Random bits of historical and architectural computer information

   These are some documents I found at various web sites (et al) which contain information of an architectural and/or historical information about various microprocessors and other computer-related technology.  Most of them are quite dated.   If anyone has some information along these lines that they would like to see made available here, please let me know here.
    Chiplist 7.2
    168KB, 1995-02-06, An overview of many processors (mostly Intel and x86 clones) from the 4004 to 1995-era.  Includes manufacturers and occasionally transistor count and release date.
    CPU Timeline
    66KB, 1996-11-??, An excellent timeline (Jan 1994 to Nov 1996) of what the author believed to be meaningful events in the recent history of computing systems.  Very precise with regards to release and ship dates.  A pity it covers only a narrow period in history.
    25KB, 1999-03-05, An extensive index of microprocessors organized by manufacturer and architecture, with links to pages with relevant information.  Also contains links to various other computer information (FAQs, terminology, resources, etc).
    SPECint95 Table
    7KB, 1999-03-21, A table of microprocessors compiled from SPEC's list of systems officially benchmarked under SPEC95.  The table only includes processor names, SPECint95 scores, and (when I could find them) their transistor counts and ship dates.  The table is sorted by ascending SPECint score and contains only the highest SPECint scores for each processor (SPEC's table contained scores for multiple systems, some with the same processor).  This is a work in progress, and many of the gaps (especially on the more recent processors) should be easily filled when I can find the time.
    Note -- if there are any college professors in the audience, you may want to consider assigning your students historical microprocessor research.  Undergrads scale very well in parallel!  They could each sign up for two or three months of a given year and try to find a dozen or so important events which occured during that time (a la the CPU Timeline).  After all the reports are in, you could append them all in order and have a fairly extensive timeline, just to look at or to base future assignments on (ie, "How has historical microprocessor development varied from Moore's Law?   How has microprocessor performance historically changed as a function of time?", etc).  And of course I would be more than willing to make such a timeline available here!  Information I think would be most meaningful would be release date, ship date, price per unit 0/1/2 years after shipping, benchmarks scores, transistor count, external bus width, native word width, ALU width (which sometimes differs from the native word width; qv the 68000 which had 32-bit native words but a 16-bit ALU), fabrication process (.6um, .35um, .25um, etc), manufacturer, and uses to which the processor was put.


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