[Father John Siemes]Interview with Father John Siemes

 The Manhattan Engineer District Survey Party interviewed Father John Siemes in Hiroshima. Here is the full text and video segments from the interview.

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Eyewitness to Hiroshima -- August 6th, 1945
The complete text of the interview with Father John Siemes about his experiences in Hiroshima, including the rescue of Father Kleinsorge, who was prominent in John Hersey's book Hiroshima.

[Novitiate of Jesuits]The Jesuit Novitiate on the outskirts of Hiroshima
and (160x120 Quicktime MOV, 1.9 MB)
This photo and video show the novitiate outside of Hiroshima where Father Siemes was living on August 6, 1945.

Video Segments from the Interview

My name is Father John Siemes... (160x120 Quicktime MOV, 2.4MB)

Suddenly I saw a light like a magnesium light... (160x120 Quicktime MOV, 3.8MB)

We saw a procession of people coming from the outskirts of the city... (160x120 Quicktime MOV, 3.8MB)

 I think that it is just rumor... [that the city emits deadly rays.] (160x120 Quicktime MOV, 1.4MB)

 Is total war in its present form justifiable? (160x120 Quicktime MOV, 2.4MB)

Note: These photos and videos are taken from the film The Atom Strikes, by the U.S. Army Signal Corps. This film is of historic interest and does not necessarily represent the policy or plans of the creating agency.

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