TTK Ciar's Home Page

Last updated November 17th 2023

  • My resume
       read it, be amazed, hire me.
  • Willow's Web Page
       Pictures of our puppy
  • Friends and Family
       Recently re-organized!
  • Assorted Quotes
       Witticisms to provoke
       consideration and joy.
  • My Amazon Wish-List
       Because materialism is bad,
       unless it's about books.
       Then it's a virtue.
  • Other personal stuff
       moved to its own web page;
       Recipes, Rants, and
       Other Narcissisms.
  • My new blog
       Entropy Pump -- go check it out!
  • My old blog
       LinuxQuestions feeds my vanity.
  • COVID-19 Pandemic Resources
  • MBT (Main Battle Tank) Resources
       More than you wanted to know
       about Tanks and other
       Armored Fighting Vehicles.
  • High Energy Weapons web site
       snapshot 2002-05-03 of Carey's official site
  • TTK's Code Closet
       program and function snippits.
  • About the Technological Singularity
       discussions, articles, and blurbs.
  • Public Documents
       unorganized documents of interest.
  • Misc historical microprocessor information
  • The Memory Wall
       a short treatise on memory
       latencies as a bottleneck
       in computer performance.
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