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Darol Froman

From the 15 September 1997 Los Alamos News Bulletin.

Former Lab deputy director dead at 90

Former Laboratory Deputy Director Darol Froman died Thursday, 11 September 1997, in Santa Fe. He was 90.

As a research associate, Froman was with famed physicist Enrico Fermi in 1942 when the world's first nuclear chain reaction was created at the University of Chicago. He came to the Lab in 1943, working in the Experimental Physics Division.

Froman later held the titles of group leader (1943 to 1945) and division leader (1945 to 1948). Froman also was director of the series of nuclear tests known as Sandstone in 1948. That same year, Froman became assistant director for weapons development. He held this position until 1951, when he became Lab deputy director (then called associate technical director) under the late Norris Bradbury. Froman remained deputy director up until his retirement from the Lab in 1962.

Other positions he held during his tenure at the Lab and after retirement included consultant professor for the University of New Mexico, chairman of the board for First National Bank of Rio Arriba, scientific directorate for Douglas Aircraft Co., director of development for Espanola Hospital and member of the Science Advisory Committee on Ballistic Missiles for the Secretary of Defense.

Froman also was a fellow of the American Physical Society and the American Nuclear Society and a member of the New York Academy of