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Current U.S. Nuclear Forces

December 1996

Last changed 15 April 1998

Warhead LoadingWarhead Totals
MissileWarhead/RVNumberYield (Mt)NumberRaw Yield (Mt)Yield (Equiv Mt)
Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs)
Minuteman III W-62/Mk-1220030.17 600102184
Minuteman III W-78/Mk-12A32530.335 975327470
Peacekeeper (MX) W-87-0/Mk-2150100.30 500150224
Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBMs)
Trident I C4 W-76/Mk-419280.10 1536154331
Trident II D5 W-76/Mk-416880.10 1344134290
Trident II D5 W-88/Mk-54880.475 384182234
Cruise Missiles
AGM-86B ALCM W-80-150010.15 1000150282
AGM-129 ACM W-80-146010.15 46069130

Note: The loadings given above for the U.S. nuclear submarine force represent maximum potential loadings with the available inventory of warheads and launchers (this is true of the bomber and ICBM forces as well). In January 1998 STRATCOM (U.S. Strategic Command) indicated that the warhead loadings currently being used for submarines on patrol are much lower than this. It has not been disclosed why this is.

Weapon LoadingWarhead Totals
ActiveTotalTypeNumber NumberRaw Yield (Mt)Yield
(Equiv Mt)
Ohio Class1718Trident I/II missiles243264470855
B-52H Stratofortress4471B-61, B-83 bombs; ALCM, ACM cruise missiles20880705728
B-1B Lancer4893ALCM, ACM cruise missiles20960144271
B-2A Spirit1013B-61-7/11, B-83 bombs16160147147

Warhead NumberTotal Yield
MtEquiv Mt
Grand Total733920452879

I have included links to the excellent pages of delivery systems maintained by the Federation of American Scientists for pages that I have not completed.