9K119M/9M119M Refleks-M ATGW System

The 9K119M Refleks-M (AT-11 SNIPER-B) is a guided weapons system launched from the 2A46M main gun of T-80 and T-90 MBTs. The 9K119M system uses beam-riding laser guidance. The tank directs a coded beam from a special gunner's sight, which creates a laser "funnel" with the missile riding in the center. The 9K119M uses the 9M119M missile. The ammunition round is 3UBK20 and consists of the 9M119M missile and the 9Kh949 reduced charge propellant casing with a spacer plug which seats the missile properly into the main gun. The 3UBK20 ammunition fits into the normal autoloader on the tank, and the normal load is 6 missiles. Due to high cost of the system, usually only elite regiments shall have the missiles in a loadout.

The 9M119M missile uses a tandem configuration with the precursor charge for overcoming ERA. There are also rumors about a prototype warhead which uses enhanced blast explosive to defeat personnel in non-pressurized vehicles and structures and destroy buildings.

9M119M Refleks-M
9M119M Refleks-M

Russian designation    Refleks-M
                       Missile: 9M119M
                       System:  9K119M
                       Round:   3UBK20
US designation         AT-11
NATO designation       Sniper-B

Guidance               Laser Beam Rider
Hit probability        over 0.8
Range                  75-5000 m
Flight time to 5 km    14.2 sec
  round                24 kg
  missile              17.2 kg

Warhead                Tandem hollow-charge /
                       Prototype FAE enhanced blast
Warhead weight         4.5 kg
Penetration            700-750 mm RHA @ 90°
                       650-700 mm RHA @ 90° behind ERA

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