High Energy Weapons Archive History

High Energy Weapons Archive History

Updated 26 August 1999

The High Energy Weapons Archive was founded in November 1994 by Gary Au, then a student at Melbourne University, Australia. It remained there for nine months. In August 1995 aactivity on the site reached unprecedented levels connected with the fiftieth aniversary of the atomic bombing of Japan. This attracted the attention of university officials, who then closed the site down through the belated and selective enforcement of university regulations concerning the use of computing facilities. On its impending closure, however, Xgateway Finland Ltd offered it a new home in Espoo, Finland, just outside Helsinki.

In early 1996 Gary took a job at the Australian Department of Defence as a military scientist, and Gary was forced to relinquish responsibility for the archive for security reasons. Since 15 January 1996 administration of the archive has been the sole responsibility of Carey Sublette of the United States.

The High Energy Weapons Archive has since had a number of host site changes. A host site in Italy has come and gone, the Xgateway site in Finland has been discontinued, one a U.S. host has come and gone. There are now two United States sites, with luck will remain in operation for a long time to come.

Note on the Archive Founder:

Gary Au was born in 1971, Hong Kong, and is a naturalised Australian citizen. He holds a BSc(Hons) in theoretical physics from Melbourne University, Australia, and a PhD on theoretical particle physics from the same institution. He is currently employed at the Australian Department of Defence as a military scientist.

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