by Charon Dunn

Reptile lover speaks out

[a response to those people who think that reptiles are evil because they eat cute little furry things--cobalt]

Recently I went into a pet store looking for cage lining material for my snake and/or a chew toy for my rabbit. This particular pet store happens to be about six blocks from where Diane Whipple was killed by Presa Canarios, by the way. Upon entering I discovered the store was primarily geared to cat & dog owners, and I found all kinds of fascinating animal toys. Some were shaped like rabbits, or mice, or other prey animals. Some were even shaped like humans: veterinarians, Bill Gates, a mailman.

Since neither of my pets derives any particular joy from symbolically disemboweling the mailman, I left the store. And for the next several days, I reflected on pets that routinely bite people and other dogs unless rigorous training is implemented, or that kill rodents and birds for fun despite a regular supply of kitty crunchies.

I'm very glad neither of my pets kill for sport. And since this is the pet forum and most pets are cats & dogs, I can only assume this stalwart protector of the rights of feeder mice and rats from scary reptiles owns either a cat or a dog; those who do not own pets generally see no reason to visit a pet forum. Perhaps this enlightened individual, ensuring that we all remain literate by issuing nonsensical grammar flames, is so blinded by the fluffy charms of their little domestic carnivore that s/he fails to understand why reptile owners might prefer to keep pets that kill only to eat.

Of course, most pet owners don't go around in a haze of denial regarding animal behavior, and I am grateful for that. My real problem is with the morons who don't adequately restrain their attack dogs, or who encourage cats to reproduce indiscriminately while psychotically assassinating birds, or who think reptiles ought to turn vegetarian because eating rodents is mean.

No, I don't let both my pets out of their cages at the same time. I'm aware that fuzzy sentimentality about nonviolence in the animal kingdom is largely irrelevant in real life, at least as far as my critters are concerned.