Just a little taste of some of the more *interesting* things I have run into over the course of life...

The Rants

  • The Joy of Obligate Carnivores (aka killing poor little mice for food, not sport)
  • weird but true... Look around for the "get out of Hell Free" cards...
  • Beware the Country People! The Incredible but True Story of Chicken Joe

  • The Ridiculousness

  • The Song of the Anonymous Poster
  • The Shit List
  • What I learned today...coming soon!

  • The Randomness

  • my cat hates you cute liddle puddy tats these are NOT...
  • Rotten dot com **For adult viewers/bottomfeeders only!
  • Neuticles You'll never believe this..."helping pet owners Worldwide overcome the trauma of neutering their pet."

  • You want to see your name in lights? Or your rant on this page? drop me a line, and give it your best shot, and if I like it, I'll put it up! cobalt (@) ciar.org