATB-04c2004 May-JunPiloting Changes to Prepare First-Time Combat Soldiers for Today's Battlefields
3OnceMore042004 May-JunOnce More Unto the Breach
3bensonkevin04c2004 May-JunThoughts on Restructuring Army Brigades
3bensonwilliam04c2004 May-JunOperational Thinking in a Tactical Environment and Targeting in Iraq
3chapman04c2004 May-JunAn Element of Strength: Reinvigorating Small-Unit Training
3clark04c2004 May-JunTrain for the Fight
3doyle04c2004 May-JunUsing Geographic Information Systems in the Military Decisionmaking Process
3hatch042004 May-JunMajor General Terry L. Tucker Commanding General U.S. Army Armor Center
3hofmann04w2004 May-JunFlawed Lessons Learned:
3kearns04c2004 May-JunThe Future of the Reconnaissance Professional
3letters042004 May-JunIt's Time for a Change in Tank Gunnery
3mitchell04c2004 May-Jun2d Squadron, 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment
3reviews042004 May-JunThe Iraq War edited by Martin Walker, Brassey's Inc., 2004, 220 pp., $19.95
3seat042004 May-JunCSM George DeSario Jr. Command Sergeant Major U.S. Army Armor Center
3sullivan04c2004 May-JunBsnjoh!uif!Lojhiu!gps!Ejtnpvoufe!Dpncbu
3white04c2004 May-JunPlanning, Preparing, and Executing Your Role as the Platoon Sergeant
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