[Aerial of Hiroshima Ground Zero] Hiroshima Videos

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[Ground Zero Image]Views from Ground Zero (160 x 120 QuickTime MOV, 2.4 MBytes)

This video clip shows views in various directions away from ground zero at Hiroshima.

[Military HQ Destroyed]Japanese Military Headquarters (160 x 120 QuickTime MOV, 1.0 MBytes)

The Japanese Military Headquarters were 0.3 mi from ground zero at Hiroshima. It was a closely guarded secret for many, many years that a number of American POW's were held here when the bomb was dropped.

[Pedestrian Shadow]Shadows on a Bridge (160 x 120 QuickTime MOV, 2.3 MBytes)

At 0.6 mi from ground zero, the intense heat etched any surface facing the fireball.

Note: These videos are taken from the film The Atom Strikes, by the U.S. Army Signal Corps. This film is of historic interest and does not necessarily represent the policy or plans of the creating agency.

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