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Last updated 2006-09-13

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About This Page
    The original intention behind this page was to make it easier for me to access my locally-archived materials, without having to put too much work into it.  It was a nice thought.  Working on it and making it look and behave better has become a favorite means of procrastination for me.  The "T-90 vs M1A2" discussion, for instance, was not very useful, and I've taken the time to organize it and clean it up.  There was a lot of good information in there mixed with utter garbage, and I tried to distill it for the good information.
    I've also added a list of external links to other people's web sites at the bottom of the page.  This is partly because there are MBT resources I like to keep an eye on which change periodically (ie, "tanks for sale" sites) but also because in some cases, linking to the site was deemed more suitable than caching a local copy.
    2009-09-08 - The volume of new data I need to curate and place on this site has grown to more than 20GB.  My original plan was to modify OddMuse and use it to both curate and present the information online, but the modifications grew and grew and became more than I have time to complete.  My new plan is to take a more piecemeal solution, and try to get new material online incrementally.  We will see how that fares.
    2006-09-13 - I have about four gigabytes of new data to add to this site, but most of it is uncategorized. Rather than trying to shoehorn it into the current format, I am working on getting a MediaWiki running, and converting all material into the MediaWiki format. It just seems like a better way to do what this website was intended to do, will give people a forum with which to discuss specific subjects, and should make the site easier to maintain. Further, I hope to invite selected tank enthusiasts to contribute their own knowledge and materials to the site. There is a lot that has to be done before it's up, though.
    2005-07-24 - I know I haven't updated this site's contents for a while, but that isn't to say there isn't something going on. I wrote some software that enables me to sift through documents very rapidly. It enables me to view/edit them, annotate them, categorize them, and even mark them as images to be embedded in another document, with very few keypresses per operation. The documents (and their newly generated metadata) are then added to a well-ordered repository.  I have so far added 361 new documents to this repository, and that doesn't include my TankNet archives (since mid-2003) nor my ARMOR Magazine mirror (which I still need to get permission to put on my site).
    The bad news is that I haven't yet finished writing the software that converts the repository into html!  When I get around to finishing that software, a slew of new material will materialize here overnight.  The problem is that I'd usually rather spend my time organizing new material into the repository than work on the unfinished part of the software.  Give it time, though, I'll get it done.
    2003-06-26 - New web page organization, with each section in its own web page (for faster loading).  For those who hate the new format, the old one still exists as the Site Map.  I have lots more changes (and material) to put in here, but I've been too busy on real-life stuff lately to get around to it.
    2003-05-28 - Posted more International Journal of Impact Engineering publications, here (thanks again, Paul!).
    2003-05-08 - My MBT Resources site has been a bit neglected of late, partially due to my own procrastination in the face of the daunting tasks of reorganizing the page and adding new material.  One point of progress is the addition of publications from the International Journal of Impact Engineering, thanks to Paul Lakowski.  The index page for these publications is linked from the Mirrors/Archives section.
    2002-07-30 - Egads, I just added a lot of new stuff!  Once again, I need to seriously rethink the organizational layout of this web site.  I am going to be tweaking the current page for a while, when I have time.  The next major change will probably be to break it up into many smaller web pages (but with a site map available, for those of us who like a single large index), add another layer of indexing to some sections, and figure out a better way of organizing the captured usenet posts.  Until that happens, I am unlikely to add much more in the ways of content (though I am always collecting stuff as I find it).
    2002-07-22 - Once again, I have a lot more content collected which I hope to put on this web site soon.  Unfortunately, little of it regards Chinese AFV technology.  The darned stuff is hard to come by!  I will continue working at it, though.
    2002-07-10 - Important News: On request from FAS, I have removed my mirror of the FAS web site from this server.  I have been corresponding with FAS to see what I might do to obtain permission to host this information again, but it seems unlikely in the foreseeable future.  If the situation changes, the mirror might return.  In the meantime, The links to the FAS web site remain intact.  I apologize for the inconvenience.
    2002-04-26 - Took the advice of Nanoman, and put up a graphic of a tank near the top of the page.  Normally I dislike cluttering a page with needless bandwidth-sucking imagery, but at this point the page html is many times larger than the (8KB) image.  Also, decided to take down the background image.
    I'm trying to research Chinese MBT's some, but good info seems hard to come by.  Also, making up a unified database of AFV specifications.  When done, it will incorporate information from FAS's site and others, and will be available in XML and tab-delimited formats.  Eventually I hope to have some CGI in place here which allows users to generate charts on the fly, segmented by various vehicle characteristics.
    2002-03-21 - I have a lot more stuff to put up here, but I want to figure out how to better-organize the site, first.
    Eventually I hope to get a discussion Phorum working on this page, but getting the Phorum package working is proving a bit problematic.  If you need to contact me in the meantime, please send email to "t t k (at) c i a r . o r g".
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