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January 10, 2000
This web site  now has two mirrors at: Envirolink.Org and at FAS.Org. If one seems slow, try the other! Trinity Atomic Web Site is now licensed under the OpenContent License, which should make conditions for copying more explicit.
January 1, 2000
All of Chapter 2 of "The Effects of Nuclear Weapons" is now available.
August 29, 1999
Due to popular demand, I have added a video clip of the cartoon character "Bert the Turtle" as he shows us all how important it is to Duck and Cover.
August 1, 1999
Added the first installment of Chapter 2 of "The Effects of Nuclear Weapons". This part includes descriptions of atmospheric and surface explosions, with photos and charts.
July 29, 1999
Well, it has been a long time since the last addition. Now the long-lost Nuclear Test Image Gallery has been mirrored here. There are 75 photos of nuclear weapons tests with historic data about each test. Enjoy!
August 1, 1998
Added Title Page/Preface/Contents and Chapter I of "The Effects of Nuclear Weapons," 3rd edition, 1977, as browseable HTML and as Adobe Acrobat PDF for downloading and printing.
March 22-April 19, 1998
Clean up some stale links and begin re-organizing for better navigation within the site. (To allow for future expansion.)  Add backgrounds to the main topic pages to add visual interest.
August 11, 1997
Added two more video clips showing the effects of a nuclear blast on airplanes and a transplanted stand of trees.
August 9, 1997
Added a video clip of the Civil Defense Effects Test of a nuclear blast on a wood-frame house.
July 27, 1997
Added two video clips of the Castle BRAVE 15 megaton and Castle ROMEO 11 megaton thermonuclear tests. Added three video clips of the Tumbler-Snapper test series in Nevada, including soldier participation in Exercise Desert Rock IV.
July 20, 1997
Added three video clips of the Ivy MIKE 10.7 megaton thermonuclear test and one video clip of the Ivy KING 500 kiloton test.   
July 17, 1997
Added two video clips of the Crossroads ABLE and BAKER nuclear test detonations and a video clip of one of the Buster-Jangle detonations in Nevada.
May 3, 1997
The Civil Defense page now contains plans and instructions for the Kearny Fallout Meter (KFM), which can be made from common materials around the home and is inherently calibrated by the geometry of its construction.
April 23, 1997
Added a new Years of Atmospheric Testing page. Initially it contains a table summarizing U.S. atmospheric tests and a document describing a historical overview of U.S. testing.
April 5, 1997
The Effects of Nuclear Weapons page now contains a GIF animation of fallout patterns from a nuclear attack on the U.S.
 February 16, 1997
The Civil Defense page now contains six (6) plans for home fallout shelters.
February 8, 1997
Added a "Chronological Description of Air Burst" comparing a 20kt and 1Mt detonation to the Nuclear Weapons Effects page. Added a new page on Civil Defense containing the first of several fallout shelter plans. You will also see some re-organizing and cleaning up of various pages on this site.
February 5, 1997
Added an indexed archive of messages from the alt.war.nuclear newsgroup.
January 4, 1997
The title lists for the LAMS and LASL series of technical reports have been added to the section on Los Alamos Publications.
Two new pages have been added on the Effects of Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear War and on Nuclear Weapons Physics and Technology. These new pages do not have a lot of content at present, but they are under active development. Stay tuned.
November 27, 1996
A new section on Los Alamos Publications has been added. It includes links to online versions of Los Alamos Technical Reports and a listing of technical report titles from the Los Alamos Library online catalog.
November 25, 1996
Videos of the Trinity blast have been converted to the more portable MOV format. There is also a new 30-frame-per-second video of the first 5 seconds of the blast.
November 2, 1996
General Leslie Groves' report to the Secretary of War about the Trinity Atomic Test.
October 25, 1996
The report by William Laurence, who rode on one of the observation planes in the atomic attack on Nagasaki, August, 9, 1945. Laurence was the only reporter allowed into the Manhattan Project during the war.
October 23, 1996
The full text of the speech by President Truman on August 6, 1945, announcing the atomic attack on Hiroshima and revealing for the first time the existence of the Manhattan Project.
October 17, 1996
Nagasaki Videos, showing aerial views of the atomic fireball, mushroom cloud, and destruction after the blast.
September 29, 1996
Interview with Father John Siemes, Eyewitness to Hiroshima (including text and videos)
September 8, 1996
Manhattan Project report on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (including videos)
Videos of Trinity Test.
Criticality Accidents -- The Dragon Bites.

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