The Free State Project is an effort to bring together a significant libertarian population into a single American state for the purpose of political influence of that state's laws and policies.  Click here for the Free State Project's Home Page.
    This web site is dedicated to the Job Task for FSP, which is the discussion, analysis, and gathering of information related to the problem of employment of the participants.  This is not a job placement service!  It is, rather, a focal point for information and other resources that participants might find helpful in finding, keeping, or creating jobs for themselves and others.
    I do not pretend to be "officially" or "authoratively" anything.  I am just a FSP participant taking some initiative.  Other participants who choose to take similar initiatives independently of mine are encouraged to do so!
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    If you have any suggestions or problems regarding the FSP Job Task, and the phorum has not yet been put into place, please click here to leave a message for TTK.