Subject: Re: Atomic Bomb Movie
Date: 1999/01/07
Author: vceinc 

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> Hello all.  I was wondering what the difference was between the original
> "Trinity and Beyond" movie and the 3D Director's Cut.  Also, where can I
> find it in Canada?
While the film is not currently being sold in Canada yet, the best place to purchase it
from is:
Critics Choice Catalog
(800) 367-7765
Item # QFGOL010016
They are based in Chicago and do alot of Canadian orders.         

Subject: Re: Trinity and Beyond vs. The Atomic Filmmakers
Date: 1999/01/07
Author: vceinc 

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  "David Thomas"  wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have "Trinity and Beyond", and I'm not sure about the name of that second
> one, but I recall it as "The Atomic Filmmakers".
> Can anyone describe the differences between the two?  Are they redundant
> enough that I'd be wasting my money on the second one, or is there enough
> new footage in it to warrant the purchase?
I made "Atomic Filmmakers" as a tribute to the cameramen who photographed the
original atomic bomb footage.  The film has interviews with the filmmakers and shows
you the secret studio in the Hollywood Hills where they made the productions.  I threw
a sort of "Trinity" "wrap party" for these guys in October 1996.
Some of the special cameras are shown such as the Rapitronic which photographed
the fireballs within the first nanosecond.
While it does have footage used in "Trinity and Beyond," it also has new stuff too. 
However, Trinity is 92 minutes while "Atomic Filmmakers" is 52 minutes so the price
should be a little cheaper.

Subject:Re: nuclear-pics
Date: 1998/11/07
Author: vceinc 

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> In article <>, "Immanuel Cunt"
>  wrote:
> You guys are looking for pics, and well if anybody has any or knows where
> to get some, I'm looking for movies of detonations w/ sound (all the ones
> I've found are silent or have someone talking, even TLC's excellent movie
> "Trinity and Beyond:  The atomic bomb movie")
On the upcoming DVD version of Trinity and Beyond, there is a small piece of a bomb
photograhed with sound on film.  However, when you see it, remember the sound is
about 30 seconds after the image.  At the Nevada Test Site, it was about a 30 second
delay.  In the Pacific, it was about a 2 minute delay! 

Subject: Trinity and Beyond DVD
Date: 1998/10/31
Author: vceinc 

"Trinity and Beyond (the Atomic Bomb Movie)" will be available on DVD December 1st
from Goldhil Home Media.  It will feature a new digital transfer from an Interpositive,
Dolby 5.1 Surround sound track (mixed down from an 8 track master) as well as a
slide show of atomic testing, commentary and other atomic goodies.  For more
information, contact Goldhil at the following toll free phone number: (800) 250-8760
and speak to Vic at Ext. 211
If you have a problem contacting Goldhil, or if you have other questions, contact Pete

Subject:Re: Trinity and Beyond movie
Date: 1998/08/05
Author: vceinc 

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  "Scott L. Schreiber"  wrote:
> Randy wrote in message <>...
> >Mark Schlegel wrote:
> >>
> >> Just wondering: I was watching Trinity and Beyond on TLC
> >> and some of the test footage (especially the few near the
> >> end from Christmas Islandabout 1/2 way
> >> up the mushroom stem looked odd like it was blue screened
> >> over.  In another the stem didn't line up:
> >> maybe this is an effect due to high humidity over the ocean
> >> where the tests were done causing some kind of inversion layer
> >> bending and reflecting light?
> >>
> >> Mark
Although I have a career doing special effects, I have in no way attempted to create
the bomb images in "Trinity and Beyond."  It was important to me to try and maintain the
integrity of the original images since they are amazing that they are real. It was
important to me to make them look as good as possible (compare to "America's Atomic
Bomb Tests" or the DOE material and you will see there is a lot of time in on it). And it
wasn't a cheap endevour either, just ask my wife.
Peter Kuran

Subject: Re: Atomic Bomb Tests?
Date: 1998/07/22
Author: vceinc 

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  Scott@home wrote:
> "Don Juan"  wrote:
> >The TLC show was 2 hours but it's not the one on DVD. The one TLC showed was
> >"Trinity and Beyond" the one on DVD and VHS has another name and actually
> >has the digital enhancements in it. TLC's version didn't...
> >>Robyn wrote:
> >>>
> >>> On Mon, 20 Jul 1998 08:54:23 -0500, Maagic  wrote:
> >>>
> >>> >TLC only shows about half of it. the whole thing is around 2 hours
>    'Trinity and Beyond: The Director's Cut'  is AWESOME.  I have the VHS tape and I
hope someday
> somebody transfers it to DVD.  The DVD is NOT the same.  The DVD is called
'America's Atomic Bomb
> Tests: Operation Tumbler Snapper'  and it is simply put the  WORST DVD I have. Bar
none.  Transfer,
> sound, production,  and narration is TERRIBLE.
>    I can't stress this enough.  I watched it once and threw it away.....
> Scott
The director's cut of "Trinity and Beyond" (NOT to be confused with "America's Atomic
Bomb Tests") is going to be on DVD soon.  Goldhil, the distributor has agreed to make
a DVD version.  Contractual obligations with Goldhil has prevented me from making it
sooner.  If anyone would like to call Goldhil and push them along to make the "Trinity"
DVD, contact them at 800-250-8760 and tell them you want "Trinity and Beyond" on
DVD! Pete Kuran 

Subject: Trinity and Beyond soundtrack
Date: 1998/06/16
Author: vceinc 

For those of you who have asked about Bill Stromberg's score on "Trinity and Beyond
(the Atomic Bomb Movie)," VCE has pressed a CD which is available.  If you would like
more information, you can contact Ellen at VCE:

Subject: Re: Please review America's Atomic Bomb Tests!
Date: 1998/04/01
Author: vceinc 

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  Billy Newsom  wrote:
> For about 15 years, I have had the idea of producing an anthology of
> bomb tests -- and now someone beat me to it.  I must see this movie!
> I'd really like to hear some behind-the-scenes stuff, etc.  I believe
> that it's mono, but then, who cares.
> >
I think if you are looking for a tape about behind the scenes of atomic bombs, you are
probably thinking about "Atomic Filmmakers-Behind the Scenes." This can be gotten
from the IMC Direct on the internet or from the National Atomic Museum and Los
Alamos giftshop.
Check out
The tape you are talking about, "America's Atomic Bomb Tests" are the same tapes
you can get from the government for $10.00each.  If you want those tapes, check out
the link on the following site for the government films as well as links to the National
Atomic Museum and Los Alamos bookstore:

Subject: Re: Trinity and Beyond on TLC
Date: 1998/03/31
Author: vceinc 

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  "Jason B. Unwin"  wrote:
The Nevada Test site might make an interesting tourist attraction. 
> Now I know a lot of you
> are laughing right now but think about it. At Ft. Sill, OK "Atomic Annie"
> is on display at exact azimuth
> of lay and quadrant of elevation as when it fired the first atomoc
> artillery projectile. What better than to stand
> at ground zero for that shot or other historic detonations. I hear the
> natives at Bikini are offering wreck dives
> to ships that were sunk in early nuclear tests. Tourism is big bucks. Just
> a thought. Jason
> PS Of course there would have to be some safety issues but I'm sure with
> proper planning or releases
> from liability forms, the Nevada Test Site  could become the next "hottest"
> tourist site. Jason
Funny you should mention this. On the special edition of "Trinity and Beyond" is a little
10 minute piece in Red/Blue 3D on a tour of the Nevada Test Site. The 3D would be
better projected as motion picture film though but it gives you a good idea of what
you'll see as a tourist.  Also, April 4th is one of two times during the year that you can
visit the Trinity site in Alamogordo New Mexico.  There is a big thing happening on April
4th in Albuquerque New Mexico where they will be shuttling people there from the
National Atomic Museum on Kirtland AFB.
Pete Kuran (the guy who made "Trinity and Beyond")

Subject: Re: Atomic bomb movie?
Date: 1997/10/09
Author: vceinc 
In article <619pc1$>, (Chris Calato) wrote:
> I know recently a movie came out that was a bunch of gov. footage of atomic
> bomb tests that someone cleaned up, anyone know the name?  Is it on DVD?
> While at Ward's Electric Ave I saw a DVD that looked like it might be it but
> they were all in a case and no one was around.
> Any help?-
> -Chris
"Trinity and Beyond (the Atomic Bomb Movie)" is slowly making its way into stores
(such as Borders Bookstores) on VHS. The film isn't available yet on DVD.
These locations carry "Trinity and Beyond" on VHS as well as other atomic stuff:
Communications Media (Los Alamos Gift shop)
505-662-3713 Fax
National Atomic Museum
505-284-4290 Fax

Subject: Trinity and Beyond on VHS
Date: 1997/08/09
Author: vceinc 
If you purchase a copy of "Trinity and Beyond (The Atomic Bomb Movie)" or have
recently purchased a copy, please make sure you didn't buy an EP version.  I am the
filmmaker of the movie and I recently learned that one of our distributors has been
making an EP (Extended Play) version to save money.  The quality is poor and I had no
idea this was happening. 
This goes for any tape too.  Its a shame that EP was even invented.  If you aren't sure
if you have an EP copy of "Trinity" or any film for that matter, usually there is a banner
at the beginning of the film telling you to "check and adjust your tracking."  Also, a
90min film should fill up the tape cassette where as an EP version looks like 30 minutes
of tape. Also, the quality is bad if you haven't noticed.
If you purchased a copy of "Trinity and Beyond" and realize you bought an EP copy,
call the distributor, Goldhil at (800) 250-8760 and tell them you find this unacceptable
and want a replacement.

Subject: Re: New US tests video
Date: 1997/04/23
Author: vceinc 

In article <334af779.255464993@>, (Gregory Walker) wrote:
> On 8 Apr 1997 17:51:22 GMT, (Steven Whitcombe) wrote:
> >A recent post to this group concerned a TV ad for a video "America's Atomic 
> >Tests".  The poster was kind enough to include a phone #, so I ordered it.
The commercial these guys (US Fighter Squadron video) put on tv usually runs on the
Learning Channel late at night.  First off, after viewing the commercial, I can tell you
that practically none of the shots in the commercial are on any of the video tapes.
The commercial was made mostly from a tape called "Nuclear Test Review" released
thru the CIC by the DoE.  This tape was originally released on BetaSP by the DoE at a
press conference and was practically the only source material with enough quality to
be able to put a commercial together.
> >The quality is so bad to be beyond belief (this is not really a criticism of the video's
Don't blame the government, the quality is so bad because these producers chose to
sell a product duped from a VHS to VHS, what they call
preservation masters. Buy them directly from the government and you get a better
To purchase tapes directly from the government, call Martha Demarr at the CIC in
Nevada at (702) 295-0748.  The Nuclear Test Review tape is #0800000 and its about
> >who states that "for historical accuracy . . . films in their original
> >condition . . .";
They copied some government tapes, they spent their money on the jackets for the
tapes and all the advertising they are now doing.  If anything, they are deceptive about
what they are selling because what the
commercial shows isn't what you get.
> >just that it's hard to understand the govmnt spending all this money
> >on film and then letting it rot!!!).
The government doesn't have a big budget for the preservation of atomic weapons
films, they have no budget.  Some guys working at the DOE are trying to get funding. I
have been helping in the process because I believe these films must be preserved.
Pete Kuran

Subject: Re: New US tests video
Date: 1997/04/13
Author: vceinc 

In article <>, wrote:
> As a collector an archiver of stuff (junk according to my wife) I bit on
> the advertisement for these films.  I must say that the quality is
> definately not second generation.  I've made better FOURTH generation
> tapes with my $300 recorders.
> Having compared the tape of the palm trees smoking and the subsequent
> blast arrival on Peter's film vs. what's on this one, it would be easy
> to believe they were two different events.  The detail in debris and the
> sharpness of the smoke rising from the bark is sorely lacking in this
> recent release as compared to the sharp, colorful, detailed image in
> Peter's film.
I have recently been working on the Bravo sequence from which the palm trees came
and have been restoring better originals from it.  I
discovered after additional restoration that there are three birds in the palm tree shot. 
Two fly away behind camera and a third falls to the ground smoking (if you had seen
it, you would guess it was a burning leaf).
I've also been restoring a version of "Operation Ivy" and while it will look better than
the version the gov is selling, it is a milder version. The gov version is from the SRD
(secret restricted data) version while the one I've been restoring was originally an
OUO (official use only) version.

Subject: Re: "Atomic Bomb Tests" Video...
Date: 1997/03/27
Author: vceinc 

In article <5h8iad$>,
  ADDRESS@END.OF.MESSAGE.COM (Chris Ward) wrote:
> I saw an ad for this on TV, and it looks *real* good...
> "Atomic Bomb Tests"
> The ad was brief, but they were boasting recently declassified
> footage, among which was some of scientists caught unprepared at
> certain tests.  Anyway, I thought that some of you might be
> interested.  I know I'll be ordering it :)
There are a number of companies now that are buying these tapes from the gov and
duping them and selling them. Unfortunately the best parts about them are the VHS
sleeves, the copies are 3rd rate. One is
entitled"America's Atomic Tests" and also "Atomic Bomb Tests." While the original
tapes that the doe released, quality wise, were pretty bad (scrathced up 16mm prints
transfered on a film chain), the ones being sold are copies of these copies and they
aren't very good. So, if you're interested in this stuff, purchase these tapes from the
CIC (Coordination & Information Center) in Nevada by calling Martha Demarr at (702)
295-0748. Their holdings are listed below:
Nuclear Testing Review #0800000
Trinity 1945 0800001
Project Crossroads 0800002
Operation Sandstone 0800003
EG&G in Sandstone 0800004
USAF in Sandstone 0800005
U.S. Army Engineers in Sandstone
0800006 Blast Measurement Group in Sandstone
0800007 Navy in Sandstone
0800008 Operation Greenhouse 0800009
Tumbler Snapper 0800011
Operation Ivy 0800012
Operation Castle 0800013
Damage and Destruction 0800014
I think each VHS tape sells for about $10.00 and the quality isn't great but its at lease a
generation better quality than whats being sold by these private companies. But the
best quality nuclear weapon effects test footage is in "Trinity and Beyond (the Atomic
Bomb Movie)".  Web site is:

Subject: Re: Declassified DOE film footage
Date: 1997/01/21
Author: vceinc 

In article <>, wrote:
> Has anyone seen any of the films recently declassified
> and released by the Dept. of Energy?  These are 1950's
> nuclear test flicks intended largely for soldiers entering
> the nuclear program ("now you're a part of the mushroom
> club!").
> These flicks, from what I've seen (a fairly long segment
> on some American news program) they seem quite reminiscent
> of the government footage used in "The Atomic Cafe"
The footage of the soldiers were from a film the DOE declassified entitled "Tumbler
Snapper Military Effects" which actually was classified as CRD (confidential restricted
data). This was an air force film.  The footage in "Atomic Cafe" was Army footage.
The nuclear missile blowing up on the launch pad was seen first in my film entitled
"Trinity and Beyond" which has a lot of new recently declassified footage.  The web
site is: