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Technical Reports

The Los Alamos Library has taken a major initiative, called the Library Without Walls project, to scan all Los Alamos technical reports into digital documents in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. One major on-line resource is the Los Alamos Library Catalog. There is a web page describing the Technical Report Resources available and a page for non-LANL customers on How to Obtain an Unclassified Technical Reports, either in digital or paper format. There is also a page listing other recent Los Alamos publications in addition to its technical reports.

The following pages organize reports based on subject matter related to Los Alamos history and nuclear weapons. When an online version of the document is available at Los Alamos, a link to it is given by the [LANL] tag. In some cases, a local copy has been cached for easier access under the (local) tag.

Manhattan Project and Los Alamos History
Trinity Atomic Test, 1945
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Nuclear Criticality Experiments, Accidents, and Safety
Thermonuclear Weapons

Technical Report Title Lists

The Los Alamos Library Catalog has recently added the capability to search for Los Alamos technical reports based on the report number. If an online copy of the report is available, the catalog entry will include a Universal Resource Locator (URL) for retrieving the report using any World-Wide Web browser, such as, Netscape, Internet Explorer, or Lynx. The technical report title lists are:

Reports LA-1 through LA-999 (ASCII, 48KB)
Reports LA-1000 through LA-1999 (ASCII, 56KB)
Reports LA-2000 through LA-2999 (ASCII, 43KB)
Reports LA-3000 through LA-3999 (ASCII, 97KB)
Reports LA-4000 through LA-4999 (ASCII, 99KB)
Reports LA-5000 through LA-5999 (ASCII, 103KB)
Reports LA-6000 through LA-6999 (ASCII, 112KB)
Reports LA-7000 through LA-7999 (ASCII, 116KB)
Reports LA-8000 through LA-8999 (ASCII, 117KB)
Reports LA-9000 through LA-9999 (ASCII, 105KB)
Reports LA-10000 through LA-10999 (ASCII, 93KB)
Reports LA-11000 through LA-11999 (ASCII, 87KB)
Reports LA-12000 through LA-12999 (ASCII, 86KB)
Reports LA-13000 through LA-13223 (ASCII, 23KB)

Reports LAMS-1 through LAMS-999 (ASCII, 56KB)
Reports LAMS-1000 through LAMS-1999 (ASCII, 43KB)
Reports LAMS-2000 through LAMS-NUREG-6330 (ASCII, 57KB)

Reports LASL-1 through LASL-GA-HS-1195 (ASCII, 11KB)

Los Alamos Science magazine

Los Alamos publishes Los Alamos Science magazine which has articles of both historic and current interest. Some issues are available online from Los Alamos and include the following weapons-related articles:

Los Alamos Science, Winter/Spring 1981, Volume 2, Number 1
High Explosives: The Interaction of Chemistry and Mechanics

Los Alamos Science, Volume 3, Number 2, Summer 1982
Cosmic Gamma Ray Bursts -- The Weapons-Test Connection

Los Alamos Science, Number 3, Fall 1983
Comments on The History of the H-Bomb, by Hans A. Bethe.

Los Alamos Science, Number 7, Winter/Spring 1983
The Evolution of the Laboratory
The Weapons Program

Los Alamos Science, Number 17, 1989
National Security Issue
The Future of Nuclear Weapons - The Next Three Decades
Center for National Security Studies
The Future of Nuclear Weapons Debating The Future

Los Alamos Science, Number 21, 1993
Perspectives on the Laboratory
The Stewardship of Nuclear Weapons
Science and Innovation at Los Alamos
Science Policy: Past and Future

Los Alamos Science, number 23, 1995
Radiation Protection and the Human Radiation Experiments

Los Alamos Science, number 24, 1996
Russian American Collaborations to Reduce the Nuclear Danger

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